The 11 Best Kitchen Organizers to Free Up Precious Counter Space

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Fact: Counter space is prime real estate. Whether you're prepping a week's worth of meals or just trying to tidy up, a clear countertop can transform a kitchen and a crowded one can make meal prep a lot more complicated. Sure it’s easy to tidy up once in a while, but more often than not, countertops become a resting place for all types of gadgets. No longer! We’ve rounded up the best kitchen organizers that clear clutter on your countertop. The best part? Not only will these organizers help your kitchen look tidier, they’ll help them stay that way.

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best kitchen organizers colander

1. An Over-the-sink Strainer Basket

This multi-use gadget is perfect for washing fruit and vegetables, straining pasta and rinsing grains. The best part? It helps save space by extending over the sink, rather than sitting on a counter top. The extendable arms can range from 14 inches to 22 inches and the large bowl can hold up to 6 quarts of pasta or potatoes.

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2. A Mounted Rack For Hiding Spices

Looking to hide that mismatched and ever-growing selection of spices somewhere out of sight? This mounted spice rack is perfect for keeping spices, vinegars and oils hidden behind a cabinet door. Easy to assemble and clean, this three-tier rack is an ideal way to clear your countertops of messy spice containers.

best kitchen organizers corner spice rack

3. Or A Corner Rack For Neatly Displaying Spices

If you prefer to have your spices all lined up where you can see them, this corner spice rack might be the option for you. The three tiered system prevents spices from getting hidden behind one another, and instead puts them on display in an easy-to-see system. The triangular design is ideal for optimizing space both on your countertop or inside a cabinet.

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4. A Shelf To Stack Your Appliances

Tabletop appliances can take up a lot of space, but they don’t have to. If you’re looking for a sleek way to double your space, try a shelving unit that allows you to stack your microwave or toaster oven. This unit from Mind Reader is strong, sturdy and easy to clean. It even comes with hooks to conveniently hang tools or oven mitts.

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5. A 3-tiered Corner Organizer

If there’s a corner in your kitchen that you don’t know what to do with, make the most of it with this organizer. This space-saving tool is made of waterproof bamboo that boasts three tiers and four hooks. With plenty of space for sugar, mugs and stirrers, this shelf makes for an elegant addition to your coffee corner.

best kitchen organizers caddy
Bed Bath & Beyond

6. A No-mess Sink Caddy

Soap and sponges can get messy, and leaving them out on your countertop doesn’t only look sloppy, it can also contribute to the spread of bacteria. This sink caddy keeps your sponges and scrapers neatly nested inside the sink, where dripping water and soapy residue can fall back down the drain, rather than pool on your surfaces. Four suction cups and a hanger provide a secure, non-slip grip to your sink.

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7. An Effortlessly Efficient Dish Rack

A drying rack is a necessity in any kitchen that doesn’t have dishwasher. However, they’re not all created equally. This drying rack from Simple Human is efficiently designed to carefully dry everything in your kitchen, from wine glasses to mugs to utensils, all at the same time. The silicone-wrapped wire rack holds everything without slipping or scratching, and the swiveling spout helps prevent pooling by efficiently draining straight into the sink.

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8. Spin-able Cabinet Storage

This turntable fits perfectly in small spaces by keeping oils, vinegars and other condiments orderly. Keep it on the countertop to corral everything, or stow it away in a cabinet or pantry. Either way, this turntable eliminates the need to fumble around for products, and the easy-glide system allows you to grab your favorite item with just a spin. Our suggestion? Use it to organize your favorite tea bags and sweeteners.

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9. Rustic Hanging Fruit Baskets

These eco-friendly woven baskets are made to clear cluttered countertops by hanging from the ceiling. Perfect for storing fruits or alliums like onions and garlic, these baskets add a touch of rustic elegance to your kitchen. The best part? They’re made of natural seagrass that is eco-friendly and has a minimal impact on the environment.

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10. A Standing Wine Rack

Don’t let wine bottles clutter your limited counter space any longer. This standing wine rack stacks wines vertically, clearing up some ever-so-coveted real estate. It’s chic enough to keep out and sleek enough to tuck inside a cabinet. In fact, storing wine on its side is actually the best way to maintain quality, because it keeps the cork moist and prevents it from drying out (which can cause oxidation).

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11. An Out-of-the-way Utensil Rack

Instead of shoving spatulas into an overflowing utensil crock, try hanging them instead. This under-cabinet utensil holder frees up space next to your stove by hanging utensils upside-down rather than storing them on the counter. The hooks make them easy to grab while the space saving gadget keeps everything out of the way.

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