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Between the new patio furniture, the smart outdoor office setup and the affordable grill you just acquired, your backyard is totally ready for summer 2020. Well, almost. You should probably consider one more addition: Outdoor string lights. Quite a bit fancier than the lights you wrap around the Christmas tree, these weather-proof iterations work as mood lighting for late dinner or drinks and they ensure you won’t have to switch on the floodlights once the sun sets. Here, the eight best outdoor string lights to shop right now.

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1. Brightech Ambience Pro LED Outdoor String Lights

Best Overall

The ideal string lights are bright enough that you can forgo flashlights, but not so intense that your guests are left squinting. Just like these LEDs from Brightech. The seven Edison bulbs on each 24-foot strand create a warm glow that will make your outdoor dining area feel like the patio of a resort. Plus, the entire setup is waterproof and made with thick, rubberized cords, which explains why reviewers describe them as “built to last.”

$45 at Amazon


2. Brightown G40 Outdoor String Lights

Best Value

If you’re looking to light up the whole backyard, investing in strand after strand can add up quick. That’s why we appreciate that Brightown’s cost just $19 for 25 feet. The bulbs are a pretty globe shape and come with an extra bulb for when one inevitably shatters. “I love these lights! They are strong and last a long time. I just bought a second set to extend them out further,” writes one reviewer.

$19 at Amazon


3. Ove Decors Outdoor String Lights


This 48-foot commercial-grade strand is made to stand the test of time, thanks to waterproof PVC and long-lasting LED bulbs. They’re also super easy to hang from the deck railing or string over the balcony, thanks to the convenient holes located at the top of each light. Users note that they’re high quality and that the larger bulbs create a fun vintage feel. The only downside? The bulbs are really bright, leaving some to wish there was a dimmer switch.

Buy It ($274; $130)


4. Sunthin LED Outdoor String Lights (2 Pack)

Best Set

$88 might sound a bit steep for string lights, but once you realize that you’re getting a pack of two 48-foot-long strands, the price tag feels much more reasonable. Link them together and wrap around the perimeter of the porch or buy two sets and string them along the fence, to give the entire backyard a subtle glow. Plus, these babies are shatter-proof, energy-saving and long-lasting.

$88 at Amazon


5. Latitude Run Tirante Outdoor Fairy String Lights

Best Fairy Lights

Subtle and twinkly, these lights will add a romantic touch to any backyard dinner. Each 10-foot strand is covered in over 300 tiny lights, a ratio that really nails the fairy light aesthetic. “These look magical and work well,” says one buyer. “They seem to be of good construction too,” she adds.

Buy It ($45)


6. Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered String Lights

Best Solar Powered

If your string lights are going to hang there unused all day, they may as well be harnessing the power of the sun, right? Yep, which is why these string lights are powered by a solar panel that can be placed anywhere in your yard. Six hours of direct sunlight converts to five to six hours of power.

$75 at Amazon


7. Lemontech Outdoor String Lights

Customer Favorite

With over 2,000 five-star reviews, these are undoubtedly the customer favorite of the bunch. And we can see why: The durable 48-foot strand is waterproof and made to withstand the elements all year long. That said, buyers note that the bulbs can be a bit fragile, so be careful when stringing them up.

$50 at Amazon


8. Sol 72 Bulb Globe String Lights

Longest String Lights

Looking to wrap one strand around the entire pergola? This 100-foot strand of clear globes from Sol 72 is long enough to cover large areas without the hassle of combining separate cords. This set also comes with 25 extra bulbs, just in case there are any installation mishaps.

Buy It ($97)

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