Hannah Brown Leaves the Luke P. Drama Behind (Sorta) in New ‘Bachelorette’ Episode

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Last week on The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown left us with a cliffhanger after telling Luke P., “I can’t give you this rose.” And now, we finally learn the 24-year-old villain’s fate. (Hint: It’s not good.)

Here’s what went down in season 15, episode six of the ABC series.

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Luke P. The Manipulator

The installment picks up right where we left off in episode five, with Brown refusing to give Luke P. the rose. After she sets it down, Luke says he’s “very confused right now.” Brown reminds him that their date wasn’t ideal, especially since he has yet to show her who he really is.

Although he begs her to change her mind, Brown reveals that there’s no way he’d be able to come back from this deficit. “Giving you a rose tonight…it doesn’t make sense,” she says.

When Luke asks if he’s going home, Brown nods before adding, “I just want you to respect that.”

Outside, Luke is on the verge of a mental breakdown. “From the moment I met her, I’ve felt things I’ve never felt before in my entire life,” he says. “I care about her so much, I don’t want to go home.”

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Luke decides to fight for her, proving he didn’t listen to anything she just said. After apologizing for his actions, he says he didn’t know how to act and, therefore, gave her what he thought she wanted.

“I want to move mountains for you,” he yells. “I hate this!”

Although Luke understands why he didn’t get a rose, he doesn’t think it’s fair that she’s sending him home. “I genuinely want to marry you,” he says.

Cut to Luke returning to the hotel room, where the other contestants are appalled to see him. Luke explains that he didn’t get a rose, but he’s not going home (at least not yet).

In an interview with producers, Brown explains (sorta) the reasoning behind her decision, saying, “The guys have to trust me and to know that I’m doing what’s best for my heart.”

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The Cocktail Party

At the cocktail party, things take a dramatic turn when Garrett sits down with Brown and demands to know if Luke threw any names under the bus, since he promised he wouldn’t. Brown admits that he did, in fact, mention several names during their one-on-one date, which prompts Garrett to confront Luke in front of the other contestants.

Luke assures them that he’s not talking about them “in a negative way.” “Nobody believes you,” Garrett yells back.

Right on cue, Brown interrupts the fight, which is echoing through the halls of the villa. After telling the contestants to “stay in your fricking lane,” Brown storms out.

The men immediately start fighting again, and Brown has had enough. When she encourages Luke to “stop making excuses,” Brown explodes on the group, reminding them that she’s a “grown a** woman.”

“Everyone thinks that it’s just Luke that makes me feel psycho and irritated right now. It’s truly all of you,” she says through tears. “So, I don’t want to do this.”

At the rose ceremony, Brown hands out roses to everyone but Devin, Grant and Kevin, which means Luke survives another week. *Sigh*

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The Situation

The next day, Brown and her nine remaining men travel to Riga, Latvia, where she sits down with Harrison to debrief about last week’s events. “I’m not trusting these relationships as much as I want to,” Brown admits. “I just…need it to change.”

When Harrison asks her to pinpoint the problem, she breaks down in tears and reveals that she’s afraid of giving up. “I feel very weighted down,” Brown says. “I thought I would have a better understanding by now of my feelings and emotions. Like, I’m kind of flailing.”

For the first time ever, we return from commercial break to find Harrison standing in front of the Bachelor mansion. He reveals that Brown is unsure about whether or not she wants to move forward with the show.

In an interview setting, Brown admits that she doesn’t think her relationships with the contestants are where they need to be, saying, “I don’t see at this point how I’m going to get to where I need to be at the end.”

After reliving this season’s most dramatic moments, Brown reveals that although she needs to reevaluate her relationships, she wants to finish what she started. (Surprise, surprise.)

So, when will Brown finally see Luke’s true colors? Guess we’ll have to wait until The Bachelorette returns to ABC next Monday, June 24, at 8 p.m.


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