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Rectangular rafts? Boring. Make a splash (sorry, we had to) with a flotation device worthy of your next summer get-together (or a spotlight on the 'Gram). We’re talking inflatable swans, floating donuts and yes, a huge golden crown. Here, 25 of the best pool floats for adults that are guaranteed to be the hit at the party.

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1. Canopy Island Inflatable Float

The sun protection and handy cup holders mean more time on the water.

BUY IT ($130; $104)

2. Avocado Pool Float

Take the pit out (it’s a beach ball!) and nestle in for a nice dip in the pool.

BUY IT ($20; $16)

3. Two Headed Curly Serpent Pool Float

Three people at once + all those spicy margaritas will make this one hell of a ride.

$24 at Amazon

4. Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger Pool Float

Chill in the water or hang out on the deck in this adorable ombré lounger.

BUY IT ($79)

5. Ice Dragon Inflatable Snow Tube

This is giving us major Game of Thrones vibes. It may be listed for snow, but who doesn’t want to be the Dragon Queen all summer long too?

BUY IT ($25; $10)

6. Gold Crown Island Inflatable Pool Float

Alexa, play "You Should See Me in a Crown" by Billie Eilish.

BUY IT ($199)

7. Gigantic Doughnut Pool Float

Zero calories. All the fun.

$13 at Amazon

8. Pretzel Floating Seat

No reason to get salty (get it?). Lay in one of the "twists" instead.

$18 at Amazon

9. Golden Swan Pool Float

White swans were so 2015.

$36 at Amazon

10. Mermaid Tail

OK, fine. Let’s see what this mermaid obsession is all about.

$17 at Amazon

11. Glitter Flamingo Pool Float

Glitter + flamingo = a match made in float heaven.

BUY IT ($79)

12. Butterfly Pool Float

Flap your the pool with this colorful raft.

BUY IT ($128)

13. Pretty Peacock Inflatable Pool Float

Show off your "pool feathers" with this baby blue float.

BUY IT ($30; $24)

14. Jellyfish Pool Float

No scuba diving needed when you have an adorable jellyfish á la float. (We promise it doesn’t sting).

BUY IT ($25; $20)

15. Pineapple Pool Float

We’ll get this guy. You bring the piña coladas.

BUY IT ($15)

16. Cactus Pool Float

Nothing prickly about this guy.

BUY IT ($30; $24)

17. Llama Pool Float

OK, how can you not want this cute llama in your pool?

BUY IT ($15)

18. Inflatable Waffle Slice

Get your friends to buy one too to make the whole mouthwatering waffle.

BUY IT ($26; $18)

19. Shark Mouth Pool Float

Reenact Jaws and upgrade your IG feed with this playful float.

BUY IT ($40; $32)

20. Rainbow Cloud Pool Float

Somewhere over the rainbow, you're sunbathing on this guy.

BUY IT ($25; $20)

21. South Beach Toucan Pool Float

Live out your tropical dreams with this toucan beauty.

BUY IT ($30; $24)

22. T-Rex Tail Pool Float

Once a Jurassic Park kid, always a Jurassic Park kid.

BUY IT ($25; $20)

23. Octopus Pool Float

Be the most colorful sea creature in the pool.

BUY IT ($40; $32)

24. Baseball Glove Float

Hit a home run with this giant inflatable glove.

$39 at Amazon

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