Chip Gaines Reveals the #1 Mistake New Homeowners Make

Chip Gaines is opening up about the number one mistake that new homeowners often make: skimping on the exterior.

The Fixer Upper star, 47, sat down for a recent interview with PureWow. While discussing his and Joanna’s all-new collection with James Hardie, he explained why exteriors are worth the investment. Although new homeowners want to cut costs wherever possible, Gaines revealed that the exterior is the one area that shouldn’t be subject to a tight budget because it needs to be durable to last.

“If you’re going to make the investment, it’s important that you choose quality because exterior is even harder than interior because you’ve got the elements,” he told PureWow.

chip gaines home mistake joanna gaines
Courtesy of James Hardie

He continued, “You’ve got the weather. You’ve got the sun.”

Gaines also recommended hiring professional help for larger projects. “I don’t consider exterior siding like a DIY kind of a project,” he said. “I mean, this is a real big league. This is, in my opinion, something you really want to go and find an expert to help you at the very least consult you as you work through it.”

chip gaines home mistake joanna gaines
Courtesy of James Hardie

According to Gaines, the Magnolia Home x James Hardie exteriors collection was his idea. “It was all me and my handiness and my talent passion for construction and all of those details that go along with it,” he said. “So, for all these years I've just sat on the sidelines waiting for somebody to call but nobody called at all. And so, when James Hardie called, I was like freaking out.”

He joked, “And then Jo got involved, and it’s got a little complicated.”

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