9 PureWow Editors on the Best Purchase They’ve Made During Quarantine

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These days, we’ve noticed that our team’s shopping habits look a lot different than they used to. Rather than obsessively tracking the latest spring fashion trends, buzzy makeup launches and stylish home decor, we’re far more concerned with finding products that spark joy, provide comfort, or make our home-bound lives a little bit easier. Here, nine PureWow editors share the best purchase they’ve made during quarantine.

The 7 Most Useful Purchases I’ve Made Since Quarantine Started (Including Wine)

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1. everlane The Tank Bra

“One of my favorite purchases has been this super soft tank bra from Everlane,” explains branded content editor Roberta Fiorito. “It's comfortable enough to wear all day, but supportive enough where I don't feel self-conscious on a last-minute Zoom call (read: the one I accidentally forgot about). True, I could wear sports bras all day, but I try to save those for working out so I'm not constantly having to do laundry,” she says. Considering we’ve fully refused to wear a real bra for the past five weeks, this sounds like a smart purchase.

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2. rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Spray

Senior editor Dana Dickey considers this root-concealing spray to be an absolute lifesaver. “I just spritz it on the roots in the front where my grey is, and it stays in my hair until the next wash…which, honestly, isn't that often now that I'm not hitting the hot yoga studio a few times a week.” Yup, sounds like this stuff has some serious staying power.

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3. voluspa Baltic Amber Candle

Lately, I’ve been really craving comfort and lighting this candle on my bedside table always does the trick. The warm notes of vanilla, sandalwood and cedar are soothing but not overpowering, and I love the cheery glass jar. I just bought it a few weeks ago, but I’m almost in need of a new one, since I’ve been burning it every single night. Clearly, it’s one of Anthropologie’s most popular candles for a reason.

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4. brooks Ghost 12 Sneakers

“Now that I can't go to a spin class to get my cardio fix, I've taken up other forms of exercise: running through my parents' neighborhood to enjoy some fresh air; reigniting my love of dance cardio with The Sculpt Society app; and doing treadmill intervals while watching Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” says senior commerce editor Brianna Lapolla. “But early into quarantine, I realized that I needed better, lighter sneakers to keep up, so I bought my first pair of Brooks. After reading my fair share of reviews, I settled on the Ghost 12s for their bounce and cushion. The first time I tried them on, I kept them on all day and now I lace them up every chance I get.”

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Bed Bath and Beyond

5. miele Classic C1 Turbo Team Vacuum

SVP of content Jillian Quint loves this Miele vacuum so much, she sent this link to the entire PureWow editorial team. “Now that my family of four is home all the time, I'm finding myself needing to vacuum multiple times a week. (Oh good! The third cereal spill of the morning!) I'm obsessed with my new Miele canister vacuum, which picks up everything super quickly and without jams. I'm also super lazy and hate sweeping, so I run this guy over hardwood floors like a broom,” she says. Bottom line? This is an insanely good vacuum (and it’s on sale right now).

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6. aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm

“I almost forgot that seasons exist, but my lingering dry winter skin reminded me. This body lotion feels so luxurious (and it’s admittedly a splurge for me),” says food editor Katherine Gillen. “It has a gender-neutral scent that's very fresh and green, and applying it has been a small daily ritual that reminds me I'm still human.” Don’t underestimate the power of some simple self-care these days.

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7. sun Bum Scalp & Hair Mist, Baby Bum Stick

“Regular walks and playtime in the backyard have helped maintain our sanity, but slathering a toddler in sunscreen has proven to be a challenge. I've sworn by Sunbum's Scalp and Hair Mist to quickly spritz her head and neck,” explains executive editor Candace Davison. “Then I swipe the Baby Bum stick on her face and we’re ready to go outside in seconds—minus the fight (because we have plenty of meltdowns during the WFH/homeschool day already).”

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8. ubeesize Selfie Stick Tripod

Looking to upgrade your FaceTime experience? Editorial assistant Chelsea Candelario swears by this purchase she made a few weeks ago. “We've written about this tripod before, so I had to finally get my hands on one. It's made it so much easier to FaceTime with friends and family, without having my arms get tired after an hour. I also love that the little remote makes it easy to take photos.” Turns out, it’s great for propping your phone up to follow along with an Instagram Live workout, too.

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9. do A Dot Art! Markers Washable Paint Markers (6 Pack)

Trying to work full time while trying to keep a toddler entertained isn’t easy. So, director of special projects Rachel Bowie has been relying on these to keep her son occupied. “As far as art projects with a toddler go, these keep my two-year-old entertained and mostly mess-free for minutes on end. I was skeptical at first, but then saw all my friends using them with their kids. They are so easy to use, but also the perfect size for gripping and practicing fine motor skills. Best buy of the pandemic!”

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