35 Harry Potter Gifts That Are Pure Magic

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The impact that the Harry Potter books and films have had on pop culture is undeniable. And with the worldwide recognition comes a lot of memorabilia to choose from, so we’re not surprised if you’ve found yourself stuck on what to gift the bonafide Potterhead in your life this holiday season. And that’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of 35 Harry Potter gifts that are pure magic. From journals to throws to fancy kitchenware and even candles, there’s sure to be one present that will put a smile on their face.

8 Cool and Unique Gifts Anyone on Your List Will Love

harry potter gifts paperback box set

1. harry Potter Paperback Box Set

Best for recapping the entire series

Sure, you’ve watched the movies a thousand times, but how about going back to the basics and reading the entire series again. Pick up on all those character nuances and scenes that were cut for time in the films and bring back that feeling of glee you had when you were reading the books for the first time. (P.S. There’s also a fancy hardcover trunk set available if the paperback doesn’t cut it.)

harry potter gifts harry potter shaker bottle pro

2. blenderbottle Harry Potter Shaker Bottle Pro

Best for the fitness fanatic

The perfect companion for a magical workout, you can choose several designs—from the classic bolt and sunglasses to the deathly hallows and of course, the four Hogwarts houses.

harry potter gifts i solemnly swear cutting board

3. i Solemnly Swear Cutting Board

Best for cook in your family

Great for chopping up those veggies before brewing a cauldron pot of soup.

harry potter gifts leather journal1

4. leather Journal

Best for the dedicated diarist

You can rest easy knowing that this particular journal won’t use your deepest curiosities to unleash a great horror on your loved ones. Pick from snitch or phoenix designs.

harry potter gifts trunk storage

5. trunk Storage

Best for decorative storage

Recommended for storing old sweaters or throws. (Not recommended for kidnapping a notable professor so you can conspire to bring the Dark Lord to life.)

harry potter gifts 6 harry potter woven tapestry throw blanket

6. harry Potter Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket

Best for subtly accenting your living room

A light throw to prop over your feet while the bingeing the film series.

harry potter gifts paladone store harry potter golden snitch light

7. paladone Store Harry Potter Golden Snitch Light

Best for the home office

Drive the darkness away with this desk lamp that’ll remind you of the wizarding world’s most popular game. It’s USB powered and all you need to do is tap to turn it on. The outer casing is also made with breakdown plastic (BDP) which means this whimsical gift is also good for the landfills.

harry potter gifts lego harry potter and hermione granger

8. lego Harry Potter And Hermione Granger

Best for keeping the kiddos occupied

The perfect gift for keeping those 10-years-old busy while you tend to some chores around the house. Not only can they build the 10-inch LEGO models, but the figures also have movable hand, leg and knee joints (plus a rotatable head for Harry).

harry potter gifts harry potter dobby pillow buddy

9. harry Potter Dobby Pillow Buddy

Best cuddle buddy

A nifty little companion to help protect your little humans from night terrors.

harry potter gifts bioworld hogwarts gryffindor faux leather mini backpack

10. bioworld Harry Potter Hogwarts Gryffindor Faux Leather Mini Backpack

Best for anyone going to back to Hogwarts, or regular school

For the chic, posh Gryffindor in your life.

harry potter gifts harry potter baby onesies

11. warner Bros. Harry Potter Baby Onesies

Best for new parents

For sorting your baby into their Hogwarts house like the TikTok-ers.

harry potter gifts harry potter juniors hogwarts castle jogger pajama set

12. intimo Harry Potter Juniors' Hogwarts Castle Jogger Pajama Set

Best for that cool teen

For your teenage niece who’s really into Harry Potter right now.

harry potter gifts howling hilarity for hufflepuff

13. the Unofficial Harry Potter Joke Book: Howling Hilarity For Hufflepuff

Best for bringing the laughs

Because the house of Helga Hufflepuff is way too underrated.

harry potter gifts ravenclaw puzzle

14. harry Potter House Ravenclaw 150 Piece Micro Jigsaw Puzzle

Best for passing time

Make the ghost of Rowena Ravenclaw proud by showing off your uncontested wit when you put this mega puzzle together swiftly.

harry potter gifts hooded plush fleece robe

15. intimo Harry Potter Juniors' Striped Ruffle Hooded Plush Fleece Robe

Best for lounging around the house

Rep your house as you lounge around in this cozy plush robe. BTW, it’s not just cool because of the colors, the robe also features the house crest on the left breast.

harry potter gifts slytherin coloring book

16. harry Potter: Slytherin House Pride: The Official Coloring Book

Best for the toddler learning colors

Slytherins may not be our favorite Hogwarts mates, but we can still admit those green, silver and black house colors are striking. Gift this nifty coloring book to that one nephew who’s just learning their colors (and would make a resourceful Slytherin like you).

harry potter gifts heat reveal ceramic coffee mug

17. Underground Toys Harry Potter Slytherin Heat Reveal Ceramic Coffee Mug

Best coffee mug

Pour your favorite hot beverage—hot cocoa, tea, coffee or butterbeer—and watch this magical mug transform from plain to a full-blown artifact boasting a sorting hat on one side and the house Slytherin crest on the other side. (P.S. This is a ceramic mug, so it’s as good for the microwave as Seamus was good at Transfiguration, aka not good.)

harry potter gifts hedwig advent calendar socks

18. women's Harry Potter 15 Days Of Socks Advent Calendar

Best advent calendar

Countdown to Christmas with this advent gift that keeps on giving. This pack consists of 15 socks, each with an array of Harry Potter-themed graphics. There are seven pairs of crew socks and eight pairs of low-cut socks so you can carry a little bit of magic no matter what shoe you’re wearing.

harry potter gifts unofficial harry potter cookbook

19. the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Best for some Hogwarts-inspired meals

