‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Episode 5 Killed Off Several Major Characters

Last week on American Horror Story: 1984, we finally learned why Montana (Billie Lourd) and The Night Stalker (Zach Villa) are targeting Brooke (Emma Roberts): Montana’s brother, Sam, was shot and killed by Brooke’s ex-lover.

And now, the gang battles it out in an attempt to win the ultimate prize: survival. Here’s what went down in episode five of AHS: 1984, titled “Red Dawn.”


The episode opens on a flashback of Nurse Rita (Angelica Ross), who is actually named Donna—or “DeeDee”—Chambers. When DeeDee spots her dad coming home with a woman who isn’t her mother, she follows him inside. After a few minutes, she walks into the bedroom only to find the supposed mistress tied to the bed with half her intestines hanging outside of her stomach.

Papa Chambers spots DeeDee and drops a major bombshell. As it turns out, he’s a full-blown serial killer, who has been murdering women for as long as he can remember. Although DeeDee insists that she can use her psychological training to fix his issues, her dad isn’t having it.

“You were never supposed to know this side of me,” he says before stabbing (and killing) himself.


We pick up right where we left off in episode four, with The Night Stalker seemingly floating above the ground while Nurse Rita watches in horror. When he’s back on his feet, The Night Stalker explains, “I was reborn…dead, then raised up by the Unholy One himself.” (Whatever that means.)

He goes on to say that Rita isn’t as innocent as she thinks she is. “You think you were studying evil? You are evil,” The Night Stalker says.

Suddenly, Rita’s, er, Donna’s dad is standing behind her in ghost form and encourages her to follow in his footsteps and come to the dark side.

“Evil is born,” he says. “And you are the fruit of its seed.”

Elsewhere, Margaret (Leslie Grossman) suggests she go find help. Chet (Gus Kenworthy) offers to join her, and it proves to be a huge mistake. When she takes him out on a boat, she gets him far away from land and reveals that her goal is to get each of the counselors alone. Why? So she can kill them. #RIPChet

Back on land, Brooke stumbles across Ray (DeRon Horton), which immediately piques our interest because last we saw, Ray was beheaded in episode three. To no surprise, he’s completely disoriented and can’t remember how he got there.

When they seek shelter, Brooke opens up about her childhood and things get really intimate, really fast. However, things take a hilarious turn when Brooke goes to the fridge for a beverage and finds Ray’s severed head chilling on the top shelf.

When Xavier (Cody Fern) tries to attack Donna for betraying the group, she manages to escape, but she soon comes face-to-face with Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch). Much to our surprise, he doesn’t want to kill Donna. He does, however, want to kill Margaret. Luckily for Margaret, Xavier interrupts the attack and shoots Mr. Jingles with several arrows.

Xavier isn’t so lucky, though. When Margaret gets him alone, she stabs him to death before cutting off his ear. Go figure.

Mr. Jingles wakes up only to find The Night Stalker standing over him, demanding to know if he accepts Satan as his master.

Meanwhile, Brooke is freaking out because, well, she just lost her virginity to a ghost. So, she runs to Montana, who is done acting like they’re friends. Montana hits Brooke over the back of the head before telling her everything, like how she enlisted The Night Stalker to kill her.

This results in an all-out battle between Montana and Brooke that begins in the cabin and ends at the entrance of the camp.  

When a bus full of campers arrives at Camp Redwood the next day, they’re greeted by Brooke standing over Montana’s lifeless body.

When the cops arrive, Margaret blames the killings on Brooke. Brooke is taken into custody. The Night Stalker and Mr. Jingles steal a patrol car and head to Los Angeles on a road trip. (You know, the usual.)

When Ray is taken away in an ambulance, he gets a serious reality check—because every time he crosses the Camp Redwood border, he immediately finds himself back on the road.

“I just wanted to go home,” he says.

“This is home,” the hitchhiker from episode one responds.

The pair eventually join Montana, who appears to be adapting to her new role as queen bee ghost.

“You guys are doing this purgatory thing all wrong. We can be gods here!” she says.

Confused? Us, too. American Horror Story: 1984 returns to FX next Wednesday, October 23, at 10 p.m.


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