This Top-Rated Black & Decker Hand Vacuum Is Just $40 During the Amazon Cyber Monday Sale

All it takes is one lost remote, and it hits you: The crevices between your sofa cushions are a crumble-coated, furball-lined abyss. It's one of a dozen often-overlooked spots to clean in your home, often because they're just plain annoying to clean. Well, until you take in this Amazon Cyber Monday 2022 deal. The mega-retailer is selling a top-rated Black & Decker hand vacuum with AdvancedClean for 33 percent off.

Normally $60, this vacuum is renowned for its ability to squeeze into hard-to-reach spots and ease of use (it's cordless and weighs less than 3 pounds!). Its nozzle rotates 180 degrees, and it comes with a crevice tool, so you're not fighting to squeeze the vac into that dreaded area just under your fridge and cabinets that standard models are too bulky to get to.

Another perk? It isn't too noisy, either: "The motor on the hand vac isn't loud, the filter and pre-filter only take a matter of a couple of minutes to clean, and it is so easy to open up and clean those that it only takes a couple of minutes [to do] after the first time," one reviewer shares.

This dust-buster also comes with a wall-mounted charging base, so it takes up less counter or cabinet space, and it will fully charge the vacuum within four hours, according to the company. That said, reviewers noted the battery typically lasts about 30 minutes, and the suction is solid but not so super-powered that it can pull deeply matted pet hair out of carpets. (Maybe reserve that job for a full-blown Dyson vac.) However, for $40, its performance is hard to beat.

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