22 Removable Fall Wallpaper Styles for Your Coziest Season Yet

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Now that you've pulled out all of your sweaters from the dregs of your closet, gorged yourself on all the pumpkin and apple spice beverages you could get your hands on and displayed your favorite seasonal decorations, there's one more step to officially greet fall in style: Making your home extra cozy, of course! Lest you go wild and drain your life savings, however, allow us to turn your attention to one of the quickest, easiest and most affordable ways to experiment with your décor: removable fall wallpaper. Whether you’re creating an accent wall, adding some flair to an old cabinet or redoing your whole space, with the right option, you can completely change the look of a room. That's mighty good news, since you’ll likely be spending more time indoors as the temperatures drop—you might as well have some walls you’ll love looking at!

Most removable wallpaper is stick-and-peel, meaning it works kind of like a giant sticker, albeit slightly more complicated. Special adhesive is lacquered onto the back that won't leave behind any residue, so you won’t need any additional glue, and it won’t ruin your walls. That means you can put it up and take it down easily (a trait that comes in handy if you’re a renter or aren’t super handy around the house), and, should you change your mind when winter rolls around, you can always replace it with something new.

How to Apply Removable Wallpaper

While you'll want to read the specific instructions for your removable wallpaper before going to town on your walls, in general, most need to be applied to clean, smooth surfaces, lest you want bubbles or bumps, so it's a good idea to wash your walls first. You'll also want to remove any outlets or electrical plugins. From there, you can follow the steps below for the best results.

  • Measure your wall or surface: Some removable wallpapers come in panels and others come in rolls, so you’ll need to do some basic math to figure out just how much you'll need to buy to fully cover your intended papering surface. You'll likely want to order more than you need to give yourself a little buffer.

  • Gather your tools: Before you begin, you'll want to round up a ladder or step stool, a pencil, a ruler, a level (FYI the iPhone has a built-in level feature), a craft/utility knife, a smoothing tool, your wallpaper and some patience.

  • Measure your wallpaper: A few rough calculations should tell you how many panels or how large of a pieces to cut (this is where the knife comes in) to cover the intended space. The Home Depot recommends using a ruler to measure how wide your wallpaper panel is and then using a pencil to lightly mark a vertical line in that spot on the wall, starting from the left side. From there, you can cut a piece of wallpaper that's as tall as the surface you're about to cover. If you’re using a patterned wallpaper, you'll also want to check to see how the panels line up.

  • Peel away part of the backing: Don’t peel away the whole thing otherwise you’re going to be trying to wrangle a very large sticker! Carefully line it up with the line you drew.

  • Smooth it out: Starting from the top, smooth the wallpaper down along the wall to remove any bubbles or creases, removing the backing as you go. Go slowly, so if you notice you’re slightly off, you can adjust the piece before the whole thing gets stuck on.

  • Repeat: Line your next piece up with the first one, continuing on adding pieces to the right until you are finished. If you run into a window or doorframe, smooth the wallpaper over it and use the knife to carefully cut and remove the excess.

  • Admire: Sit back and enjoy your handiwork!

The hardest thing about buying removable fall wallpaper will be deciding what colors, patterns and style you want to have on display. Check out 22 of our favorite designs below.

Where to Buy Removable Fall Wallpaper

You can find this quick makeover tool in most home stores, including The Home Depot, Wayfair and Walmart. You can also find it in spades at craft site Etsy or mega-retailer Amazon.

The Best Removable Fall Wallpaper at a Glance

removable wallpaper white

1. Embossed Removable Wallpaper

Best embossed wallpaper

This embossed pattern is more than meets the eye. From far away, your walls will have a nice, solid color but up close you’ll notice the intricate details for a nice surprise. According to the company, it's created with a special process that makes its pores less susceptible to air—just try not to run your hands over it. Customers say the pattern hides seams well and holds up well over time, too.

removable wallpaper palm

2. Tempaper Pink Botanical Havana Palm Removable Wallpaper

Best tropical wallpaper

When fall's chill starts to set in, let yourself escape to a tropical paradise thanks this dreamy island design. With pastel pink, lush palm and banana leaves, this wallpaper will make you want to plan your next beach vacation—or at the very least throw some sunglasses on and sip on a fruity cocktail. It's made with nontoxic materials and can reportedly withstand the steam and moisture from your shower, making it a primo bathroom pick.

