12 of the Best Target Halloween Decorations to Add to Cart Before They’re Sold Out

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If you’re anything like us, September means trading the Fourth of July floats and Memorial day BBQs for some string lights and jack-o’-lantern carvings. And, while candy, cute costumes and trick or treating might be reserved for the kids, the decorations are our domain. If the loud garbage trend has taught us anything, it’s that people are looking to crank up the splashy, flashy energy in 2023. So, from the borderline macabre to the fun and festive, here are 12 of Target’s best Halloween decorations to shop before they go out of stock.

Threshold Beaded Spider Throw Pillow
  • Pros: pillow included, high-quality beading, coffee grey velvet, soft to touch, plush filling, sewn seam closure 
  • Cons: can be machine-washed, spot clean only  

A little boho, a little gothic, this embroidered throw pillow is so cute, we might just keep it on our sofas after the 31st. Its deep brown velvet is adorned with gold embroidered spiders and beaded details that make it come alive. Oh, and did we mention that the pillow is included? 

  • Pros: holds three tall taper candles, heavy and won’t tip over, spikes inside to hold candles in place, quality materials  
  • Cons: doesn’t include candles, some tapered candles are too wide to fit  

Intertwined snakes in an aluminum gold finish coil around each other to form this slithery candelabra. (We think it’s eclectic enough to blend with the rest of your décor.) It holds three standard taper candles in of each snake’s mouth—and the inside includes spikes to keep them in place. It’s also heavier than it looks, according to reviewers, so it won’t tip over when propped on your side table.  

  • Pros: unique pumpkin-orange finish, life-like size, well-made and lasts multiple seasons, posable limbs are easy to move, screws can be tightened if joints become loose  
  • Cons: head is smaller than the body  

The one outdoor accessory reviewers say you need (and that’s sure to sell out before the festivities begin)? This posable pumpkin skeleton. Not only is it finished in the perfect shade of pumpkin orange, but it features completely adjustable arms and legs that you can arrange in an infinite number of ways. It can also be used indoors or out—and the life-like, 60-inch build is sure to make an impact with trick-or-treaters.  

  • Pros: texture etched into the design, thick glass is sturdy and solid, can hold a tea light on the inside  
  • Cons: small, 5-inches tall 

With a distressed black finish and custom-etched details, reviewers say this glass pumpkin looks way more expensive than it is. And aside from its festively high-end design, they also love it because it has a hollow center, so you can place a tea light in there for an eerie glow.  

  • Pros: high-quality materials, can be used outside, substantial weight that won’t blow away, head can be turned and tilted  
  • Cons: small, more of a tabletop prop 

Built with realistic bone details, this spooky play on a Frenchie features an ivory skeleton base that’s equal parts cute and creepy. The head can also be turned and tilted to look out the window—and while it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the petite 11-inch size makes it the perfect prop for a dining table or entryway.  

  • Pros: vase is small enough to accessorize anywhere in the home, branches can be combined with real florals for a festive mix, vessel can be re-purposed around the home 
  • Cons: not many branches included   

Here, an edgy floral arrangement for anyone who’s looking to add some *drama* to an entryway console or coffee table. The black faux branches are adorned with pods for a realistic touch, and it even comes in a ceramic container—and you can even re-purpose the vessel with more lively florals, just in time for Thanksgiving. It’s also worth mentioning that the six-inch width makes it a great tabletop accessory that won’t overwhelm the space.  

  • Pros: metal keeps posable arms and legs in place, can be used with real or faux pumpkins, easy to adjust in various positions  
  • Cons: prone to rusting, foam might split after time  

We’re not sure if this will draw the trick-or-treaters in or send them running for the hills, but there’s only one way to find out. The four-piece set features two arms and two legs, each with prongs for easy attachment to real or faux pumpkins. Plus, the malleable wire frame allows you to bend at the knuckles, wrists, and knees, so you can arrange your pumpkin in all kinds of positions. 

  • Pros: infused with bonfire and patchouli notes, 80 hours of burn time, substantial weight, quality materials 
  • Cons: scent may be more subtle than strong  

Naturally, we love how this cauldron candle is an understated accessory that you can display virtually anywhere in the home. But what we love even more than its witch-inspired vessel? The fact that it’s infused with bonfire and patchouli notes, so it can also create a calming atmosphere. The blend of palm wax and paraffin wax also offers approximately 80 hours of burn time, meaning feel free to light this guy up for the entire month of October.

  • Pros: animation that speaks to you, lights up, batteries included, not too small, easy to hang  
  • Cons: no motion sensors 

The best prop for trick-or-treaters on this list? A jack-o-lantern doorbell that comes to life. It's super easy to hang on your front door, and when you ring it, it lights up with speakers that output various sayings. And of course, it’s designed with sturdiness and outdoor use in mind, so no need to worry about bringing this guy inside if the weather acts up.  

  • Pros: suitable for outdoor use, can be layered or draped on its own, large enough to fit across a mantle, sheer fabric makes a substantial impact  
  • Cons: delicate and rips easily  

Here, a versatile cloth prop that creates an instantly creepy vibe. Its mesh fabric is lightweight, making it effortlessly manageable and moldable, and it’s soft to the touch (unlike cheaper options from big box stores). It can also be used outside, so it’s perfect for covering doors, windows, trees and stairways—and its nine-foot width is guaranteed to cover your entire mantle. 

  • Pros: easy to tie around a tree, well made and holds up in inclement weather, can be used indoors or outdoors  
  • Cons: might need extension ties for larger trees 

A wicked-inspired witch with a black costume, orange hair, and purple heels…say less (we’re ready to buy two of her). You can use the prop indoors or out, and she’s super easy to tie around a tree with straps on her arms, legs and head. Plus, many reviewers rave over its durability, where some people have noted that it lasts for years—even through rainstorms and super windy nights.  

  • Pros: good size and bold color, affordable, holds up over multiple seasons, well-made 
  • Cons: legs are prone to breaking  

This plush spider is adorned with sparkly eyes and large spiny legs that can be moved in any position—all atop a 50-inch frame that’s hard to miss. The bold color scheme and playful details, including hair accents and iridescent eyes, can be showcased indoors or out (but we recommend putting this guy on front-door display to make all your neighbors jealous).  

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