We recently got another sneak peek—albeit a very small one—into the new Santa Barbara, California, home of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. And while most of us were focused on that gorgeous fireplace (and, you know, her conversation with the women of the U.K. charity Smart Works about the difficulties and challenges working women face), one eagle-eyed fan at Harper’s Bazaar had their eyes trained on the sliver of artwork positioned above said fireplace.

As it turns out, the art in question is a vintage print of a bear hugging the state of California and is actually the cover for the sheet music to the state’s regional anthem, “I Love You, California.” It’s a very fitting piece given the couple’s recent relocation from England to Markle’s home state.

While we weren’t able to track down an exact copy of Markle’s framed print, we were able to find a few affordable variations of the design if you we’re hoping to add a little royal-approved touch to your home. Here, four California-loving pieces of art to shop.

1. Framed Art Print

This framed version (available in six different sizes with eight frame options) includes a verse from the song below the bear.

Buy it (starting from $50; $35)

2. Minimalist Unframed Print

Available in two sizes, this pared down version of the print gets right to the heart of the original artwork.

$15 at Amazon

3. Blue Floral Print

A more colorful take on the original.

Buy it ($23)

4. A Vintage Variation

This petal-adorned take on the bear hug (they’re actually California Poppies, the official state flower) includes additional information about the song, namely that the words were written by Francis Beatty Silverwood and the music composed by Abraham Franklin Frankenstein.

Buy it (from $13)

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