35 Gifts for Plant Lovers (and No, They’re Not *All* Plants)

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Some people take their roles as plant parents very seriously. But if you haven’t been blessed with a green thumb, shopping for a plant lover can be pretty challenging. Do they want another Monstera to add to their collection? Is a cute watering can actually a good (and useful) gift? We had some questions, so we turned to the experts—plant-obsessed PureWow staffers. Here, 35 gifts for plant lovers that are sure to go over well.

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The Sill

1. the Sill Hoya Heart Plant

This little succulent is ideal for a more laid-back plant mom or dad (or a first-timer), since it only requires watering every three to four weeks. PureWow’s audience development strategist Ali Brown says hers really brightens up her WFH setup. The heart shape makes it perfect for gifting your SO or a loved one, she adds.

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2. imee Mini Rose Gold Watering Can

Apparently, watering cans are a good gift for plant lovers—especially when they’re as chic as this one. “I love the way it looks perched on my plant stand,” explains director of audience development Mary D’Alessio. It’s functional too: The long, thin nozzle makes it easy to water right at the base of the plant (and not the floor alongside the pot).

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3. aerogarden Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Shopping for someone who’s really into gardening? Opt for this indoor garden, which will allow them to grow their favorite herbs on their kitchen counter. The kit includes seeds for Genovese basil, thyme, parsley, dill, Thai basil, and mint, plus an LED grow light designed to maximize photosynthesis. And don’t worry about buying soil to go with it—this garden is hydroponic, meaning the plants will grow in water.

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4. modern Sprout Brass & Glass Plant Mister

Some vegetation, including orchids, zebra plants and philodendron like to be misted, which means it’s a good idea to have a spray bottle on hand. This one lets out a light mist and will look pretty sitting on their windowsill when it’s not in use.

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5. bloomscape Zygocactus

Nicknamed the “Christmas cactus,” this pick is about as festive as you can get. And given its seasonal nature (it blooms in late fall to early winter), you can almost guarantee this is one breed your plant enthusiast doesn’t already have. According to Bloomscape, it’s a pretty low-maintenance variety that will last for years to come.

Buy It ($65)

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6. potey Cement Planter

We love this suggestion from managing editor of branded content, Rachel Gulmi: If you really want to go the extra mile, consider gifting a plant in an actual planter instead of a standard nursery pot. This way your recipient won’t have to worry about rehoming it within the next month or so. This adorable 4.8-inch cement planter has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, so we’re pretty confident it’ll be a hit.

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7. the Little Book Of House Plants And Other Greenery By Emma Sibley

“I gave my friend this little book as a housewarming present and she loved it,” says associate managing editor Catrina Yohay. It contains info on the 60 most popular houseplants and how to help each of them thrive. Plus, just think how cute it’ll look displayed on her coffee table.

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8. mercury Row Lofgren Round Multi-tiered Plant Stand

Trust us, a stylish stand can make all the difference in displaying your plant collection...but the really nice ones are a bit of an investment. Needless to say, your mom will be excited to find this one under the tree. Just check that her pots are under 10 inches in diameter to ensure that they’ll fit.

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9. vogek Plant Grow Light

Fewer hours of sunlight in the winter isn’t just hard on those of us with seasonal affective disorder; it can impact our indoor greenery, too. Help the plant lover in your life keep their collection healthy by gifting them one of these grow lights. It mimics sunlight and can be set for three, six or twelve hours depending on the amount of natural light available.

$30 at Amazon

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10. 1-800-flowers Fiddle Leaf Fig Floor Plant

Fiddle leaf figs are so popular, they’re currently sold out on multiple sites. So gifting your BFF one to put in the corner of her living room will likely earn you some major brownie points. Want to go above and beyond? Get her a humidifier too, since this plant prefers a humid environment.

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11. gonicc Professional Bonsai Scissors

These scissors might not look like anything special, but they have high carbon steel blades that are perfect for trimming away dead leaves or aerial roots. Director of audience development Sally Herrod says they’re a gift any doting plant parent would appreciate. They’d make a great stocking stuffer too.

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12. anthropologie Triflora Hanging Planters

As long as your sister is cool with having to secure this bar to her wall, she’ll love this hanging planter. The 5.75-inch-wide pots will make a great home for her Hoya, Sansevieria or ZZ plants. Prefer to give it to her already full? Just repot these guys in the planters.

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13. horti Plant Subscription

“A friend gave me a six-month subscription to Horti for my birthday. It’s a fun delivery to look forward to and an ongoing gift,” says senior account manager Emily Matson. Sign your recipient up for the ‘new to planting’ ‘pet-friendly’ or ‘Horti’s picks’ subscription plan and every month they’ll receive a new plant with detailed instructions on how to care for it.

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The Sill

14. the Sill Mini Preserved Living Wall

If your brother loves having a ton of greenery in his space, he’ll definitely be a fan of this preserved living wall. It’s made from naturally preserved moss and ferns in a reclaimed wood frame that’ll look great hung up in his living room. Just remind him not to try to water them, since they’re technically no longer living—despite what the product name suggests.

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15. blumat Classic Plant Watering Stakes (set Of 9)

Need a present for someone who *almost* always kills their plants? Look no further. These watering stakes create an automatic drip irrigation system, making plants completely self-sufficient until the water supply you hook them up to runs out. Reviewers say they can help plants survive up to two months, just in case you’re shopping for someone who likes to take long vacations.

