‘Bachelor’ Fans Think Peter Weber Already Accidentally Revealed the Winner to Be Victoria (& It’s Not the Craziest Theory)

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Just when we thought no other Bachelor theories could be thrown into the mix, fans now claim they’ve uncovered one more possibility about who wins Peter Weber’s season...Victoria F

We know what you’re thinking: Victoria was sent home during Monday night's episode (and was pretty much a nightmare the whole season), so how on earth could she end up the winner of this whole thing? Well, fans believe a slip of the tongue on Pilot Pete’s part during The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special proved that he and Victoria are currently together.

During his sit down with the Virginia Beach native, Peter stated, “I really do feel good about our relationship.” Seems harmless enough? Not so fast. Online sleuths pointed out that the pilot was speaking in the present tense. As in, he's happy with their still ongoing relationship. We’re not putting too much weight behind this theory, especially since Victoria herself seemed to indicate that the two were not together in a thank you note to Peter on Instagram. 

“I’m excited to see where life takes you & I have all the respect in the world for you,” she captioned part of the post. “You’re doing great sweetie.” 

So, while we guess we can kind of see where these online fans are coming from, we’re going to stick with the theory that Peter might just end up with no contestants at all. But in the words of Chris Harrison himself, “No one knows how the season ends.”

We guess we’ll have to just wait until The Bachelor returns to ABC next Monday, March 9, at 8 p.m.