The Best-Smelling Dish Soaps of 2024, Ranked by a Home Editor

News flash: Designer dish soap is a thing now

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ICYMI, delightfully scented, designer cleaning products are a thing now (see also: luxury laundry detergents and hand soaps). So, it makes sense that we’re seeing a new crop of high-end scents in our dish soaps—and I’m not just talking about the standard, lemon-scented variety. Think: orange blossom notes from French perfumer, Dipytique, or comforting fig and amber blends from Crate & Barrel. It also includes a floral bouquet from The Laundress No. 247, which smells so good, you might feel tempted to dab some soap behind your ear. Not only do these fragrances make you look forward to cleaning dishes, but they’re carefully formulated to cut through grease and grime without forcing you to re-wash. So below, 10 of the best-smelling dish soaps of 2024. 

The Best-Smelling Dish Soaps of 2024 at a Glance


Best-Smelling Dish Soap Overall

Homecourt Neroli Leaf Dish Soap

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Editor’s Pick Dish Soap

The Laundress No 247 Dish Soap

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Best-Smelling Dish Soap Under $5

Method Lime + Sea Salt Dish Soap

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Best-Smelling Luxury Dish Soap

Dipytique La Droguerie Dish Soap

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Best-Smelling Fresh Dish Soap

Caldrea Basil Blue Sage Dish Soap

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How I Chose the Best-Smelling Dish Soaps

First, I scoured reviews of top fragrance brands and consulted with PureWow editors who've tested dozens of scents. Not only did I want to make sure the smell was strong and pleasant, but I also wanted to ensure that each one had a non-drying, plant-based formula that could effectively clean pots, pans, wine glasses and dishes. I landed on 10 scents to fit different preferences—fruity to floral, musky to woodsy—as well as a mix of price points.

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Best-Smelling Dish Soap Overall

1. Homecourt Neroli Leaf Dish Soap


Naturally, when I heard Courteney Cox created a cleaning line called Homecourt, I jumped at the opportunity to test it out. The Neroli leaf scent was the immediate standout—both with soaps and room sprays—where I felt like I was washing dishes in a blooming orchard. The crisp undertones of sparkling apple mingle with delicate neroli blossoms, and as I worked up a fragrant lather, my kitchen was filled with uplifting hints of crushed basil leaves, jasmine petals and creamy vanilla. And while I’d buy this for the scent alone, I also found that the soap cuts through grease and grime in under a minute—and the plant-derived formula keeps your hands soft and hydrated. It also uses upcycled apple oil and Brazilian green mandarin oil (among other carefully selected ingredients), making the soap kid- and pet-safe. 

Fast Facts

  • Scent Notes: apple, green mandarin, orange flower, jasmine petals and vanilla

Editor’s Pick Dish Soap

2. The Laundress No. 247 Dish Soap

The Laundress

ICYMI, The Laundress is a luxury cleaning brand that’s known for its sophisticated scents—and No. 247 detergent is one of their best-sellers for a reason. “I've never wanted to dab dish soap behind my ears… until now,” says PureWow VP of Editorial Candace Davison. ICYMI, the brand recently launched a dish soap (along with a surface cleaner and mirror cleaner), all in the iconic No. 247 scent: “It smells like fresh-cut flowers, with a delicate blend of jasmine, lily, rose and lavender that envelops you as soon as you start sudsing,” she explains. It’s also crafted with bio-based ingredients and can effortlessly tackle tough baked-on food and cooking messes with ease. Per Davison, “I love that the scent lingers but isn't overpowering, and that the dish soap itself cuts through grease without leaving my hands feeling dry.”

