Adjoa Andoh Shares What Fans Can Expect from 'Bridgerton' Season 3: 'It's For the Wallflowers'

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Ready your teacups and saucers, dear readers, because Lady Danbury is spilling the tea on Bridgerton season three.

While promoting her new partnership with International Delight (which, FYI, just launched Bridgerton-inspired creamers and iced coffee), actress Adjoa Andoh (61), who plays Lady Danbury, opened up about the upcoming season, from her character's iconic matchmaking techniques to Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin's (Luke Newton) romance. And according to the British native, the new installment is sure to resonate with fans who consider themselves "wallflowers"—or those who stay out of the spotlight.

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While discussing Colin and Penelope, Andoh told us, "You know, what I think has been so great about season three is, Colin is not flashy. He's not Anthony. He's not Simon. He is solid and finding his way in the world by traveling and remaking himself from being in the world and finding what excites and interests him. Penelope, she's not the most glamorous or considered the most attractive of the Featherington girls. She is smart as a whip. She is funny, she is tender, she is vulnerable. And I guess my feeling about this season is, it's kind of for the wallflowers."

She continued, "This is a moment to celebrate those rather brilliant, marvelous people who wouldn't be the queen of the prom. You know, they're not going to be the head of the cheerleaders or the top jock, but they are fabulously interesting, engaging, and people who are worth investigating if you just dig a bit deeper. I feel that this season is really sort of celebrating, applauding and encouraging all of us who have felt, at some time, like those characters."

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In addition to Penelope and Colin finally taking center stage, Andoh also confirmed that Lady Danbury's storyline in season three will be influenced by the events of Queen Charlotte. She said, "I think, because I've lived through Queen Charlotte, there's a sense in which the depth of the understanding of who Lady Danbury is, what she came from, how she had to work to stay in the ton, to keep her children present and able to inherit a certain title and status within the ton. How she did all of that, she used her power and knowledge to do that. That's what her gift was."

She added, "So, everybody who's seen Queen Charlotte will now understand her relationship with the queen, her relationship with Violet Bridgerton, that difficult marriage, that real love that she had. And so we're kind of all up to speed with each other. So, when we go into season three, there's the knowledge that the audience will have about some of these characters and where they've come from, where they are now and where they're headed towards that will give them, I hope, a richer experience of watching the show. That's what season three gifted me, to be able to work from that deeper platform for the character."

Fans will finally get to see Lady Danbury back in action when Part 1 of Bridgerton season three premieres on Netflix on May 16, with Part 2 arriving on June 13. But in the meantime, Andoh encourages fans to indulge in International Delight's limited edition creamers and iced coffee, which will transport them to the world of Bridgerton.

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International Delight

Regarding her partnership with the brand, Andoh said, "We know that Lady Danbury is somebody who is very much involved with a coupling of strategic partners in the ton. And [International Delight] just put a 21st-century spin on this. Those initial meetings these days and [getting] coffee, is it's a very 21st-century vibe, and actually would have been an amazing vibe in the coffee houses of the late 19th century. They were a proper alternative to gin palaces, and coffee houses had a certain class and a swing to them. And I think they're really leaning into that vibration."

Well, excuse us while we get our coffee fix and rewatch the first two seasons of Bridgerton.

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