removable wallpaper brick

3. Nuwallpaper Brick Removable Wallpaper

Best brick wallpaper

Whether you’re looking to create an accent wall or surround yourself with an exposed brick aesthetic, this wallpaper will give you an industrial look without tearing down any drywall. It's got distressed accents to give it an authentic feel, plus, it’s not as cold as actual brick (though reviewers say it doesn't hold up the best in ultra-cold climates). It can also be a little difficult to match between rolls, so you may want a little extra leveling help when applying it.

removable wallpaper constellations

4. Tempaper Constellations Removable Wallpaper

Best star wallpaper

Transport yourself into the galaxy with this constellation-themed wallpaper from design duo The Novogratz. Not only is its starry pattern perfect for space lovers, stargazers and astronomy aficionados, it's made with water-based adhesives and inks that Amazon shoppers say its even more out of this world in person. A pro tip? Apply it to the ceiling for an even dreamier effect.

removable wallpaper wood

5. Wood Removable Wallpaper

Best wood wallpaper

Love that rustic chic style but don’t want to spend big bucks adding wood paneling to your home? This wallpaper will turn your walls into a whitewashed wood dream that evokes a modern farmhouse or a beach cottage. It comes in pre-cut sizes to make for easier application.

removable wallpaper black1

6. Black Wood Removable Wallpaper

Best solid wallpaper

If you’re looking for something dramatic, you can’t go wrong with solid black, which is guaranteed to make a bold statement. This peel-and-stick paper has a subtle wood grain texture that will broaden your horizons far beyond walls—you can use it on any smooth surface to transform drawers, tables, paneling and more. It's water- and oil-proof and goes on and off easily, say Amazon shoppers. A word to the wise: Colors will vary slightly by batch, according to the manufacturer, so you'll want to make sure to order enough to cover your surface in one shot.

removable wallpaper hexagon

7. Wenmer Geometric Hexagon Removable Wallpaper

Best geometric wallpaper

There’s something quite mesmerizing about a repeated geometric pattern like this one, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself staring at the walls in awe once applying it. The grunt work will be a breeze thanks to the included grids at the back, which will help you to cut it to the perfect size, and the clean lines, hexagonal pattern and 3D effect will basically turn your wall into a work of modern art.

removable wallpaper art deco

8. Ondecor Geometric Art Deco Removable Wallpaper

Best art deco wallpaper

Throw it back to the roaring ‘20s and live your best Great Gatsby life with this art deco-themed wallpaper. Modern and fashionable, this black-and-white geometric design is made of a handmade and durable polyester fabric with eco solvent ink. It's also a breeze to paste on smooth walls, according to customers, and repeats every 48 inches (that's roughly the width of two panels).

removable wallpaper chalkboard

9. Tempaper Chalkboard Removable Wallpaper

Best chalkboard wallpaper

This one’s for all the times you were told not to draw on the walls as a kid. This dark gray wallpaper will turn any surface into a chalkboard that you can write or draw on to your heart’s content. It's moisture- and steam-resistant and made of nontoxic materials, too.

removal wallpaper haokhome

10. Haokhome Floral Wallpaper

Best floral wallpaper

You’ll almost be able to smell the flowers sitting next to this wallpaper, which has a vibrant pink floral pattern on a navy background. The material is textured, waterproof and mildew-proof. For any room that needs some extra color or cheer, this should more than do the trick, as long as it's applied to a smooth wall, as the manufacturer notes that textured or dirty walls can affect the stickiness of the adhesive.

removable wallpaper striped

11. Roommates Awning Striped Removable Wallpaper

Best striped wallpaper

To give your room an air of sophistication, go for stripes—a pattern that not only looks chic, but can also elongate your walls. This option, which comes in a neutral beige or black, from RoomMates offers just that. Beyond its chic aesthetic, the company also claims it has "superior strength" to other removable wallpaper on the market—and Amazon customers vouch for its quality.

