Moroccan, Japandi Coastal and 70s California Dinner Party: The Tablescape Trends You’re About to See Everywhere

Feeling that post-pandemic hostess itch? We didn’t think we were the “Emily Post" type, but after an uneventful 2020 of canceled events and zoom meetings, we’re practically dying for a reason to break out the serveware. That said, a regular ol’ dinner party doesn’t feel special enough to celebrate our return to normalcy. So below, find three tablescape trends to inspire your next dinner party.

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1. '70s California Dinner Party

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: vintage furniture and antique home decor is *the* post-pandemic trend we’re seeing everywhere. So, it comes as no surprise that 70s-style tablescapes are back (with a Gen-Z-inspired twist, of course). Here, elements of organic modern design play a key role with sustainable, raw, and natural decor that’s featured in decade-favorite colorways.

Looking to re-create this contemporary meets retro look? You'll want to start with mixing and matching pale greens, blues and browns with more retro hues of ochre, mustard and buttery yellow. Then, bring in lots of texture with pampas, macramé, crochet, rattan or wooden beading in your decor. Add a couple of colored wine glasses, cottagecore dishes and table linens with funky patterns—and voilà: you have yourself a 70s-inspired tablescape to unleash your inner-hippie.

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2. Moroccan-inspired Tablescape

We’ve all daydreamed about fleeing to Morocco, and as escapist decor continues to gain popularity, this next trend comes as no surprise. This tablescape includes a material mix of naturals and metallics, global patterns and native artisan techniques that originated in the cobblestone markets of Marrakesh. Think Moroccan metals, colors of the sunset in St.Tropez, and materials from the beaches of the French Riviera.

For this trend, focus on creating an exotic look with accents of natural glamour. Opt for linens in white, navy, yellow and turquoise for a true Moroccan color scheme. Then, bring in a mix of hand-carved wooden accents, lemons (yes, we said lemons) and mixed metal tableware to give your table some glamour. You might not have Sky28’s breathtaking views of Casablanca, but we promise you’ll have the best-dressed table in the neighborhood.

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3. Japandi Coastal Style

We've all seen the japandi trend taking over the design industry…but have you seen the new coastal farmhouse trend? This tablescape relies on minimalism-infused layers of texture, natural woods, and coastal colors to bring the best of both movements together. If you’re looking to combine the sleek, minimalist look you’ve seen all over Instagram with some coastal flair, this one’s for you.

When it comes to modern coastal, it’s all about color. Be sure to use an ocean-inspired palette with whites, muted blues, sandy browns and dusty pinks. Then, stay minimal with your decor. Incorporate brass into your tableware and small touches of pampas or rattan for some warmth and dimension.

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