We’re Calling It: These are the 12 Best Self-Care Subscription Boxes of 2020

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During uncertain times, it can feel like you’re constantly holding your breath, so it helps to have something that reminds you to exhale. Consider any of these 12 self-care boxes—ranging from health and beauty to mindfulness and escapism—your monthly nudge to take a chill pill and do something that just feels good (preferably far away from your phone). Each comes highly recommended by reviewers and editors to help achieve a state of zen, even amid the chaos.

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1. My Coffee And Book Club

Cost: From $32/month

What you get: 12oz bag of coffee and two hardcover books

Why we love it: High-quality coffee the moment you need it? Yes, please. Each box comes with two new hardcover books in your genre of choice, so brew a cup of joe and kick back with a book for a relaxing start to your day.

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2. Fab Fit Fun

Cost: $50 every three months

What you get: Three to five full-size items per box

Why we love it: If you like the idea of subscription boxes but not how specialized they are, FabFitFun’s quarterly box comes with a mix of seasonal products worth more than $200 across beauty, health, wellness and fashion. Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive offers from their brand partners and options to add additional items to your box.

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The Sill

3. The Sill

Cost: From $35/month

What you get: One plant and pot

Why we love it: Looking to grow your indoor jungle? Enter NYC-based plant shop The Sill. Its subscription service ships a hard-to-kill, hand-potted houseplant each month in a five-inch earthenware pot (you pick the color) with instructions on how to care for it.

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4. Lady Box

Cost: From $18/month

What you get: A curated selection of period care items

Why we love it: Want easy access to organic feminine care products, snacks and comfort items during that time of the month? Then this subscription box is for you. Simply choose the Lady Box that best fits your needs. They vary from “Basic Lady Needs,” which comes with organic pads and/or tampons, panty liners, hygiene wipes, an organic snack and an organic comfort item, to “Pampered AF Lady Box,” which features the same basics plus three organic snacks and five organic comfort items. Finally, a subscription box that changes based on how high- or low-maintenance we’re feeling.

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5. Bath Bevy

Cost: $35/month

What you get: A curated selection of handmade bath products from indie brands, centered around a specific theme

Why we love it: Baths are having a moment for everyone in quarantine. (Are they not?) For those who want to make a whole to-do of it, reach for this Bath Bevy box filled with everything from fizzy bath bombs to quality body brushes. All you’ll need to add is a glass of cab.

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6. Therabox

Cost: $31/month

What you get: Each box includes a clinically researched therapeutic activity plus six to eight wellness products to help reduce stress

Why we love it: Not only does every Therabox hold an assortment of products worth more than $100, but said products are also curated by therapists to increase happiness and reduce stress. Now that’s something everyone could benefit from at the moment.

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7. Bouqs

Cost: $36/month

What you get: 10 to 16 stems

Why we love it: Who says you can’t buy flowers for yourself? With Bouqs, you’ll get fresh-cut bouquets delivered directly from sustainable farms to your door on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis. That’s definitely better than waiting for someone else to take a hint. With the choice of all-roses, classic blooms or seasonal arrangements, you can customize each delivery to your taste.

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8. Coloring And Classics

Cost: $14/month

What you get: A monthly assortment of adult coloring and activity books to help decrease stress and anxiety

Why we love it: Filled with adult coloring books, activity books and reading books, Coloring and Classics gives you an excuse to put your phone down and free your mind. Each box is specifically curated to bring together imagination, problem-solving and creativity so you can pick the activity you’re most in the mood for at any given moment.

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9. Facetory

Cost: From $20/month

What you get: A monthly assortment of Korean sheet masks and 1 to 2 bonus items

Why we love it: Raise your hand if you’re a sheet mask addict. *raises hand* Facetory is a sheet mask subscription box that sends a curated selection of products from Korea to your doorstep each month. You can expect everything from cotton-based sheets to ampoules to hydrogels to arrive with each shipment. Plus, all of the masks are cruelty-free and over half of them are vegan. Oh, and they’ll even throw in some eye masks every once in a while,(stash them in the fridge for when you need an extra refresher).

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10. Feeling Fab

Cost: $28/month

What you get: Seven to nine clean and natural beauty, skincare, and body-care products, along with spiritual growth and stress-reducing tools

Why we love it: We could all use more self-care in our lives (especially now), and this box delivers. Feeling Fab includes seven to nine clean and natural beauty, skincare and body-care products as well as spiritual growth and stress reducing tools for the total mind-body package.

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11. The Go Love Yourself Box

Cost: $46/month

What you get: Each box comes with a book, self-coaching workbook and three to five related self-care items, plus an issue of the Go Love Yourself Magazine and access to a women’s community

Why we love it: The Go Love Yourself Box is a monthly reminder to carve time out for yourself. It includes an interactive assortment of products that are designed by experts and life coaches around a specific theme to help you feel happier and more fulfilled. In addition to self-care products (hello, candles, tea and essential oils), it also includes access to women’s circles and a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session to help set goals and support your self-care journey.

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12. Sweet Escape

Cost: From $28/month

What you get: An assortment of five to six handcrafted spa products and teas plus a relaxing book

Why we love it: With everything going on in the world, sometimes it’s necessary to put your phone down and take a pause. And that’s exactly what the Sweet Escape box is for. Each month, you’ll receive spa products, teas and a book that help you unwind and de-stress for a mini mental getaway. Ahh, don’t you feel better already?

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