Ben Affleck Directed a Music Video for Jennifer Lopez as an Early Valentine’s Day Gift

It seems as if Bennifer are celebrating Valentine's Day a little early, and Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Lopez quite the special gift.

J.Lo has been celebrating the premiere of her new movie, Marry Me, and it turns out that Affleck directed a surprise video for a remix of one of the film's songs. Lopez shared the clip in a newsletter that was sent to her fans, where, according to Us Weekly, she said, “I am going to share something very special and personal with you that normally I would only share with my inner circle. It’s an early Valentine’s Day present from Ben.”

The visual accompanied a remix of the song “On My Way,” and Lopez shared a preview of the clip on her Instagram account, where she said, “SURPRISE! Subscribe to to see the #OnMyWay @TELYKast Remix video FIRST before anyone else #linkinbio #SaturdayNightDanceParty @MarryMeMovie @santiagosalviche @jasonbergh @kennygfilms.”

The full video (which can be viewed here) features vintage footage of the couple interspersed with clips from the original “On My Way” video. Throughout the clip, we also see snippets from old J.Lo music videos, as well as movies where she and Affleck starred together, like Gigli.

At the end of the music video, Affleck included a recent pic of Lopez kissing his cheek. Following this shot, he wrote: “My Valentine.”

This personalized gift is just the latest instance of Bennifer's PDA. Last week, the pair walked the red carpet together at the premiere of Marry Me, where Lopez caught everyone's eye with a white, mini wedding dress.

Earlier this month, Lopez told People, “I feel so lucky and happy and proud to be with [Ben]. It's a beautiful love story that we got a second chance.”

Nice move, Ben.

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