Sure, this book may not have the official stamp approval from Warner Bros. or J.K. Rowling, but you can totally trust this New York Times Best Seller to enchant you and your loved ones with delightful recipes for each meal. We’re talking big fluffy pancakes for breakfast, Kreacher’s French onion soup for lunch, a nice Molly meat pie for dinner, topped off by a yummy treacle pudding for dessert. Forks at the ready!

harry potter gifts personalized wizard best friends mug

20. personalized Wizard Best Friends Mug

Best for you and your BFF

For the George to your Fred Weasley.

harry potter gifts le creuset dutch oven
Williams Sonoma

21. le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Harry Potter Round Dutch Oven

Best luxury gift item

If you’re looking to splurge, this to-die-for Dutch oven is the way to go. It’s part of an exclusive cookware collaboration between Le Creuset and the renowned franchise. The Dutch oven features a brass lightning-bolt knob inspired by Harry's iconic scar and offers exceptional heat retention for everything from slow-cooking and braising to roasting, baking, frying and everything in between. (BRB working on a spell to get this one under our tree stat!)

harry potter gifts instant pot1
Williams Sonoma

22. instant Pot 6-qt Duo Plus Harry Potter

Best multi-purpose gift

Perfect for when you need a quick meal, but you’re all out of spells. This instant pot can do it all—it’s a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté pan, food warmer, sous vide and baby bottle sterilizer for those with little goblins in the home.

harry potter gifts silicone candy molds
Wiiliams Sonoma

23. harry Potter Silicone Candy Molds

Best for making sweet treats

Thanks to these molds, you can curb your sweet tooth by conjuring some delicious treats shaped like some of your favorite Harry Potter trinkets. We can’t promise your confections will be worthy of Honeydukes, but hey, chocolate is chocolate right?

harry potter gifts wizard school shower curtain

24. allenjoy Magic Castle Witch Wizard School Shower Curtain

Best for adding a subtle touch

Buy this for the baby Potterhead in your family. Maybe they won’t appreciate the Dutch oven or leather backpack just yet, but this shower curtain is a nice induction into Potter fandom.

harry potter gifts handmade wall clock1

25. magic Wall Clocks For Harry Potter's Fans Hogwarts Handmade Wall Clock

Best for keeping time

It won’t keep track of all your family members like Molly Weasley’s, but it’ll definitely add some unique décor to your living room or office space.

harry potter gifts charmed aroma golden snitch candle

26. charmed Aroma Harry Potter Golden Snitch Candle

Coolest gift

Charm your significant other with this candle that also comes with a secret necklace. Simply light the candle, enjoy the champagne shimmer fragrance, then once the candle melts, find either a golden snitch, Nimbus or glasses with thunderbolt necklace inside. It’s like finding the locket Horcrux, only less, ya know, life-threatening.

harry potter gifts heated activated marauders map

27. heat-activated Marauders Map Face Mask

Best for the elementary school teacher in your life

Gift this to your bestie who teaches second grade and help her mystify her students’ little brains. This face mask is painted with a thermochromic pigment to reveal the fabric underneath with just the heat of your breath. In other words, the more you breathe, the more the Marauders map comes to life. Just like magic!

harry potter gifts harry potter hogwarts crest doormat

28. qmx Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Doormat

Best for letting guests know you’re a Potterhead from the jump

Some people have those, “In this house we will serve the Lord,” doormats on their porches, we strongly believe every Potterhead should have this Hogwarts crest doormat instead.

harry potter gifts hogwarts house scarf and beanie set

29. bioworld Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Knit Scarf And Pom Beanie Set

Best for a little nostalgia

Remember when it was 2010 and all you had to show the world that you’re truly dedicated to the Potterworld was by wearing your house scarf? Bring back the OG way of showing allegiance by purchasing one of these colorful scarfs and fortify your solidarity with the accompanying beanie.

harry potter gifts hasbro gaming trivial pursuit

30. hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition

Best for game night

Invite your friends over for a boozy game night with this extensive trivia game that’ll separate the book readers from the movie watchers. The game features 600 questions from six categories—The Dark Arts, Hogwarts, Magical Spells and Potions, Magical Objects, Magical People, Animals and Magical Creatures—and the first one to collect six cards (answer 12 questions correctly) wins.

harry potter gifts magical boozy coasters

31. hp Magical Boozy Spell Coasters

Best for keeping your tables scot free

To go with that boozy trivia night. Those drink rings won’t magically wipe themselves now, will they?

harry potter gifts hogwarts crest dog bandana

32. Graphics And More Harry Potter Illustrated Hogwarts Crest Dog Pet Bandana

For the pet mom

Sure, little Fluffy behaves worse that Peeves when he has the zoomies, but that doesn’t mean we don’t spoil him this Christmas. Include him in the festivities with this little bandana embellished with the Hogwarts crest.

harry potter gifts wizard chess set

33. the Noble Collection Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Best for a quiet date night

Similar to the set at the end of Philosopher’s Stone, but with less destruction.

harry potter gifts wizarding world of harry potter

34. tickets To The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Best for an immersive experience

Nothing says, “I love you,” like a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida. With a park-to-park ticket, annual pass, or seasonal pass you and your loved one can board the Hogwarts Express, travel between both lands of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Florida and Hogsmeade in Universal's Islands of Adventure.

harry potter gifts harry potter store
Harry Potter NY/Instagram

35. a Trip To The Harry Potter Store

Best for letting them choose their own gift

You could spend hours scouring this list for the absolute best gift or you can simply take your loved one to the newly launched Harry Potter store in New York and have them choose for themselves. They can pick from the store’s wand collection, selection of House sweaters, and get a treat from the Butterbeer bar. The best part? Entrance into the store is free!

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