Ceiling Wallpaper? Yes, It’s a Thing & Yes, You Need to Try It

If you’re looking to bring drama into a room, invite five people over and ask them whether pineapple belongs on pizza. If you want to add drama without inciting a riot, simply install ceiling wallpaper. It’s an unexpected way to make a statement, suddenly making a room feel styled, even if your furniture can best be described as “thrift store finds that survived my puppy’s chewing phase.”

It’s no different from the wallpaper you’d use to cover any other surface—just a little more complicated to install, since you’re fighting gravity to hang it. But as these photos prove, it’s a surprising trend we can all get behind. Or, uh, underneath.

Our Top Picks from Anthropologie’s Spring Decor Collection

ceiling wallpaper entryway sweeten

1. the Entryway

Typically, when you open a door into a narrow entryway, your eyes go straight to the end of the hall. Wraparound wallpaper is an ingenious touch here. The graphic pattern draws your attention from the wall up to the ceiling, so you can really soak in the space. Matching up the seams can be particularly tricky for a project like this (especially when printed paper is being used), so it’s no wonder the homeowners skipped the DIY route and used Sweeten, a free service that matches people with licensed general contractors

Get the look: Simple Geometric Removable Wallpaper by ThinkNoirWallpaper, Etsy ($40 per 19" x 48" sheet)

ceiling wallpaper hallway sweeten

2. the Hallway

Hallways can be awkward spaces to style: You can’t have something that conflicts with the rooms connected to it, and you definitely don’t want a bunch of floating shelves that you’ll knock into as you’re dashing to get ready in the morning (trust us). Ceiling wallpaper avoids both of those issues. The transitional space can remain largely neutral, and as this Sweeten project reveals, the pop of color is a surprise-and-delight moment you notice only when you’re in the actual hall.

Get the look: Daydream (Sunshine) Wallpaper by Hygge & West ($175 per 27" x 30' roll)

ceiling wallpaper bedroom abbe
Heather Hawkins

3. the Bedroom

Yes, you can make a wildly colorful print work on the ceiling. Just treat it like you would an accent wall. Simply echo select colors—like the black, gold and purple tones shown in this design by Studio Ten 25—throughout the room. Neutral walls help ground everything, so even the most over-the-top pattern doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Get the look: Helen Dealtry Aquarelle Floral Wallpaper by Anthropologie ($148 per 9' x 36" panel)

ceiling wallpaper black lacquer design
Mary Costa

4. the Bathroom

There’s no better way to liven up what can be a bland utilitarian space than with graphic wallpaper. Just make sure to look for one that’s water-resistant or “splashproof,” since you’ll be dealing with plenty of steam and humidity if your bathroom has a shower or a tub (obviously this suggestion doesn’t apply if it’s a powder room you’re dealing with). If you’re worried the wallpaper will make you feel as if the ceiling is closing in on you, opt for a light, bright print, like Black Lacquer Design did here.

Get the look: Blue Watercolor Dots Wallpaper by Floral2Stick, Etsy ($73 per 100" x 40" panel)

ceiling wallpaper crystal sinclair nursery
Crystal Sinclair Designs

5. the Nursery

If there’s one space where you can be unabashedly fun, it’s a kid’s room. Especially a nursery, since your little one is too young to snub your ideas in favor of Doc McStuffins covering every surface. Crystal Sinclair Designs used removable wallpaper to achieve this mod look, which is pretty brilliant—if a panel doesn’t quite line up, you can just peel it back and re-stick it.

Get the look: Tri-Angled by Chasing Paper ($40 per 2' x 4' sheet)

Dina Holland Interiors

6. the Laundry Room

Finally, a laundry room you’ll actually want to spend time in. Dina Holland’s pattern-on-pattern approach totally works, thanks to the differing scales of the prints used (oversize florals versus a skinny plaid) and the complementary colors. Blue cabinets and trim tie everything together in this maximalist dream—including the shocking pink pendant light.

Get the look: Perfect Plaid by Chasing Paper ($40 per 2' x 4' sheet)

7. home Office

Herringbone is the type of timeless, professional pattern that feels right at home in an office—but the brushstroke design in this Kristen Fountain Wilson–designed space keeps the workspace from feeling too serious. After all, as much as you want to roll up your sleeves and get to work, this is your house. You should feel totally comfortable here. Plus, what better way to show off that epic chandelier?

Get the look: Herringbone Charcoal Wallpaper by Decor A List ($187 per 24"x 30' roll)

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