14 of the Best Boho Curtain Sets for Creating Your Dream Bedroom

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If the pandemic has taught us anything about our homes, it's that they are our own personal sanctuaries—or at least, they should be. If yours isn't *quite* there yet, not to fret: There are plenty of ways to give your space a facelift—even if you're on a budget. A new comforter set, mirror or even a cozy rug can dramatically change the look and mood of a room. There's another aspect of your décor that you might not have put much thought into, however, that could be just the thing for turning the bedroom of your dreams into a reality: your curtains. And if you're looking to deck your abode out with a breezy, offbeat aesthetic, there's no better way to do it than with the best boho curtains around. (Psst: We've got a whole list of 'em.)

What Is a Boho Curtain?

To really incorporate that boho style, it helps to know exactly what it is. Boho is short for bohemian, and when related to décor, it's defined as a "born carefree and eclectic" style that "mimics the artistry of those who appreciate the textures, patterns, colors and motifs of nature" (think airy, beaded and unique)—this according to HGTV.

When it comes to finding that look in a curtain, keep an eye out for organic, earthy tones (like the ones seen in this list of boho living room ideas) as well as vibrant shades and stunning patchwork patterns. Because it's such a devil-may-care style, you can opt for a variety of materials, weaving methods and designs, including knotted macramé, cotton with tassels or detailed ornamentation, all of which can help to make your space as free-spirited as you feel.

We've found a beautiful range of boho curtains that will really help you to capture that sense of travel-inspired wonderment. Read on to check out our list of 15 of the best boho curtains around.

The Best Boho Curtains at a Glance

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boho curtains mexicali blues
Mexicali Blues

1. Mexicali Blues Silk Curtains

Most Eco-Friendly Curtains

  • Why We Love Them: Unique, sustainable, quality material

These luxe-feeling curtains are not only beautiful, they're handmade in India from repurposed silk sari components. That means behind each one there's a rich and textured history and no two will exactly the same. In essence, you're not just purchasing a curtain, you're purchasing a story. What could be more bohemian? For true free spirits, there's even a "mystery" color option to make for a fun surprise.

curtains ld 2

2. Lush Décor Pom-pom Curtain Panels

Best Pom-Pom Curtains

  • Why We Love Them: Pom poms detach for washing, allow light to pass through

With sweet pom poms attached to delightful dangling tassels, these boho curtains are both fabulous and fun. Meant to give off a waterfall effect, each strand is detachable, which means that you can toss your curtains into the washing machine without worrying about them getting damaged (or ruining your machine). They offer privacy but still allow for plenty of light, and you can choose from one of three neutral colors. Note that they're sold in single panels, so you'll need to buy two if you want them to look like the picture.

boho curtains 1

3. Colorbird Geometric Curtains

Best Tassel Curtains

  • Why We Love Them: Fun pattern, rod pocket, machine washable

It doesn't get more boho than these bold, geometric curtains that are bordered by a delicate tassel trim. They're made of a cotton/linen blend that makes them soft, yet super strong, and the design is semi-opaque, so you'll have the option to let in some sunshine or keep things darker, depending on your mood. They've got a rod pocket for easy hanging, and you can throw these curtains into the machine on laundry day if it's time for a cleaning—just be sure to wash them with cold water.

boho curtains urban outfitters
Urban Outfitters

4. Urban Outfitters Myla Window Panels

Best Floral Curtains

  • Why We Love Them: Rich yellow color, semi-sheer

The semi-sheer yellow print of these delicate beauties is guaranteed to make your room feel warm and cozy—especially when the sun's beaming in. The wildflower design is reminiscent of a golden field, and they're made from a no muss, no fuss 100 cotton material—so much so that they've earned a perfect 5-star rating from customers, who say they let in the perfect amount of daylight.

boho curtains anthropologie

5. Anthropologie Diana Curtains

Best Lightweight Curtains

  • Why We Love Them: Romantic, four sizes

These airy curtains, which come in four different lengths, feature a romantic, wistful pattern that speaks to the ideals of bohemianism. They're understated enough to match with any color scheme, yet the print really invites you in—we could seriously stare at them all day long. And while they look ultra-delicate to the touch, they're still machine washable for easy cleaning.

