This year, it seems neutrals are in—one of Pantone’s 2021 Colors of the Year was the practical Ultimate Grey, while the subtle Japandi design movement is all about muted shades and earthy tones. However, if you’re all about bright, bold colors, it’s understandable why you’d think going toward subtle hues is completely boring. But that’s probably because you haven’t met greige yet.

Greige is, pretty simply, a combination of beige and grey. And while it may not be the first color you think of when you’re choosing an option for your home, there’s something remarkably chic about an option that can serve as a warm and cool neutral, depending on the percentages of colors combined. Greige can work to create a calming effect in a bedroom, as well as an uplifting option for an office—you just have to know which one to pick. Below, check out the top 10 greige paint colors to play around with, in order to find your forever hue. You’ll never look at neutrals in the same way again.

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Benjamin Moore

1. Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige HC-80

Best for: hallways and entryways

“I love this color,” says Arianna Cesa, Color Marketing & Development Specialist at Benjamin Moore. “It is a versatile mid-tone that leans warmer and works well in many styles and settings.” Cessa suggests layering it with darker and lighter neutrals for additional contrast and depth. “Transitional spaces, like hallways and entryways, are a great place to use neutrals and beiges, because they often connect multiple rooms in a home,” she adds. This allows you to bring in more color in the connecting rooms, because they’ll play off of the more versatile shades of greige.

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2. Benjamin Moore Moon Shadow 1516

Best for: sunrooms and porches

“This shade has a subtle wink of green to it, so it leans slightly more greige, particularly in cooler lighting,” adds Cesa. “Bring in texture with woven textiles, wicker and wood accessories to really play into the earthy nature of this welcoming color. The soft green undertone allows you to bring the outdoors in and works great in sunrooms and enclosed porches.” Essentially, you’d be able to use this color in areas where you’d get a lot of sun, since that’ll allow the cooler undertones to really shine.



3. Benjamin Moore Northampton Putty HC-89

Best for: accent walls

“A warm mid-tone, Northampton Putty HC-89 is a beautiful option to consider for a richer, cozier approach to beige and grey,” says Cesa. “Beiges are often overlooked as options for accent walls, but they pair great with warm, white-painted walls as shown here. It offers a warm welcome and is versatile enough to allow you to change out accessories with ease.” This color is essentially the perfect balance between the two hues, and you’re able to combine it with other neutrals to create a neutral trifecta.


4. Sherwin-Williams Bona Fide Beige SW 6065

Best for: home offices

“Bona Fide Beige is a warm, calming neutral,” says Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “This is beige brought into a new era. It goes with almost any decor and has just enough softness to channel a feeling of focused Zen in a living room and even a home office.” Since this beigey shade is more on the dark side, it can totally work as an accent wall, or in a large space with all-white furniture. You can layer a bunch of neutrals on top of one another, and still have it look chic.

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5. Sherwin-Williams Shiitake SW 9173

Best for: dining rooms

“Shiitake is one of my absolute favorite beiges,” says Wadden. “The color works beautifully in more modern spaces and creates a meditative, calming feel. I love how it looks in a modern dining room, when paired with light blue accents and light wood tones.” Since this shade is on the cooler side, pairing it with similar shades can help bring those undertones out. In addition, blues will enhance the grey in the shade, while wood accents the beige, allowing for both aspects of the color to really pop.



6. Sherwin-Williams Accessible Beige SW 7036

Best for: open-concept spaces

“This is one of our most popular colors and one of my favorite neutrals all-around,” says Wadden. “Warmer neutrals like this are really important right now, because from a psychological perspective, warmer hues tend to create a cozier environment and spaces that feel like a sanctuary.” If you layer in soft textures, you can use this shade to create a cocooning, relaxing space that isn’t too dark. It works especially well in bedrooms and open-concept spaces. (Dark wood floors? This is the paint color for you, particularly if you love the rustic look.)



7. Behr Loft Light MQ3-09

Best for: bathrooms

“Soothing cool tones in gray are contemplative, yet grounding,” says Erika Woelfel, Vice President, Color & Creative Services at Behr. “This shade is a light warm beige with a slight clay undertone, and the warmness of it allows it to be best used in a bathroom.” Essentially, this is the color that will go with something a bit more modern, so think steel tiles, marble floors, and large windows. The shade’s warmth helps soften those harsh finishes.



8. Behr Almond Wisp PPU5-12

Best for: living rooms

“This is one of the most versatile colors we have,” raves Woelfel. “It has a cozy, cool undertone, and I suggest people use it in the living room.” This is because a living room is usually one that needs to cater to several different people, including all the members of the household and their guests, and you’ll probably change up the furniture and accessories on a regular basis. This neutral can grow with the room, while still providing a comforting haven to come home to.



9. Behr High Style Beige N270-1

Best for: kitchens

“A sophisticated neutral with a golden undertone, this warm shade is best used in the kitchen,” says Woelfel. “It’ll work extremely well with the metal and steel appliances, but it’ll also be the perfect space for tons of natural light to shine through.” In addition, it’s subtle enough for you to either go totally all out with pattern, but statement-making enough for you to try heavier neutrals on top if you so desire.


10. Behr Aged Beige PPU7-9

Best for: bedrooms

“Aged Beige is a popular beige with a calm gray undertone,” says Woelfel, who suggests that the cool undertone provides a sleepy vibe, allowing it to be best used in the bedroom. Think crisp whites to provide some more warmth and be prepared to snooze right into dreamland.


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