Fast Facts

  • Scent Notes: rosemary, lavender, jasmine, lily, lilac, rose, eucalyptus, musk, oakmoss

Best-Smelling Dish Soap Under $5

3. Method Lime + Sea Salt Dish Soap


This $3 soap’s sea salt and tart frozen lime scent combines spring cleaning with relaxing beach days. More than 1,000 Amazon reviewers agree that it’s like being transported to a breezy beach, toes in the sand, tiny umbrella drink in hand. Yet, instead of lounging, you’re effortlessly tackling greasy pots and sticky pans. The streamlined body and pump are not only designed to look great but also use 35 percent less detergent than before. One Amazon reviewer backs this, writing: “Two pumps are all you need for it to get soapy…Love the light but crisp smell it leaves and does a great job against grease.” That said, another reviewer notes that the scent might be too strong for some: “The smell is so strong, you’d have to rinse the dishes a few times to get the smell off the dishes and frying pan.”

Fast Facts

  • Scent Notes: lime, sea salt

Best-Smelling Luxury Dish Soap

4. Dipytique La Droguerie Dish Soap


Yet another luxurious fragrance I couldn’t wait to get my hands on? Dipytique’s La Drogerie scent (aka my favorite French candle brand). It features fresh, citrusy notes of orange blossom, mandarin and basil—and it makes my kitchen smell like a blooming citrus grove when I’m cleaning pots and pans. Beyond the scent, which somehow makes me want to do my roommate's dishes, I was blown away by how this 99.3 percent natural formula actually cleans. Leftover food and stubborn sauces vanish after a quick pump, which is a major upgrade from the disc- and twist-tops I’m used to. To that end, the amber glass bottle and minimalist labeling look stunning on my granite countertops. Admittedly, this is more of an occasional splurge—or a great housewarming gift—so once I’ve used the last drop, I plan on replenishing the vessel with something cheaper (see above).

Fast Facts

  • Scent Notes: orange blossom, mandarin and basil

Best-Smelling Fresh Dish Soap

5. Caldrea Basil Blue Sage Dish Soap


While I could go into a spiel about how this dish soap smells like a French spring day, I’ll let this glowing review speak for itself: “Picture spending an afternoon frolicking through a countryside Provançal field on a sun-drenched mid-summer day. Now bottle that up and make it into dish soap—that’s what this stuff is. It has a very rich herbaceous but bright scent. I could smell it all day.” This is thanks to the blend of essential oils, which include basil, rosemary and sage. Add to that the fact that many reviewers say they love it for more than just a delightfully French-inspired scent: “The bottle lasted my house of four people four months. Did a FANTASTIC job cleaning. Maybe two or three drops on the dish itself will get you a good, clean lather. I didn’t have to re-clean oily dishes as often.”

Fast Facts

  • Scent Notes: basil, rosemary and sage

Best-Smelling Citrus Dish Soap

6. Grove Co. Lemon & Eucalyptus Dish Soap

Grove Co.

If there’s one dish soap that’ll give you an instant mood boost, it’s this one from Grove Co. The lemon and eucalyptus scent is the equivalent of sunshine through the clouds, where fresh lemon leaf and juicy citrus are backed by bright lemongrass and Siberian pine notes. It’s also packaged in a recyclable, reusable aluminum bottle with a pump—and it’s designed to be refilled again and again (so it’s ultra-eco-friendly). The formula is just as sustainable, powered by 98 percent plant-based ingredients, and a single bottle is said to banish stubborn, 48-hour-old food from over 1,000 dishes (per the brand). Take it from a Grove reviewer, who says, “This scent was very pleasant and mild, which I appreciated. It works wonderfully for those taco pans, cutting right through the grease. It also washed away all the color residue/grease on the plastic container from the spaghetti sauce.” Plus, another person adds: “I really liked the light refreshing scent—sometimes eucalyptus can be overwhelming, but this dish soap had a perfect balance.”

