Ben Higgins Reveals the Advice Chris Harrison Gave Him After ‘The Bachelor’

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In honor of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, Ben Higgins is sharing the invaluable advice Chris Harrison gave him after his season of the ABC show.

PureWow recently had an exclusive chat with the 30-year-old alum, who recalled his own experience on the popular dating series. When asked if he has any advice for Weber, Higgins passed along some words of wisdom that were given to him by the famed Bachelor Nation host.

“I’m going to copy advice that was given to me by the man himself, Chris Harrison,” Higgins told PureWow. “He told me to use all of this to then enhance the life I already had, not change my life completely.”

Higgins—who is currently promoting his partnership with Capital One—explained Harrison’s guidance in his own words, adding, “So, my advice to Peter would be: Never let your head get too big, never let it get too small. And always, kind of, put this down the lane of what is it doing to enhance life, not changing life altogether.”

The Bachelor Live on Stage co-host admitted that it took him “over a year to kind of adapt” to life after The Bachelor. Higgins revealed the hardest part was adjusting to being alone.

“Nobody is expecting something from you, even to sleep, which as the Bachelor you don’t really sleep a lot,” he continued. “You are either in a relationship or you’re not. One of the hardest parts about getting back into the world is managing a relationship that exists just with you two.”

Hope you’re listening, Weber. You’re going to need all the help you can get. The Bachelor returns to ABC next Monday, January 20, at 8 p.m.

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