The 8 Best New Houseplants of 2024 (Because You’re So Bored with Snake Plant)

Believe it or not, new houseplant varieties are introduced every year

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Triptych of best new houseplants of 2024
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Yes, we love you, snake plant, for your striking looks and carefree attitude toward life. And ZZ plant, you thrive on neglect, so you’re perfect in our eyes. But, as much as we adore you both, there’s a whole new world of houseplants out there that we’re eager to try.

Believe it or not, new houseplant varieties are introduced every year. What’s hot for 2024? Big, bold leaves, splashy variegated foliage, and gold leaves that add tons of color and drama to your space without being overly fussy.

When choosing a new plant, make sure you read up on its care needs so you can give it the correct amount of light—or use a grow light to help it thrive. Also, make sure not to drown it. Although most houseplants have tropical origins, they don’t like to stay soaking wet. So, poke your finger in the soil before watering, and if it still feels damp-ish, wait a few more days. It’s always better to err on the side of too dry than too wet.

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Philodendron Erubescens Pink Princess Variegated Plant
Nora Carol Photography/Getty Images
  • Why we love it: every plant and leaf looks different
  • What it needs: bright, indirect light so it maintains its coloring; water when top few inches of soil feels dry

Of course, last year was the Year of Pink Everything, thanks to all things Barbiecore. And pink isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, with plant lovers seeking pink plants of every kind. Pink Princess Philodendron, first discovered in the 70s, has fetching pink splotches all over its dark green shiny leaves. This once-rare plant is now much easier to find.

new houseplants Philodendron tortum
Costa Farms

2. Philodendron Tortum

Costa Farms

  • Why we love it: texture, texture, texture
  • What it needs: bright, indirect light; water when the top inch or two of soil feels dry

Philodendrons are one of the easiest type of plant to grow, so it’s no wonder more and more varieties are becoming available to plant lovers. This one, also known as fernleaf philodendron due to its lacey foliage, has beautiful frond-like leaves that unfurl in a curly, funky way.

new houseplants mistletoe cactus 1

3. Mistletoe Cactus


  • Why we love it: trailing form and unique texture
  • What it needs: low to medium light; water when the soil feels mostly dry

With unique foliage and trailing stems (once it grows out), this handsome little succulent is just too cute for words! There are a few different varieties, but the type we really love has pencil-thin foliage so it looks like a mop of hair.

Dieffenbachia Crocodile in white pot on pink background
Costa Farms

4. Crocodile Dieffenbachia

Costa Farms

  • Why we love it: low maintenance with a striking ruffle on the back of each leaf
  • What it needs: bright, indirect light; water when top inch or two of soil feels dry

Dieffenbachia has always been an easy-care plant, but it’s also—dare we say it?—somewhat on the boring side. However, this fun, new variety boasts spotted foliage and a super-cool ruffled midrib up the back of the plant. Eventually, each leaf can reach more than 2 feet in length!

stromanthe tricolor in a pot on a white box
Konstantin Dmitriev/Getty Images

5. Triostar Stromanthe

Home Depot

  • Why we love it: gorgeous color and strong upright form
  • What it needs: bright, indirect light; allow soil to mostly dry out between waterings

Also known as Tricolor stromanthe, here’s another plant that’s pretty in pink! While it’s not exactly new, this plant was once grown primarily as a tropical landscape plant. But it’s having a moment a striking houseplant. With variegated foliage of cream, pink and green with magenta undersides, this colorful beauty is worth adding to your collection.

Bird of paradise houseplant in brown pot on white background
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6. Bird of Paradise

The Sill

  • Why we love it: drama to spare
  • What it needs: bright direct or indirect light; water when mostly dry

Usually grown as a landscape plant in warm climates, bird of paradise does surprisingly well indoors and its huge leaves lend instant drama to any room. It prefers direct sunlight but will adapt to bright, indirect light. Indoors, it rarely blooms, but it’s still worth growing for lush look.

A hand waters a small philodendrom golden crocodile in a white pot
  • Why we love it: eye-catching color and gigantic leaves
  • What it needs: bright, indirect light; water when top few inches of soil dry out

Huge golden leaves with serrated edges like a crocodile’s back? What’s not to love! Like most philodendrons, this brand new plant is easy-care. The gold leaves can reach up to two feet long as the plant matures.

new houseplants chameleon zz
Costa Farms

8. Chameleon ZZ Plant

Costa Farms

  • Why we love it: easy care with bright green new foliage that matures to dark green
  • What it needs: medium to low light; water every few weeks when soil feels mostly dry

Yes, we already adore a stately green ZZ plant. But Chameleon ZZ boasts punchy lime green new foliage, and it’s just as easy-care as the other varieties.

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