5 Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Summer

We may still be in spring, but the long days and warm nights of summer are already calling. And whether you’re looking to plan a summer vacay, change your hair for the season or trying to spruce up your summer wardrobe, it’s always good to know what’s trending if only to update your Insta or TikTok feeds accordingly. Below, five trends that will be taking over the summer of 2022.

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summer trends 2022 black weddings

1. dark Weddings

Once upon a time, the sheer thought of having a non-white or white-adjacent wedding dress was unfathomable, and celebs like Gwen Stefani, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelis were considered anomalies for choosing to wear non-traditional colors on their respective big days. Now, however, it seems the days of cream, ivory and eggshell palettes are slowly moving behind and dark weddings are taking over. This summer, don’t clutch your pearls if you find yourself walking into a dimly lit venue accented in dark hues and décor because the dark aesthetic is all the rage currently. According to the Pinterest 2022 Wedding Trends Report, searches for “dark wedding ideas” are up 59 times since last year, while “dark lovers aesthetic” searches increased by 39. But these potentially gothic brides aren’t just walking down the aisle in all black and calling it a day. They’re looking to customize the aesthetic, so the wedding still has that touch of elegance and chicness (and doesn’t look like an Evanescence music video). Per Pinterest, searches for “black boho wedding dress” as well as “sage green and black wedding dress” have also seen a spike, and so have inquiries for “black glam nails,” and “black wedding decorations.”

summer trends 2022 coastal grandmother fashions
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2. coastal Grandmother Fashions

Sure, the name doesn’t sound super appealing, but trust us, this trend will keep you nice and cool all summer long. The coastal grandmother aesthetic originated from the place where most trends get their genesis these days—TikTok. Lex Nicoleta, the genius behind the trend, described the style as “Nancy Meyers chic,” “Meryl Streep in Something’s Gotta Give” and “Martha Stewart adjacent.” And though those examples don’t necessarily scream fashionista, there is some logic to the coastal grandmother look. It’s all about loose fitting button downs, neutral and cozy cashmere sweaters, wide brim hats, relaxed chinos and comfortable shoes—all of which, if you’ve ever spent a summer in a crowded city, you know are practical as well as trendy.

summer trends 2022 cat
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3. copper Hair

When it comes to summer hair colors, beach blonde has reigned supreme for some serious decades. However, for summer 2022, the girlies are going a different direction and opting for copper. You can spot this rich hue on tastemakers such as Phoebe Dynevor, Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, Barbie Ferreria and Kendall Jenner, which means it’s only a matter of time before hairstylists across the nation are bombarded with pics of these ladies as inspiration. If you’re going to dive in and go for copper hair, “Adding dimension with subtle blonde highlights is a great way to break this shade up,” Rachel Bodt, a celebrity colorist and Matrix brand ambassador, told us.

summer trends 2022 lgbtq romcoms
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4. lgbtq+-centric Rom Coms

Rom coms have long been a summer staple. And while we love the meet-cutes, heart-tugging monologues and catchy lines they produce, traditionally, they have always lacked representation. Specifically, nuanced representation of LGBTQ+ characters. Most LGBTQ+-centric films are laden with plotlines about the difficulties of coming out or sustaining a homosexual relationship. And while those stories are important to tell, it’s also good to have lighthearted, fun and romantic films with queer people muddling through the abyss that is dating. Thankfully, the summer of 2022 is promising to give us just that. Films like Bros—which was written by and stars Billy Eichner, follows two commitment-phobic men as they try to navigate a relationship—as well as Fire Island—about a group of queer friends whose relationships are tested after an unexpected event changes their trip (also written and directed by LGBTQ+ creators)—are receiving major buzz and will be part of a slate of movies that are reviving the genre.

summer trends 2022 goat travel
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5. goat Traveling

After two years of being locked down, restricted and relegated to hiking, quick getaways and small jaunts to the park, people are unshackling themselves from the pandemic confines and planning trips of a lifetime. According to Expedia, travelers are sparring no expense and discounting no experience in a phenomenon they’re calling GOAT—Greatest of All Trips—traveling. A survey the travel company conducted found that 68 percent of Americans were not only planning on traveling more, but they were gunning for top tier international destinations like Rome, Bali, London and Paris in 2022. Travel in summer 2022 won’t just be about trying to break up the monotony of the WFH life. Expedia found that 41 percent of wanderlusters want their vacations to be about excitement and exhilaration and that 40 percent said there are more willing than ever before to splurge on their future travels.

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