Latest ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Episode Ends with a Seriously Major Twist

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Last week on American Horror Story: 1984, Margaret (Leslie Grossman) discovered the true identity of the mysterious hiker slash ghost (Lou Taylor Pucci), while the rest of the group—Xavier (Cody Fern), Montana (Billie Lourd), Ray (DeRon Horton), Chet (Gus Kenworthy) and Brooke (Emma Roberts)—tried to stay alive after Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch) escaped from prison.

What’s next for Camp Redwood? Here’s what went down in episode three of AHS: 1984, titled “Slashdance.”


The installment picks up right where we left off in episode two, with The Night Stalker (Zach Villa) banging on the door of the infirmary. After shattering a few windows, The Night Stalker breaks down the front door and immediately goes after Ray, who just barely escapes thanks to well-timed assistance from Chet.

In the cabin, Xavier, Montana and Trevor (Matthew Morrison) are awaiting a similar fate. When someone shatters a window and throws a flaming bag of poop into the room (seriously), it forces everyone outside.

The group soon learns they’re not being threatened by Mr. Jingles—instead, it’s two guys dressed as the crazed serial killer, who decided to pull a prank in honor of the massacre’s anniversary.

Just then, the real Mr. Jingles approaches from behind and kills the two pranksters before cutting off their ears.

Naturally, the group makes a run for it, but there’s a problem. When Chet and Ray get separated from the crew, they accidentally fall into a bunker-like trap that is lined with daggers. And Chet gets speared right through his chest. 

At the car, Brooke is concerned that the others are taking so long. When she suggests she leave with the vehicle to find help, Nurse Rita (Angelica Ross) turns on her and injects Brooke with something that makes her collapse.

“Don’t worry. Nurse Rita is going to make it all better,” she says.

One Week Ago

Dr. Hopple (Orla Brady) is meeting with a psychologist named Donna Chambers—but in reality, it’s the person we know as Nurse Rita.

Dr. Hopple explains that she doesn’t see any good qualities in Benjamin Richter (aka Mr. Jingles). Donna couldn’t disagree more and demands she have a moment with the prisoner in an attempt to find out why he committed the massacre.

After being shown to a quiet room, Donna sits down with Mr. Jingles and explains that she doesn’t believe he was born to kill. Instead, she thinks he was “activated by outside circumstances.”

Donna walks Mr. Jingles through several potential triggers, like his upbringing, his military life and his obsession with pornography. After Donna explains her theory, Mr. Jingles comes to a horrifying conclusion: “So, what you’re saying is…maybe it isn’t all my fault?”

Next, Donna proposes a foolproof (LOL) plan. She shows Mr. Jingles a newspaper article about the reopening of Camp Redwood and reveals that she wants him to return to the scene of the crime, so she can study him in his “natural habitat.”

After telling him exactly how to escape from his jail cell, Donna (er, Rita?) says, “When you meet me back at the camp, I’ll have a new job and a new name.”

A few days later, Rita is driving behind the real camp nurse. When the nurse pulls into a gas station, Rita gets into the backseat of her car and, well, you get the idea.


At camp, Ray is concerned about Chet, who is unconscious as a result of his wounds.

In a flashback, Ray is hazing members of his fraternity at college when he sees a pledge fall down the stairs. When Ray can’t wake him up, he tries to cover his tracks.

Cut to Ray putting the boy in a car and pushing it toward a cliff. Of course, the boy wakes up right in the nick of time…but it’s too late. And Ray is forever traumatized.

After confessing this to Chet, Ray leaves behind his wounded friend. (More on this later.)

When Ray catches up with the group, they reveal that they found the real Nurse Rita (who is now deceased), which means the woman claiming to be Rita can’t be trusted.

Elsewhere, Xavier and Trevor are investigating the area when—whaddaya know—they stumble upon Chet. After lifting him off the dagger, they try to make a run for it, but they’re confronted by Mr. Jingles…or so they think.

When Trevor pushes the assailant into the dagger pit, they soon realize he was wearing a mask, which confirms that there are multiple Mr. Jingles pranksters. *Eye roll*

Elsewhere, Montana and Ray are waiting for the group when they’re confronted by The Night Stalker. Ray makes a break for it, jumping on a motorcycle and leaving Montana to fend for herself. Karma eventually bites Ray in the butt, since he’s later beheaded by Mr. Jingles.

Back in the parking lot, Montana is backed into a corner. When The Night Stalker runs the knife along her cheek, Montana pulls him in for a quick make-out session before saying, “Why the hell haven’t you killed her yet?” (Um, what?)

Did Montana set up Brooke? Or are we completely missing the point? Guess we’ll have to wait until American Horror Story: 1984 returns to FX next Wednesday, October 9, at 10 p.m.

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