What Was Beeping in Carrie's Apartment? This Podcast Solved the Mystery

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Psst: And Just Like That spoilers ahead.

In episode 6 of And Just Like That, our favorite widow, Carrie Bradshaw, takes up residence in a modern waterfront downtown condo with too much light (apparently there is such a thing) and an incessant beeping of which she can't figure out its origin. Is it the fridge? The buzzer? The dishwasher? On a call with Anthony, the event-planner-turned-baker insists it's the dishwasher because, well, it's always the dishwasher. But as a viewer, we couldn't help but wonder, what will the beeping mystery expose? Is it an old cell phone with a message from Samantha? A handsome neighbor's pager that leads to a romantic meet-cute? Or is it actually just coming from the dishwasher leading to some perfect little metaphor about something being right under your nose?

When Carrie finally calls the building to request help with the source of the beeping, we—well, at least me and my And Just Like That...a Sex and The City Reboot Podcast co-host Phil Mutz—assumed we'd finally get an answer. But the building can't manage it until Monday, and the episode—and Carrie's tenure in the fancy apartment—end before we get to Monday.

So...what was the beeping?!?! Well, on this week's podcast episode, a friend of our show with an expert eye figured out pretty definitively what the hell it was.

and just like that beeping 1

See, Carrie's fancy new kitchen has lots of sleek gadgets—the dishwasher, the refrigerator, the oven. But there's one appliance Carrie pays no attention to: the stove. On a voice recording into the Reboot Podcast, friend of the show Sara Shelton explained that, just like Carrie, she too moved into a modern apartment with the exact same stove. And with that stove came the same annoying beeping under a very specific condition: when something was placed on the stovetop for an extended period of time.

and just like that beeping 2

It's right there: a skillet (probably this chic Le Creuset in lapis) sitting atop Carrie's electric stove. Case. Closed.

For a more in-depth take on the whole thing—and the reason why this episode probably never resolves the mystery for us—take a listen to this week's episode of And Just Like That...a Sex and the City Reboot Podcast.


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