People Have Been Sending Amy Schumer Pictures of Their Produce Ever Since *That* Carrot Incident

Amy Schumer made headlines in the strangest way possible thanks to her surprisingly naughty carrot video on Instagram. And as it turns out, her run-ins with weird and unusual produce didn’t end there.

PureWow recently sat down with the Trainwreck actress to talk about her latest partnership with Hellmann’s and its first-ever Super Bowl commercial, which she starring in. The full ad, which debuted during this weekend’s big game, is meant to inspire people to get creative in their kitchen with ingredients that might have otherwise gone to waste.

Of course, while we had the comedian’s time and attention, we just had to ask about that famous carrot her husband, Chris Fischer, found while making dinner. 

“I had just tucked Gene in, and I came out of the room and Chris was cooking and he was just like ‘Look at that carrot’ and he didn’t make a big deal about it. And I looked at it and I started filming right away because it blew my mind. It was crazy.”

She also revealed that since sharing the video with her fans, her direct messages have had a recurring theme: fruits and veggies.

Schumer continued, “Since then people send me pictures of produce all the time. And it’s so funny because carrots especially are really naughty looking. If you would have told me this I would have been like, ‘Why would people ever send me pictures of produce?’”

Unfortunately, while her commercial was centered around food, the carrot, which the 39-year-old calls “not suitable for television,” did not make an appearance.

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