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16. vivosun Wood Plant Stand

Your sister-in-law has a collection of plants that are overtaking her sunroom. But it’s about time she got a better way to organize them all—before they totally take over the room. Give her this multi-layer plant stand, which can be home to up to 12 planters. D’Alessio says hers has allowed her to free up some space in her living room—while still proudly displaying her plant babies.

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17. houseplants For All: How To Fill Any Home With Happy Plants By Danae Horst

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a newbie plant owner or a seasoned pro, reviewers say you can’t go wrong with this book. It features beautiful photographs and easy-to-follow tips on how to turn your home into a plant paradise.

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18. bloomr Kingly Faux Orchid Decoration

Yup, even plant snobs can appreciate a faux one—if it’s done right. This elegant realistic orchid will look great sitting in their home office. And this way, they won’t ever have to worry about the blooms withering.

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Uncommon Goods

19. cavallini & Co. Vintage Succulents Puzzle

Here’s a hibernation season activity and a future decor piece, all in one. After she gets all 1,000 pieces placed, she can glue them together and frame it. Reviewers say the colors are stunning, so you know she’ll want to put it on display.

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20. bloomscape Adobo Hot Pepper Plant

No matter how many cacti or ficuses Dad already owns, we’re pretty confident he doesn’t have an adobo hot pepper plant yet. Change that by ordering him one from Bloomscape. Have him place it in a sunny south or west facing window and before you know it, he’ll have enough peppers to make his very own hot sauce.

Buy It ($35)

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Uncommon Goods

21. growlight Frame Shelf

This steel shelf has a built-in grow light at the top which can be put on a timer to ensure that your fiancé’s plant babies are getting enough light. Psst, it’s a great gift for that friend who’s always complaining about the lack of natural light in their apartment.

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22. union Elephant Watering Can

“I love this watering can, every time I look at it, I’m reminded to water my plants. And the elephant design makes me smile,” says senior editor of branded content Cristina Gutierrez. Can you blame her?

gifts for plant lovers 231

23. ac Decor Ceramic Planter With Painted Face

Rather than gifting your niece a succulent in a boring neutral planter, place it inside this 3.5-inch-wide pot. The clever design will make the plant growing out of it look like hair for a cute addition to the top of her dresser.

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Uncommon Goods

24. self-watering Lavender Grow Kit

If Aunt Linda loves the smell of lavender, she’ll be pretty excited when she unwraps this kit. From lavender seeds to soilless growing medium, it includes everything she needs to grow a calming lavender plant.

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25. bouqs Farmer’s Market Gift Trio

Maybe the plant enthusiast you’re shopping for actually prefers flowers. Then sign them up for a three-month flower subscription from Bouqs. Select your first delivery date and for three months, they’ll get a farm-fresh bouquet delivered straight to their door.

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26. ecclespaperco Houseplant Print

For some reason, we’ve noticed that most plant lovers’ interests also extend to flora-themed decor. So, you might as well lean in and give them this A5-sized print for Hanukkah. Frame it, if you really want to make an impression.

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The Sill

27. the Sill Macrame Plant Hanger

Even if your cousin’s home is already filled with gorgeous decorative planters, we have a feeling she’ll find a use for this macrame hanging planter in no time. Choose from black, cream, pale grey and sage pots, depending on her style.

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28. mkono Air Plant Holder

Bundle this geometric holder with an air plant for a secret Santa gift your work wife is sure to love. We wouldn’t be surprised if she likes it so much, she buys a few more for herself.

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29. bloomscape Prickly Pear Cactus

Sure, your little brother is notorious for killing every plant he brings home, but according to senior commerce editor Bri Lapolla, this one is almost impossible to neglect. It’s rated as “carefree” on Bloomscape’s site, and Lapolla says the plant care instructions have been so helpful that hers is currently thriving.

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Crate and Barrel

30. plant Parent Gift Set

A crazy plant lady book, plant-covered socks, a mini ceramic planter and pruning shears, all bundled in a cute gift box. What more could a green-thumbed individual ask for?

Buy It ($60)

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31. landofalicestudio Propagation Station

This pretty wooden design is ideal for someone who’s all about propagation. For the uninformed, that means creating baby plants from your already-thriving ones. When the roots grow a couple of inches long, you can move them from this propagation station into their own pot.

gifts for plant lovers 32

32. the Plant Club Subscription

Looking to grow your houseplant collection? Consider gifting yourself this subscription for the holidays. Each month, a new green baby will arrive on your doorstep along with care instructions, a pot and any other accessories you might need.

gifts for plant lovers 33

33. jenasjewelrystore Wire Monstera Leaf Earrings

TBH, we have a feeling that even our friends that don’t have green thumbs would want a pair of these earrings. The handmade wire design is meant to mimic a Monstera leaf.

gifts for plant lovers 34

34. anthropologie Aloe Plant

Aloe plants are seriously overlooked in our opinion. They’re easy to care for and can become a total conversation piece—if you place them strategically in your Zoom background. Plus, look at the beautiful terrazzo planter this one comes in.

gifts for plant lovers 35

35. zoetstudio Cactus Candle

This candle is so pretty, we’d honestly hesitate before burning it. But leave that decision up to your recipient. Either way, this terrarium-themed candle is guaranteed to make them smile when they pull it out of the box.

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