removable wallpaper monstera

12. Monstera Removable Wallpaper

Best abstract wallpaper

This wallpaper looks like a giant abstract mural of Monstera leaves. It’ll add color and warmth to any room regardless of the weather or the season, and you can choose between smooth, canvas or fabric options. The vivid design is handmade by artisans, and you can order a sample to get a feel for what it will look like in your home before fully committing.

removable wallpaper magnolia
Home Depot

13. Magnolia Home By Joanna Gaines Pick-up Sticks Removable Wallpaper

Best simple wallpaper

For fans of Magnolia Home and minimalism, this option from home expert Joanna Gaines checks both boxes. It has a loose herringbone pattern with a matte finish and is made with responsibly sourced vinyl-free materials that give it an eco-friendly edge.

removable wallpaper kamiyah

14. Kamiyah Semi-gloss Removable Wallpaper

Most versatile wallpaper

Add a multi-colored, rustic touch to your home with this wallpaper, which has a thin wood paneling design in one of two color options. You can apply it vertically or horizontally to fit your room and aesthetic, too, making it a super versatile choice for your home.

removable wallpaper scandanavian

15. Scandinavian Workshop Removable Wallpaper

Best minimalist wallpaper

Clean, simple and gorgeous describe this neutral find. The repeating dotted pattern will evoke a sense of calm into your home for especially long days, and customers say it has a great texture to it, too, allowing you to indulge even more of your senses.

removable wallpaper dark botanic

16. Dark Botanical Removable Wallpaper

Best dark wallpaper

This dark botanical pick is a real mood, but if you’re going to create an accent wall, you might as well go big with cheetahs, monkeys and plants—oh my! You can choose from one of four of these magical jungle designs, which are all printed on a non-woven material with a nice matte finish.

fall wallpaper terrazzo

17. Patternscoloray Geometric Terrazzo Removable Wallpaper

Best terrazzo-inspired wallpaper

This fun pattern will feel like you've entered a party every time you walk into a room. Its environmentally friendly materials are also something to celebrate: It's made with a GreenGuard-certified HP Laser 310 printer. Bonus: The handmade, non-linear design also makes it easier to stick the wallpaper up without having to worry about any patterns exactly lining up.

removable wallpaper sunset

18. Wallmural Shop Sunset Removable Wallpaper

You’ll practically be able to feel the warmth of the sun on your face with the soothing orange and pink hues of this manufactured sunset in your home. It comes comes in big, 50-inch strips to help you more easily cover the walls. You can also purchase it in a non-woven, traditional paper if you want to make things more permanent.

removable wallpaper ondecor

19. Ondecor Metallic Removable Wallpaper

Best bold wallpaper

We stan a confident design choice, and this bold wallpaper definitely fits the bill. The black backdrop, the gold pattern—it all oozes tasteful luxury! You can choose between smooth, fabric or canvas textures, and customers say it looks exactly like the picture upon arrival. You don't have to take their word for it, though—6-inch by 9-inch samples are available to order before committing to a whole roll.

removable wallpaper grasscloth

20. Roommates Faux Grasscloth Removable Wallpaper

Best faux grasscloth wallpaper

Grasscloth, or wall covering that's made with hand-woven fibers, has a natural feel and makes for a versatile décor choice. While the real deal can be both delicate and expensive, this lookalike design takes out the fragility and maintenance.

removable wallpaper betterncourt

21. Gracie Oaks Bettencourt Reclaimed Shiplap Peel-and-stick Removable Wallpaper

Best shiplap-inspired wallpaper

Anyone who’s watched more than one HGTV show is likely familiar with shiplap—a type of wooden board siding characterized by long planks which can give your walls texture and personality in an understated way. This wallpaper has a reclaimed shiplap look that will give your interiors that coveted modern farmhouse style without you having to nail any wood boards up yourself. Its vinyl material will resist any water that comes in contact with it and it can be scrubbed for easy cleanup.

removable wallpaper waves

22. Ondecor Waves Removable Wallpaper

Best themed wallpaper

Make some waves with this themed wallpaper, which will ensure you’re never far from your own ocean view. The light blue and white pattern will add some nautical whimsy to your walls (no dramamine required), and you can choose from a smooth or textured canvas material.

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