16 Full-Sun Shrubs That Will Thrive in Even the Brightest Parts of Your Lawn

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If you’re blessed with a bright, sunny yard, you’re in luck—many beautiful shrubs love full sun, which is considered 6 or more hours of direct sunlight per day. Evergreen shrubs offer year-round interest, while flowering shrubs attract pollinators and provide food and shelter to wildlife. And all shrubs offer structure and form to your garden so it feels more defined as an outdoor room. Plus, shrubs live for years and years if they have the right conditions, so they’re a great long-term investment for your garden. What’s not to love?

When shopping, read the plant tag or description to check if the shrub will survive winters in your USDA Hardiness zone (find yours here). You’ll also want to consider the shrub’s mature size, and plant it where it has space to grow. It might not look like much now in its quart or gallon-sized pot, but you don’t want to create a maintenance nightmare in a few years because it’s crowding other plants or covering up windows.

When it’s time to plant your new shrub, dig a hole about two to three times the size of the root ball. Remove the shrub from its pot or burlap, and rough up the root ball a bit with your gloved hand. Then place it in ground at the same level it was in the container. Replace the soil in the hole and tamp down to remove air pockets, then water well. Finally, add a layer of mulch 2 to 3 inches thick (but not right up against the stems, which will invite pests and disease) to help retain moisture and keep down weeds.

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Here are our favorite full-sun shrubs:

full sun shrubs butterfly bush
Jacky Parker Photography/Getty Images

1. Butterfly Bush

  • Why We Love It: Lots of blooms that pollinators love all season long

This shrub has pretty spikes of purple, pink or white blooms, and new varieties are more compact and not invasive. Plant in a mixed border or as an accent.

full sun shrubs forsythia
Moelyn Photos/Getty Images

2. Forsythia

  • Why We Love It: Early season blooms herald the arrival of spring

The bright yellow blooms of this shrub appear before the foliage in early spring. It’s now available in more petite sizes so it won’t become overgrown like older varieties.

full sun shrubs juniper
oxygen/Getty Images

3. Juniper

  • Why We Love It: Evergreen that’s available in both low-growing and upright types

Junipers are hardy evergreens with attractive, textured foliage. Depending on the variety, they make great groundcovers, hedges or accent plants.

full sun shrubs ninebark
apugach/Getty images

4. Ninebark

  • Why We Love It: Elegant arching branches, spring flowers, attracts pollinators

This native shrub is a beautiful addition to the landscape. It has a graceful form and green, burgundy or rust-colored foliage. Fragrant white or pink spring flowers attract pollinators. Look for new, smaller varieties that won’t take over your garden.

full sun shrubs weigela
Feifei Cui-Paoluzzo/Getty Images

5. Weigela

  • Why We Love It: Pretty, tube-shaped flowers that attract pollinators

Weigela has beautiful green or burgundy foliage with pretty pink flowers. It’s also deer-resistant, so it’s a great option if Bambi is a regular visitor to your garden.

full sun shrubs hydrangea
pcturner71/Getty Images

6. Hydrangea

  • Why We Love It: Huge variety and three-season interest with papery flowers in many different shapes

Hydrangeas grow in almost every climate, and they need sun to bloom well; in warm climates, however, some types do best with a little afternoon shade. Read the tag to know the mature size because there are tons and tons of new varieties.

full sun shrubs dappled willow
Martina Simonazzi/Getty Images

7. Dappled Willow

  • Why We Love It: Fast-growing shrub with lovely pink and white leaf variegation

Dappled willows make a colorful border or accent plant. Although they like moisture, they’ll adapt fine to drier conditions, too. It’s a fast-grower, so pruning will keep it shape as well as reveal the most colorful foliage, which is most apparent on new growth.

full sun shrubs potentilla
Zen Rial/Getty Images

8. Potentilla

  • Why We Love It: Sturdy, reliable bloomer with season-long color

Potentilla is extremely cold hardy and deer resistant. Its cheery pink, white or yellow blooms appear from late spring to first frost, so they’re one of the longest-blooming shrubs for your garden. It’s a good foundation planting or low hedge.

full sun shrubs hibiscus
Simon McGill/Getty Images

9. Hibiscus

  • Why We Love It: Tropical flair with big, bold blooms in bright colors

This shrub has the most amazing, bold blooms that will steal the show in your garden. The tropical flair adds special interest to pots on decks or patios, too.

full sun shrubs spirea
Catherine McQueen/Getty Images

10. Spirea

  • Why We Love It: Sturdy shrub with attractive foliage in shades of green or chartreuse

Spirea is a hardy, deer-resistant shrub to use as a hedge or accent plant. It’s one of the toughest shrubs you’ll ever grow. New varieties rebloom throughout the season and have colorful new growth.

full sun shrubs koreanspice viburnum
Jennifer McClure/Getty Images

11. Koreanspice Viburnum

  • Why We Love It: Clusters of waxy, fragrant flowers in spring

This viburnum has pretty, super-fragrant spring flowers and is deer resistant. It makes a stunning flowering hedge or accent plant. New varieties are more compact so they fit in smaller spaces.

full sun shrubs rose of sharon
matunka/Getty Images

12. Rose Of Sharon

  • Why We Love It: Starts blooming when the rest of your garden begins to fade

Rose of Sharon comes in array of pretty colors and sizes, attracts pollinators and adds late summer color to your garden. Look for new varieties, which can have a more compact size or columnar shape.

full sun shrubs false cypress
Ralf Liebhold/Getty Images

13. False Cypress

  • Why We Love It: Evergreen shrub in colors ranging from chartreuse to yellow

False cypress comes in many different sizes and forms, from upright to low-growing. (Low-growing types are ideal as foundation plantings or to line walkways, while upright types make nice accent plants.) Its attractive, delicate foliage ranges from pale green to bright yellow.

full sun shrubs lilac
Elena Popova/Getty Images

14. Lilac

  • Why We Love It: long-lasting, fragrant spring flowers

When it comes to getting serious bang for your buck, look to lilacs—they can live for decades. They bloom in late spring with a sweet, delicate scent and lovely purple, white or pink flower spikes with glossy green leaves. (Psst: Search for new reblooming and more compact varieties. They make a great accent or flowering hedge.)

full sun shrubs shrub rose
Yulia Shaihudinova/Getty Images

15. Shrub Rose

  • Why We Love It: Easy-to-grow, blooms from spring to frost

Believe it or not, shrub roses are pretty much indestructible and provide long-season color. New varieties are more disease and pest resistant and come in a rainbow of gorgeous colors and sizes.

full sun shrubs arborvitae
MaYcaL/Getty Images

16. Arborvitae

  • Why We Love It: Hardy evergreen shrub, comes in wide range of sizes and shapes

Arbs are some of the most adaptable, easy-to-grow evergreens around. Round varieties are especially alluring and maintain their shape with no pruning. Dwarf varieties max out at a foot or two tall and wide, so they make great foundation plantings.