12 Plants From The Sill That Make the Absolute Best Gifts

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Plant gifts are the best gifts. And they’re ones that keep on giving without too much thought (unlike that puppy “cool” Uncle Chuck gave your toddler). Luckily, experts from The Sill—a company that delivers healthy indoor potted plants and plant care supplies right to your door—are here to help narrow down which type of plants will make fabulous gifts. Not to mention that right now, you can save up to 50 percent on the company's best-selling plants and holiday bundles (while items last). So, whether it’s for a college-bound teen or a gardening-loving grandma, read on for 12 giftable plants that will make anyone on your list green with, well, greenery.

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The Sill

1. Monstera Deliciosa

Best Overall

This quirky little plant (aka the “Swiss Cheese Plant”) is Insta-famous for its vibrant green color and perforated leaves. Plus, they’re also super easy to care for—only requiring a watering one to two times a week. No wonder we see these pretty guys are so popular.

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The Sill

2. Snake Plant Laurentii

Best for Beginners

Don’t worry—no real snakes are involved. This one gets its name for its thin, upright leaves that resemble reptile skin. And after learning how low-maintenance it is—seriously, the easiest way to kill this thing is by over-caring for it—we knew it’d make a perfect gift for our forgetful friend. It’s considered a low-light, or even no-light, plant that only needs watering every two to three weeks. Plus, this one has air-purifying benefits and can produce oxygen while you snooze (think of it as a more affordable air purifier option).

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The Sill

3. Parlor Palm

Most Pet-Friendly

If it comes down to succulent vs. Scout the Sheepadoodle, we’re choosing our pup every time (sorry, not sorry). Luckily, this isn’t Sophie’s Choice, and the tropical Parlor Palm is considered non-toxic by the ASPCA (so it’s safe to keep around curious cats and dogs). It’s worth mentioning, however, that this guy can be pretty demanding and does not adapt very well to change (just like our ex). Still, if you know an experienced pet and plant parent, we guarantee they’ll love this gift. (Psst: There’s also a pet-friendly three-plant set if you’re looking to go the extra mile).

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The Sill

4. Norfolk Island Pine

Best for the Holidays

Home for the holidays? Greet your parents with a festive Norfolk Island Pine tree and maybe it will distract them from asking you to fix the internet router. And, if you really want to impress them, add some string lights, ornaments and rustic tin bells beforehand, so it looks like you’re walking in with an adorable mini Christmas tree (read the full tutorial here).

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The Sill

5. Aglaonema Wishes

Most Unique

Sure, this plant’s sprawling, effervescent leaves are an obvious draw—but what if we told you it had hidden powers? You heard us. The Aglaonema Wishes plant (or “Chinese Evergreen”) is more than just a pretty face, and it’s “said to bring luck, fortune, and general positivity to those who grow it.” So, while we can’t vouch for this one’s unworldly abilities, we can guarantee that it’ll bring a pop of vibrant color to any room of the house.

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The Sill

6. Hoya Heart Plant

Best Succulent

Loyal, low-maintenance and giving, this Hoya Heart plant is the ultimate gift the caretakers in your life (the parents, the teachers, the health workers). Not only does this succulent have *the most adorable* heart-shaped leaves, but it’s also extremely easy to care for and requires watering just one to two times a month.

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The Sill

7. Petite Pink Orchid

Best Flowering Plant

Behold the most extra plant on this list: the Phalaenopsis orchid. Its vibrant, pink florals bloom about once a year—for up to three months—and are guaranteed to breathe life and color into any space. And don’t freak out. Yes, the flowers will fall off after each blooming cycle, but this baby will store up its energy to re-bloom again next season (so, no need to stock-pile orchids). But, of course, this stunner needs to be pampered more than other plants, so be sure to gift it to someone who can provide it with the proper care. And who doesn’t love a pop of pink?

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The Sill

8. The Ooo Bouquet

Best for Black Thumbs

Worried an orchid may be too high-maintenance? Turn to an ultra-trendy dried floral bouquet. Not only does it feature an assortment of whimsical florals—including sago palm, craspedia billy balls, bunny tails and more—but it also requires zero maintenance (an upside of having dried florals). It’s a beautiful, thoughtful gift for someone who’s constantly murdering plants (or someone who simply can’t get enough of the dried floral trend).

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The Sill

9. Marble Queen Pothos

Most Low-Maintenance

This Pothos (aka the “cubicle plant”) is basically indestructible. It’s adaptable to various light and environmental conditions and can be left​​ largely untended with occasional watering. Not to mention, the Pothos’ trailing, variegated green and white leaves are perfect for placing in a hanging planter for a cottagecore vibe.

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The Sill

10. The Small Space Bundle

Best for Apartments

Have a niece who just moved into a new apartment or a grandparent who just downsized? Gift them this adorable little set to full that empty nook or shelf with utter greenery cuteness. This duo includes a bushy Peperomia (aka the “Baby Rubber Plant”) and a rosette-shaped Echeveria succulent. Both are easy-going plants that require little light and the occasional watering.

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The Sill

11. Large Majesty Palm

Best Floor Plant

This sprawling tropical floor plant instantly makes you feel like you’re in the rainforest, even if you’re nestled under a weighted blanket in the dead of winter. Also, Chewy Health’s Senior Veterinarian, Dr. Katy Nelson, tells The Sill: “[the Majesty Palm] is easy to care for and non-toxic to pets. Daily sunlight and weekly watering will keep him healthy and growing for years to come.” Seems like a win-win, if you ask us.

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The Sill

12. Diy Terrarium Kit

Best DIY Kit

This hands-on kit includes everything one would need to create their own miniature desertscape from six assorted succulents and bags of cacti mix to lava rocks, sand and a glass bowl. A perfect gift for someone who loves to get their hands dirty and showcase their creations around the house—like your budding creative genius little nephew or your model-train loving pop.

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