The 15 Best Charcuterie Boards (and 4 Smart Accessories) for Gifting and Entertaining in 2021

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When it comes to entertaining, picnicking and wine nights at home, there’s one staple that always completes the spread: a mouth-watering charcuterie board. You’ve probably seen these curations pop up on your feed, and you’re probably well aware of the fact that there’s an art to perfecting these bad boys. And while "charcuterie" technically means a range of cured meats, we’re seeing these platters go way beyond salami and prosciutto. Like fruicuterie (fruit and cheese), chocolate charcuterie, pancake charcuterie, and the latest Jarcuterie (single-serving charcuterie boards packed into a cute little jar). While there are a plethora of charcuterie recipes to browse, we’ve found that the physical board is an equally important component to completing the look—and it’s often overlooked. So below, fifteen of the best charcuterie boards of 2021, plus four accessories to complete your board’s look.

31 Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Charcuterie Board Recipe Ideas

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1. Octavia Marble Serving Board With Cheese Knives

Crisp and clean, this stunning slab of marble allows fruicuterie boards to pop with flying colors (literally). Plus, this board comes with nested champagne cheese knives that bring a subtle pop of glam to any array.

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2. Mikasa Square Lazy Susan Serving Tray

If your spread involves a bunch of dips and fixings, this mango wood board has a generous 18-inch width that can accommodate several serving bowls at once. Not to mention that it doubles as a lazy susan and can serve everyone at the table with a simple spin.

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3. Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Oval Platters

We’ve noticed grandma-chic dishes trending all over Instagram and TikTok (and we don’t see that changing anytime soon). Gift this to a friend who loves antique home decor or keep it for yourself to create a cottagecore-style cocktail hour.

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4. French Kitchen Marble Cheese Board With Slicer

We love few things in life more than a kitchen appliance that’s as pretty as it is useful (psst Alicia Keys’ kitchen must-haves are *to die for*). This marble board’s built-in stainless steel slicer knocks it out of the park—and it’s only $30? We’re already stocking up for secret Santa gift exchanges.

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5. Omri Blue And White Oval Platter

This one’s inky blue ripples and bright white porcelain base can bring a fun splash of color to any meat and cheese platter. Dress it up with some blue linens for a coastal farmhouse vibe, or keep it minimalist with whites that allow the pop of color to draw visual interest.

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6. Hayes Marble Serving Board With Handles

Looking for a board that will double as your table’s centerpiece? This one’s dramatic black veined marble and upright, gold-finished handles make for a perfect sophisticated statement piece. But its design isn’t even the best part: The marble surface is naturally cool to the touch and transfers heat away from meats and cheeses to prevent things from getting too warm.

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7. Gourmet Basics By Mikasa Vella Wooden Tile 18-inch Lazy Susan In Natural

While everyone loves a lazy susan for its convenient spin, most of them come in plain wooden finishes that are boring. Not this one. The colorful, medallion-tiled design makes it the ultimate compliment to a Spanish tapas board, and its generous 18-inch width ensures you won’t have to leave anything off.

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William Sonoma

8. Scalloped Marble Cheese Board

Thinking about trying our prosciutto and fig salad recipe? You’ll need something equally tasteful to display it on. This elegant scalloped board is handcrafted by artisans with high-quality marble for a simple yet luxurious look.

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9. Carson Cheeseboard 24

If you’re planning on throwing a housewarming party, curating a drop-dead gorgeous charcuterie board is a must. And, if you’re planning on having over twenty-five guests, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough to go around for everyone. This board’s 24-inch length and width make it the ultimate server for long, narrow tables.

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Urban Outfitters

10. Nadia Tile Serving Tray

Wanna get in on the '70s California dinner party trend? Get your hands on this ceramic serving tray. Not only does it feature a checkerboard glaze, but it comes in the era’s staple green and yellow hues. It basically screams retro.

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11. Wine Carafe & Cheese Board Set

What’s meat and cheese without a little wine? This board combines the best of both worlds with an included handmade glass carafe that’s designed to fit perfectly atop its oak surface.

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Bed Bath and Beyond

12. Picnic At Ascot Sardo Slate Cheese Board

If you’re going all-out with your charcuterie, you’ll probably need something to help you keep track of what’s what. That’s why we love this natural slate board. Not only can it accommodate an extensive array of meats, cheeses, crackers and more, but it also comes with ​​two soapstone pencils for identifying your selections.

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13. Teak Root Wedge Reclaimed Wood Serving Board

ICYMI: 2021’s home trends are all about making bold, unique statements in our decor and furniture… so why should we stop with our tableware? This board is fashioned from a cross-cut section of teak root that puts the wood's irregular growth ring patterns and gnarled shapes on display. When it comes to charcuterie, it doesn’t get more unique than that.

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14. Blush Quartz Serving Board

This stunning rose quartz board is perhaps one of our favorite housewarming gifts of the season. Not only is this one instantly unforgettable with unique veining and a natural pink hue, but its healing rose quartz stone base is guaranteed to impress crystal-fanatics who love to entertain. (Psst, here's why rose quartz is the pick-me-up your love life needs).

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15. Cato Large Acacia Board

Last but not least, a gorgeous wooden board in a unique oval shape. We love how this one’s long-yet-rounded curves make it a versatile option for smaller tables, and how its tapered handle is easy to carry. Plus, the grained acacia wood and leather handle accent look beautiful when paired with our winter cheeseboard.

The 4 Best Charcuterie Board Accessories Of 2021

Just like a finished tablescape, a charcuterie board is nothing without its glassware, serving tools and accessories.

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16. Artizan Rattan Cheese Knives, Set Of 3

Perfect for boho-boards, these cheese knives feature a rattan handle and brass finish that balances glamour with laid-back natural beauty. Pair it with a patterned board to bring the look together.

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17. Aspen All Purpose Big Wine Glasses, Set Of 8

While glaring at images of mouthwatering charcuterie boards will undoubtedly cause a pavlovian response, the experience really isn’t complete without a complimentary glass of wine. This set of eight wine glasses are made of all-purpose glass, they’re dishwasher safe and they have over 1,300 positive reviews from enthusiastic buyers.

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William Sonoma

18. Cheese Markers With Pen, Set Of 4

As we mentioned before, creating a mac-daddy charcuterie board can get a tad… hectic. If you’re someone who likes to keep things organized (or you simply can’t keep track of which cheese is which), these little markers are an amateur chef’s best friend.

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19. Blue Patterned Porcelain Dipping Bowls Set

And of course, what would a charcuterie board or tablescape be without some bowls for dipping? Not only will these blue porcelain bowls brighten up your array with some color, but they’re adopted with high-temperature technology to make sure they’re oven, freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe.

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