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If you’ve already binge-watched Tidying up with Marie Kondo and Get Organized with The Home Edit, you’ve come to the right place.

To ease the dreaded spring-cleaning process, Marie Kondo just released an all-new line with The Container Store. The collection consists of home, kitchen, desk and other organization essentials that will give your junk drawer a run for its money.

Keep scrolling for must-have items we’ve already added to our cart.

1. Marie Kondo Stacking Slatted Wood Shoe Shelf

Whether it’s for your closet or your entryway, your shoes won’t know what hit them.

Buy it ($40)

2. Marie Kondo Kitchen Spice & Accessory Drawer Organizers Solution

The starter kit includes: a two-tier flatware and utensil tray, an in-drawer spice organizer and a diagonal in-drawer organizer.

Buy it ($120)

3. Marie Kondo Ori Rattan Honey Natural Oversized Curved Bin

This woven bin is ideal for towels, blankets and pillows.

Buy it ($90)

4. Marie Kondo Shoji Bamboo Desktop Organizer

Think of it as a WFH must-have.

Buy it ($35)

5. Marie Kondo Wheat Yellow Kawaii Cotton Rope Bin

It comes in multiple different colors, including yellow (pictured above), brown, indigo and pink.

Buy it ($20)

6. Marie Kondo Calm Hikidashi Medium Organizer Boxes

An eight-piece set that can be used for drawer or shelf organization.

Buy it ($40)

7. Marie Kondo Bamboo Non-Slip Hangers (Case of 20)

Bamboo? Check. Non-slip grips? Check. Need we say more?

Buy it ($40)

The Container Store

8. Marie Kondo Ceramic & Bamboo Egg Bin

The bamboo shaped insert holds up to a dozen eggs at attention, attractively, to salute you every time you open the fridge.

Buy It ($30)

The Container Store

9. Marie Kondo Narrow In-Drawer Knife Organizer

The KonMari Method teaches that countertops should be kept clear, and this provides an orderly and safe way to store knives and miscellaneous utensils inside a drawer, where they won't go rolling around every time you reach for an item.

Buy It ($40)

The Container Story

10. Marie Kondo Clarity Hikidashi Small Organizer Boxes Pkg/14

We feel calmer just looking at these little boxes and imagining how perfectly they are going to fit our paper clips, stamps, cords and all the other items currently jumbled in our desk drawer.

Buy It ($40)

The Container Store

11. Marie Kondo Shoji Bamboo Bin

At 16 by 12 inches, this bin perches on even narrow shelves, eliminating piles of messy linens or accessories. The sustainable bamboo lattice bins are lined with a removable laminated poly-cotton liner that wipes clean.

Buy It ($40)

The Container Store

12. Marie Kondo Cloud White Serene Matte Metal Accessory Hanger

The best $4 self-care item to buy right now is this elegant little hook for belts, scarves and other slippery accessories that you're always finding on the floor of your closet.

Buy It ($4)

The Container Store

13. Marie Kondo Bamboo Drawer Dividers Set of 2

Kondo recommends installing these dividers, which expand to fit most basic dresser drawers, to divide long-sleeved shirts on the right, and t-shirts on the left, "so finding favorites becomes joyfully easy." (We'd be happy with less of a frustrating mess, so sounds great.)

Buy It ($35)

The Container Store

14. Marie Kondo Shoji Bamboo Collator

Put this little sustainable bamboo organizer by your front door to place mail and periodicals in right when you walk in the door and ... boom! Just like that, no more misplaced letters or catalogues you meant to go through.

Buy It ($40)

The Container Store

15. Marie Kondo Calm Paper Drawers

Pro tip: Buy multiples, stuff them with all of your important papers, craft supplies and bills you have to pay, then stack them on your desk or in your closet.

Buy It ($28)

The Container Store

16. Marie Kondo Ori Rattan Multi-Purpose File

Marie Kondo says, “paper needs to be stored vertically - period!” We'll use this desktop file from Kondo's rattan collection to store essential work-from-home papers, as well as letter-size loose documents and notebooks.

Buy It ($30)

The Container Store

17. Marie Kondo Ori Rattan Kocha Brown Curved Bins

Get everyone in your family their own cute little bathroom basket with toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and miscellaneous toiletries and keep them organized under the sink. That way, nothing gets misplaced or "borrowed."

Buy It ($30)

The Container Store

18. Large Ceramic Refrigerator Bin Cloud White

Live more elegantly by using ceramic refrigerator bins with bamboo tops instead of mis-matched plastic food storage containers. (In our experience, these cool containers even make reheated brussels sprouts seem appealing.)

Buy It ($17)

The Container Store

19. Marie Kondo Letter-Size Kawaii Pouches (Package of 5)

Someday, you'll say to your child: "Remember when I taught you how to keep your trading cards, beads and other little toys safe in those little pouches? And how nice it was to always know right where you put them?" And your kid will say back to you: "I love you, Mommy."

Buy It ($12)

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