Fast Facts

  • Scent Notes: fresh lemon leaf, juicy citrus, lemongrass and Siberian pine

Best-Smelling Floral Dish Soap

7. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Peony Dish Soap

Mrs. Meyers

After seeing this soap had more than 2,200 five-star reviews, I had to do some digging. As it turns out, people are obsessed with the bright, heady scent of peonies. It’s strong enough to fill your sink, and the fresh, blooming floral notes are lightweight (without overpowering). You also have a biodegradable formula, which is a powerhouse against grease and leave dishes sparkling. And with plant-derived cleaning agents—and no parabens, phthalates, or animal-derived ingredients—it’s just as lightweight on the skin. “I'm not someone who usually likes floral-scented stuff, but this is just perfect. When I catch a whiff of it while doing the dishes, I can't help but smile,” one Amazon reviewer writes. Plus another person says, “It’s like you're in a lightly scented flower meadow doing dishes… it’s also GENTLE on hands. [Other dish soaps have] wrecked my hands during the winter and this one is by far the best.” 

Fast Facts

  • Scent Notes: peony

Best-Smelling Fruity Dish Soap

8. Capri Blue Volcano Dish Soap

Capri Blue

If you’ve ever set foot in an Anthropologie store, you’ve likely been enchanted by their signature Volcano scent—a captivating blend of sugared oranges, lemons, limes, and exotic mountain greens. As Davison puts it, “It smells sweeter and softer than the typical bright, tart scent people often associate with lemons, limes, and oranges, likely due to the additional tropical notes.” And now, this delightful fragrance has made its way into a dish soap that’s perfect for tackling even the messiest kitchen sink. First, it’s formulated with tangerine oil, so it packs the perfect punch of fragrance to tackle that kitchen sink full of pots, pans, and, of course, wine glasses. But it’s also gentle on the skin with a non-toxic, vegan formula that’s cruelty-free and free from gluten, parabens, and phthalates, with no synthetic colors. 

Fast Facts

  • Scent Notes: sugared oranges, lemons, limes and exotic mountain greens

Best-Smelling Woodsy Dish Soap

9. Crate & Barrel Fig + Amber Dish Soap

Crate & Barrel

With a comforting blend of rich fig and amber, it makes sense why this Crate & Barrel option has reviewers hooked. While bergamot and lemon notes make it smell lightweight and fresh, jasmine and fruity fig give it a warm, sweet base. It also includes dry notes of amber, fig tree wood, galbanum and musk to keep it smelling natural and woodsy (instead of synthetic and saccharine). Not only that, but the plant-based formula is enriched with essential oils—aka soft on the hands—and it’s a USDA-certified biobased product, so you can feel good about using it. “[I’ve] been using this dish soap for a week now; it smells great and does a killer job cutting through the grease,” one Crate and Barrel reviewer notes. Plus, another person mentions: “I received this as a gift set for the holidays from my boss. I thought I would use it and be done with it once it was gone. I am now so addicted to the smell and the softness of my skin (no damage to hands!) that I just ordered two more bottles. I started washing dishes again with my old dish soap, but it just wouldn't do. This is like aromatherapy while washing dishes.”

Fast Facts

  • Scent Notes: bergamot, lemon, fig tree leaves, green fig, jasmine petals, lemon, amber, fig tree wood, galbanum, musk

Best-Smelling Coastal Dish Soap

10. Stonewall Kitchen Coastal Breeze Dish Soap

Stonewall Kitchen

The light sea salt and coconut combined with fresh citrus in this dish soap will instantly transport you to a breezy day at your grandma’s shore house. It’s like a nostalgic trip down memory lane, which is fitting, considering it's developed by a family-owned brand called Stonewall Kitchen. The vitamin-rich formula is crafted to power through mealtime messes while leaving your dishes streak-free—and many reviewers note that it lasts them months at a time. “I've been using this dish soap for years—it's effective and smells wonderful—the perfect combination! It's just one of the entire Coastal Breeze line of products; all are terrific,” one Stonewall Kitchen reviewer says. Another person also adds, “I love the saltwater fragrance. My kitchen sink smells like the beach!”

Fast Facts

  • Scent Notes: sea salt, coconut and citrus essential oils

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