boho curtains mkono

6. Mkono Macramé Curtains

Best Boho Macramé Curtains

  • Why We Love Them: Handmade, can be dyed

You can hang these in front of your window or over an arched entry way for a fun twist (which honestly may be your best bet, as they aren't designed to block out light—they're strictly decorative). The handwoven pattern is complex and textured, and if you're the DIY type, you can dye them to match your your exact bedroom paint shade. While they're a bit heftier than other options on this list, they're also more likely to last longer, as long as you follow the proper care instructions.

curtains aside

7. Aside Embroidered Curtains

Best Embroidered Curtains

  • Why We Love Them: Super lightweight, intricate detailing

These high-quality beaded lace voile curtains are all about the embroidery. Made with either a blue or beige base, each one has glitzy, golden stitching that practically screams "opulence." They're nice and sheer for sun lovers, though those who like a darker room will find that they also layer well over a solid curtain for an added pop of intrigue. There's a rod pocket panel at the top to string them with, and at just under $30 for the 63-inch set, they're also relatively affordable.

boho curtains lush decor

8. Lush Décor Bohemian Curtains

Most Colorful Curtains

  • Why We Love It: Vibrant shades, machine-washable

If color is how you express yourself, these curtains are for you. They're bold, vibrant and layered, with nine different funky/chic patterns. In short? They're what we like to call "eclectically bohemian"—your eye can't help but be drawn to them. On top of that, they're semi-sheer, machine washable and can be hung with a rod or with clips.

boho curtains popular handcrafts

9. Popular Handicrafts Mandala Curtains

Best Mandala Curtains

  • Why We Love Them: Wide color variety, traditional screen printing

These curtains are crafted from 100 percent cotton, making them soft, lightweight and durable (do we sense a triple threat?). The screen-printed design is made overseas using a traditional Indian method that will bring a little culture into your home (each one takes about a week to complete), and they come two to a pack. A pro tip? Buy an extra set for an instant photo wall background.

curtains joelle

10. Joelle Curtains

Best Long Curtains

  • Why We Love It: Extra length to play with, nature-inspired design

Fresh and fluttery, these imported linen and cotton blend curtains feature earthy tones and a nature-inspired print that all but defines the décor style at hand. Better yet, you can use them in just about any bedroom, since the longest pair measures 108 inches (most long curtains range between 84 to 96 inches).

curtains colorbird

11. Colorbird Sunflower Curtains

Best Patterned Curtains

  • Why We Love It: Semi-opaque material, nature-inspired

These babies are so gorgeous, you might just wind up redesigning your whole bedroom around them. They're semi-sheer, so you can enjoy some light without feeling like a fish in an aquarium who's on display 24/7, and they feature tons of boho-worthy elements, from the tasseled edges and the billowy cotton and linen fabric to the sunflower-inspired pattern.

curtains sun
Urban Outfitters

12. Sun Bamboo Beaded Curtain

Best Boho Beaded Curtains

  • Why We Love Them: Versatile, sustainable material

Made of 100 percent bamboo (which, FYI, is a sustainable and extremely strong material) this beaded curtain would look amazing in a window or doorway. You could also hang the sunny design on your wall like a tapestry or use it as a divider. To clean it, simply give it a good wipe every once in a while.

curtains bm

13. Lush Décor Macramé Curtain Panel

Best Cotton Curtains

  • Why We Love Them: Eye-catching design, machine washable

Knotted into exquisite designs and diamond-shaped patterns that end in twists before transitioning into loosely hanging strands, this textured boho macramé curtain makes a big statement despite its all-white hue. (Though if you love this option but aren't interested in the lighter shade, it also comes in a range of other stunning colors.) While it appears to be incredibly delicate, it's 100 percent cotton and well-made, according to shoppers. It's also machine-washable, though you should line-dry it to keep it in pristine condition.

curtains tamara
Bed Bath & Beyond

14. Tamara Curtain Panels

Best Boho Blackout Curtains

  • Why We Love Them: Keep light out, included grommets for easy setup

While some curtains are sheer and others let some light through, blackout curtains live up to their name by fully keeping the light out so you can get some sweet shut-eye. These ones are equipped with a draft-blocking foam backing that helps to to filter out light and wind and a rich bohemian pattern that will instantly transform room into a luxe oasis. They have grommets, too, so you can get your dream bedroom set up in a hurry.

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