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Can we let you in on a little secret? With the exception of the Always Pan we bought a few months ago, we’ve had the same cookware since we moved into our very first apartment. Which means that most of the pots and pans are scratched, warped or heat our food unevenly. Suffice to say, it’s time for an upgrade. Luckily, we know just the retailer to turn to: Verishop. The online shop carries high-end cookware brands like Equal Parts, Staub and Greenpan, and offers some pretty killer discounts on these items, too. Here, 10 items from Verishop’s cookware section that we’re investing in ASAP.

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1. Equal Parts Essential Pan

Looking for a pan that’s non-stick, non-toxic and easy to store? The Equal Parts Essential Pan will fit the bill. This 10-inch-wide pan gets its name because it’s ideal for everything from sautéing to baking (it’s oven-safe up to 450° F). We’re not the only one’s obsessed; reviewers note how it heats up quickly, cooks evenly and it’s super easy to clean.

Buy It ($95)


2. Staub 3.75-Quart Essential French Oven

Behold, the chicest way to whip up a stew, roast vegetables or bake dessert. This enameled, cast iron French oven features a Chistera drop structure lid for continuous basting whether you’re roasting a chicken or braising short ribs. And just like all of Staub’s top-of-the-line products, it’s high-quality and durable, too.

Buy It ($429; $190)


3. Greenpan Venice Pro Noir Non-Stick Fry Pans (Set of 2)

A single non-stick frypan from Greenpan typically sells for $100, but right now you can get this set of two for just $105. Another reason we’re picking this set up? The special non-toxic crushed diamond coating makes them safe to use with metal utensils.

Buy It ($130; $105)


4. Staub 4.5-Quart Perfect Pan

Dubbed “the ultimate multitasker,” this 4.5-quart pan allows you to sear, sauté, brown, steam, stir fry and deep fry like a pro. Its wide, angled sides make it easy to stir without accidentally dumping half your dinner on the stovetop. “[I] use it almost every day. We live in a tiny house, [so I] enjoy being able to have minimal cooking supplies,” writes one reviewer.

Buy It ($400; $280)


5. Greenpan Levels Ceramic Non-Stick Stackable Set

If you’re low on cabinet space, you’ll appreciate this six-piece set. It includes a 10-inch fry pan, 11-inch round grill pan, 3.2-quart covered saucepan and a 6-quart covered stockpot, which can all be stacked together for compact storage. Plus, the whole thing is dishwasher-safe.

Buy It ($250)


6. Material The Sauté Pan

Here’s another amazing cookware deal. Material’s Sauté Pan usually costs $455, but Verishop is selling it for just $105 (that’s $350 off, in case you didn’t want to do the math). It’s equipped with tall edges to protect against spills and has a copper core surrounded by five layers of steel which means you can rely on quick, even heat every time. Pro tip: If you want to keep this baby looking brand new, you’ll want to wipe it with a sponge while it’s still warm.

Buy It ($455; $105)


7. Equal Parts The Cookware Set

Want to replace all of your worn-out pots and pans in one fell swoop? This bundle from Equal Parts will help you do just that. It comes with an eight-inch fry pan, the brand’s 10-inch Essential Pan, a 3.5-quart sauce pan and an eight-quart stock pot, plus two universal lids. And each item is made from natural, non-stick ceramic material, of course.

Buy It ($363; $325)


8. Staub 2-Piece Rectangular Baking Dish Set

This stackable duo of rectangular baking dishes is so popular, it’s currently sold out in multiple colors. What makes them so great, you ask? Well, for starters, they’re microwave-, freezer-, broiler- and oven-safe up to 572° F. And once you’re done cooking, users say they’re very easy to clean. Our favorite feature, though? They can go straight from the oven to the table, thanks to their pretty finish.

Buy It ($120; $50)


9. Equal Parts Saucepan

“This pot has made our lives so much easier and elevated the taste of so many dishes,” writes one customer. He’s likely referring to this saucepan’s natural non-stick coating, which makes cooking sticky foods like rice a total breeze. It can be used on all types of stovetops, and is oven-safe up to 450° F. Oh, and a bonus? It’ll look fancy sitting on your counter when you accidentally leave it out.

Buy It ($89)


10. Verishop x Milo 3-Piece Set

With this classic Dutch oven, skillet and parchment paper set, you’ll be able to whip up some restaurant-quality meals for the fam. Both pieces of cast iron cookware are designed for even cooking and heat distribution and made to last. In fact, the Dutch oven even comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Buy It ($230; $184)

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