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Some people take their roles as a plant parent very seriously. And those of us with a brown thumb just can’t understand. So rather than try (and probably fail) at selecting the right gift for a plant lover, we turned to the pros. Here, plant experts from The Sill and PlantShed, two New York City–based plant delivery services, share ten gifts any plant enthusiast would adore. (And yes, they’re all plants.)

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The Sill

1. Hoya Heart Plant

“This heart-shaped succulent is an instant charmer,” says Paris Lalicata, customer experience coordinator at The Sill, who is currently working to become certified as an interior horticulture technician. The Hoya heart plant is especially ideal for a more laid-back plant mom or dad, since it requires watering only every three to four weeks. “I have one on my bathroom counter and it makes me smile every morning,” she says.

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The Sill

2. Zygocactus

Nicknamed the “Christmas cactus,” this pick is about as festive as you can get. “The Zygocactus is a favorite holiday succulent known for its late fall to early winter blooms,” Lalicata explains. Given its seasonal nature, you can be pretty sure this is one breed that your plant lover doesn’t already have. Total win. Plus, it’'l add a touch of Christmas cheer perched on their kitchen table. 

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The Sill

3. Calathea Freddie

Shopping for a particularly stylish plant lover? Lalicata recommends this small to medium-sizedplant. “It’s extremely versatile and works with a wide variety of decor styles,” she says. “And the lush green leaves have a beautiful pattern of dark green brushstrokes.” It’s basically the Cadillac of houseplants.

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The Sill

4. Rubber Tree

Gifts for coworkers are usually tricky, but not if you know they love plants. “Rubber trees thrive in offices because they prefer bright to moderate indirect light. Plus, they brighten any desk,” Lalicata notes. We have a feeling this plant will be the talk of the office, thanks to its glossy burgundy leaves and chic pot. Maybe you’ll start a trend.

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The Sill

5. Marimo Moss Ball Kit

According to Lalicata, these have been dubbed “the next pet rock” thanks to their incredibly low-maintenance nature. “I adore these fuzzy little plants,” she raves. They’re fabulous for a plant hoarder who already has more than they know what to do with. (And talk about a conversation starter.) Bonus points if you buy a kit for the kids too; they’ll love looking at it on top of their dresser every morning. 

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The Sill

6. Faux Orchid Phalaenopsis

Not every plant lover has the schedule to care for a bunch of high-maintenance seedlings. “Faux plants are making a big comeback, and these look like the real deal. I’m getting one for a close friend who travels a lot and doesn’t have time to take care of plants anymore,” Lalicata explains. All the beauty of an orchid, without the finicky temperament. Which means it can “live” in any room of the house with ease. What could be better?

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7. Bird’s Nest Fern

“The Bird’s Nest Fern is one of my favorite plants to gift,” says Casey Godlove, the creative director at PlantShed. “They’re a great medium-level plant that all plant enthusiasts would love—and they’re great air purifiers.” Put it in a modern planter, and it’ll double as living room decor.

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The Sill

8. Alocasia Polly

Wanna show that you’re in the know about the latest plant trends (even if you’re kind of clueless)? Get one of these. “Alocasias are having a major moment right now. Their bold, fleshy leaves immediately read tropical and moody—virtually a vacation in a pot,” Godlove says. It’ll go with their perfectly curated modern bedroom decor. 

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9. Staghorn Fern

These are Godlove’s favorite kind of plants to grow. “They’re actually epiphytic, meaning they grow on other trees in their natural environment, similar to air plants and orchids,” he explains. That’s a fun fact that any plant aficionado will appreciate.

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10. Crystal Succulent Garden

If your plant enthusiast is also a frequent Insta Story-er, gift them a crystal succulent garden. “They’re Instagram-worthy and have a truly Zen-like feel,” Godlove attests. Is it bad that we kind of want one for every room in the house?

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