‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Episode 4 Was a Deadly Mess

Last week on American Horror Story: 1984, the camp counselors—Xavier (Cody Fern), Montana (Billie Lourd), Ray (DeRon Horton), Chet (Gus Kenworthy), Brooke (Emma Roberts) and Trevor (Matthew Morrison)—discover that Nurse Rita (Angelica Ross) isn’t who she claims to be.

And now, the group rallies together in an attempt to escape Camp Redwood once and for all. Here’s what went down in episode four of AHS: 1984, titled “True Killers.”


The episode opens on Montana teaching a “midnight aerobics” class when The Night Stalker (Zach Villa) randomly walks in. Montana completely ignores the fact that he appears in pain and says, “Hey, Rambo, my class isn’t for poseurs. This is aerobics…it’s serious.”

After class, Montana heads into the locker room only to find the dead body of a boy she had argued with just a few minutes ago.

“You like my surprise?” The Night Stalker says as he approaches her from behind.

“That’s the most f***ed up thing anyone has ever done for me,” Montana responds.

Right on cue, Montana drops a bombshell and asks The Night Stalker if he’s a murderer, because she has another job for him. You see, her brother—Sam—was killed while serving as a best man in Brooke’s wedding. (We first learned about this information back in episode two, though we didn’t know Montana’s relation to the victim.)

So, she wants Brooke to pay for her brother’s death. “I know Brooke f***ed my brother,” Montana says. “And now he’s dead.”


We pick up right where we left off in episode three, with Montana coming face-to-face with The Night stalker and saying, “Why the hell haven’t you killed her yet?” It all makes sense now.

Elsewhere, Trevor and Xavier are tending to the wounds Chet sustained in last week’s episode. When Chet stops breathing, Trevor injects him with an EpiPen and hopes for the best…and it works. After confirming Chet is alive, they tell him to “lay low” while they seek out the others.

When Trevor catches up with Margaret (Leslie Grossman), he learns that she’s in denial about Mr. Jingles’s (John Carroll Lynch) presence, despite the fact that the camp is sprinkled with dead bodies. All Margaret cares about are the loads of children that are supposedly arriving tomorrow morning.

Elsewhere, Xavier tries to warn Chef Bertie (Tara Karsian) about Mr. Jingles, but she’s also in denial. That is, until he walks in the front door of the cafeteria. So, Chef Bertie offers Mr. Jingles a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which he casually eats while she chats about the massacre.

Things take a predictable turn when Mr. Jingles notices Xavier hiding under the table and goes after him. Long story short, things don’t end well for Bertie or Xavier. While Bertie gets stabbed multiple times, Mr. Jingles locks Xavier in an oven.

On the bright side, Chef Bertie manages to crawl over to the oven and open the door, minimizing Xavier’s burns. In return, Xavier stabs her one last time, ending her suffering.

Meanwhile, Brooke somehow finds herself in a locked shed. When she breaks down the door, she runs through the woods only to stumble upon a bear trap.

Just then, Nurse Rita approaches Brooke and reveals that she’s a psychologist who’s working with Mr. Jingles.

“It’s not what you think,” Nurse Rita says. “I’m doing this for science.”

Nurse Rita goes on to explain that she wants to taunt Mr. Jingles with potential kills, and Brooke dangling from a tree is an ideal scenario.

A few minutes later, Montana crosses paths with Brooke and attempts to rescue her. Although Montana claims that she’s going to fetch something sharp to cut the net, she really alerts The Night Stalker of Brooke’s vulnerable state.

“She’s fully helpless,” Montana says. “Good to go.”

When The Night Stalker finds Brooke, he’s shocked to discover that he’s not alone—Mr. Jingles is there, too.  

“Man, you really shouldn’t have crashed this party,” The Night Stalker says. After some back and forth, Mr. Jingles goes in for the kill, and it’s a success…or so we think. (More on this later.)

In the cabin, Margaret is shuffling through a drawer when she finds a wooden bear. Suddenly, Margaret has a flashback to when Mr. Jingles was an employee at Camp Redwood. Margaret was regularly teased by the other campers, so he gave her a special gift that he chiseled himself.

Back in present day, Mr. Jingles finds Margaret in her cabin. He immediately recognizes her and says that he’s back to “finish what I started.” After Mr. Jingles recalls the massacre, Margaret laughs and claims that he doesn’t remember the night accurately.

In fact, she was the one who carried out the attack back in the ’70s. You see, Mr. Jingles was supposed to protect Margaret from the other campers, who were bullying her. But he failed. So, Margaret killed her bunkmates and even cut off her own ear to frame it on Mr. Jingles.

“You finally protected me when you took the fall,” she says.

When Mr. Jingles attacks her, Margaret manages to stab him in the stomach, though he’s able to get away. Hearing the commotion, Trevor comes to check on Margaret, and it’s a huge mistake. She lures him in, stabs him in the stomach and then cuts off his ear.

Outside, Xavier meets up with Brooke, and they make a beeline for the car. Unfortunately, the vehicle (aka their only escape) is ablaze thanks to Margaret, who blames Mr. Jingles for Trevor’s death.

The episode concludes with Nurse Rita seeing The Night Stalker’s body levitating off the ground. When she approaches him, The Night Stalker returns to his feet and looks at her with an expression that can only be described as “possessed.”

Gulp. American Horror Story: 1984 returns to FX next Wednesday, October 16, at 10 p.m. 

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