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12 Places to Donate Right This Moment

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Across the country, many are hitting the streets to protest in support of Black men, women and children and the unfortunate prejudice, racism and police brutality that still exists in our society. If you're left wondering what more you can do to help, there are many ways to educate yourself on the systemic racism the Black community faces on a daily basis. And, if you're able, a donation of any amount is a great place to start.

Though there is much more to be done, PureWow has donated to Campaign Zero, an organization that is dedicated to stopping police violence. We hope you'll join us by contributing to the 12 organizations below that are supporting Black communities and furthering the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Black Lives Matter

Founded in 2013 after the murder of Trayvon Martin, this organization is fighting for change by advocating for an end to violence against Black Americans.

black table arts3

Black Table Arts

A home for Black artists in Minnesota, this organization holds conferences, teaches classes and leads professional development for Black communities.

color of change logo

Color of Change

The largest online racial injustice organization, Color of Change designs campaigns aimed at ending prejudice and championing solutions to move us forward.

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Campaign Zero

Campaign Zero addresses police violence by “limiting police interventions, improving community interactions and ensuring accountability” through a research-based 10-point plan.

bk community bail fund

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Committed to challenging racism in our criminal legal system, this nonprofit raises funds to post bail for New Yorkers incarcerated while fighting inequality.

communities united against police brutality logo

Communities United Against Police Brutality

This Minneapolis organization operates a 24-hour abuse hotline (612-874-7867) as well as legal, medical and psychological referrals, as needed.

know your rights camp logo

Know Your Rights Camp

Know Your Rights Camp hosts education, self-empowerment and mass-mobilization seminars across the country for Black and Brown youth.

reclaim the block logo

Reclaim the Block

This Minneapolis organization facilitates the redistribution of the city’s budget from the police department to areas that promote community health and safety.

fair fight logo

Fair Fight

By shedding light on voter discrimination through education programs and election reform advocacy, Fair Right encourages fair elections for all.

ldf logo

Legal Defense and Education Fund

LDEF protects the most vulnerable populations in our society, by using donations to win legal battles, ensure voter rights and advance equality and inclusivity.

the bail project logo

The Bail Project

With a goal to secure freedom for as many incarcerated people as possible, The Bail Project fights against unjust incarceration by disrupting the bail money system in communities across the country.

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The Loveland Foundation

This nonprofit provides financial assistance and guidance for Black women and girls seeking mental health support.

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