Amy Schumer Opens Up About Baby Gene’s Unique Taste in Food (& How He Tells You He’s Done Eating)

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Ilya S. Savenok / Getty IMages

With a mom who is a world-renowned comedian and a dad who is a professional chef, Amy Schumer and Chris Fisher’s son, Gene David Fischer, is bound to have two things: a great sense of humor and sophisticated taste buds. And while the jury is still out on the former (he’s only 19 months, after all) he seems to already have the latter.

PureWow recently sat down with the Trainwreck actress to talk about her latest partnership with Hellmann’s and its first-ever Super Bowl commercial, which she’ll be starring in. The full ad, debuting during the game, is meant to inspire people to get creative in their kitchen with ingredients that might have otherwise gone to waste.

And while we were on the topic of food, we wanted to know more about Gene’s eating habits, especially his favorite foods. We definitely weren’t expecting Schumer’s response.

“There's a lot of stuff he likes that I wouldn’t have thought,” she explained. “We will fry up some sardines for him. And he’ll have tempeh. We try to mix it up for him. He’s a pretty good eater. He’s not that picky but he will tell you when he’s done.”

Turns out, the soon-to-be 2-year-old also has a special talent—sign language—which he uses to let his parents know when he’s finished. “My mom is a speech and hearing therapist for the deaf and ‘finished’ [holding your hands up and flailing them] is one of the signs which he does when he’s done eating. After that, you can’t get him to eat anymore. Same thing with the bath.”

Who knew 2-year-olds enjoyed fermented soybeans?

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