18 Bean Bag Chairs for Kids and Teens That Are Both Comfortable and Stylish (Yes, Really)

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Remember when bean bag chairs were all the rage? Well, friends, they’re making a major comeback—namely because their modern incarnation bears no resemblance to the crunchy, uncomfortable bean bag sack of yore. In fact, the new and improved chairs on the market offer all the comfort and coziness of a well-loved couch (hello, memory foam) for a fraction of the cost. Plus, their low-profile—in terms of both style and actual height off the ground— makes them particularly appropriate for kids of all ages. Don’t take our word for it, though. Here, find our roundup of the best bean bag chairs for kids and teens—from waterproof and washable, to patterned and plush—that will make a believer out of you and your brood.

How to Pick the Best Bean Bag Chair

Fabric: This all depends on the level of durability and softness you want from your bean bag. For example, if you’re looking for something that’ll provide maximum comfort, cotton and microsuede fabrics are just as pretty as they are cozy. However, these fabrics tend to be fickle in the wash and they’re rarely stain-resistant. That said, if you have two young boys under the age of six, you’ll probably want something more durable (i.e., polyester or leather) that can hold up in the wash.

Filling: Most bean bags are constructed with either polystyrene beads or foam filler…. so what’s the difference? In terms of comfort, polystyrene beads compress while you sit on them, but quickly spring back to their original shape when you get up. Foam, on the other hand, offers more support and precisely-molded comfort when compressed, but takes a much longer time to spring back up. Furthermore, polystyrene beads have been used to fill bean bags for years, foam filler is relatively new to the market. When deciding between the two, it’s important to consider how much support you’d like from your bean bag. While some people love the shiftiness of the beads, others love the sink-into-me feeling of the foam.

Size and Shape: Gone are the days where you could only choose from a standard, 4-foot circular bean bag. Now, you can choose from rectangular, square and even tear-drop-shaped bags that range from 4-feet to 8-feet long. When it comes to selecting the best size for kids, we’d say something in the 4-to-5 foot range should give them ample room to spread out. And, if you have limited space, rectangular or teardrop shapes can easily fit in the corner without taking up too much room. Otherwise, if you’re looking for something that can accommodate the whole family—or a group of growing teens—we’d recommend going with an oversized, (minimum of 6-feet) circular bag that allows 2-4 people to plop down comfortably.

Best Bean Bag Chairs for Toddlers and Kids:

best beanbags 1
Moon Pod

1. Moon Pod Zero Gravity Bean Bag Chair

Best Overall

  • Pros: Zero-gravity technology offers ample comfort, helps with circulation, can reduce neck and back pain, comes in multiple colors
  • Cons: Bigger than others

These high-tech, luxury bean bag chairs aren’t specifically designed for kids, but that’s not such a bad thing. (Spoiler alert: You’ll definitely want to seek some R&R in this plush seat when your kid isn’t around.) As for its claim to fame, the Moon Pod is so comfy, it actually makes you feel like you’re floating in space. Yep, the weightless sensory experience this chair provides is truly unique—and the combination of zero-gravity technology and ample back support has earned this product rave reviews as an ideal spot to meditate, read and ready your body for bedtime. In other words, if you invest in one of these bad boys, it may just help your restless, sleep-resistant kid get to bed without a struggle...and if not, it will certainly be kind to your aching back.

Bean bag chairs for kids and teens Mack and Milo

2. Mack & Milo Standard Classic Bean Bag

Best One-Seater

  • Pros: Low profile is kid-friendly, machine-washable slipcover, childproof, key-lock zipper, ideal one-seater for a child’s room
  • Cons: Small size is not adult-friendly

This bean bag chair keeps a low profile, literally, which is excellent news for your active little kid. The beans in this number are actually polystyrene beads—a filling that provides an extra soft seating experience without compromising structure (i.e., even a full-size person won’t sink straight to the floor) and users report that it arrives generously stuffed. This one also comes equipped with a machine-washable slipcover and a childproof, key-lock zipper so that not even a trouble-making toddler can wreak havoc (maybe). One more thing to note is that the smaller dimensions of this product make it an ideal one-seater for a child’s room—just don’t expect to be able to join for a bean bag snugglefest because you probably won’t fit.

3. Softscape Classic Junior Bean Bag Chair

Easiest to clean

  • Pros: Waterproof cover, plush memory foam filling, includes two childproof safety zippers, wipe-down, stain-resistant fabric
  • Cons: Prone to deflating

This foam-filled bean bag chair comes in three different size options, ranging from a space-saving (22-inch) toddler seat to a full-size (35-inch) chair that can comfortably accommodate teens and adults. The cover, made of soft polyurethane leather, is water-proof (so you don’t have to live in fear of a juice spill) and can be cleaned with nothing more than a quick wipe-down. Satisfied customers also gush over the comfort the plush memory foam filling provides: Pleasantly soft and adequately stuffed, your kid will sink right into this one without sinking all the way to the floor. This bean bag chair also comes in a wide range of attractive colors with bright and subdued options alike, so you aren’t stuck with a seat that sticks out like a sore thumb in your home.

Bean bag chairs for kids and teens Posh Creations

4. Posh Creations Classic Bean Bag

Best Value

  • Pros: Available in six pattern choices, machine-washable slipcover, childproof zipper, tear-resistant, durable
  • Cons: Small size is not adult-friendly, can lose shape over time

A wide range of bold, colorful prints and a unique shape are among the features that set these foam-filled bean bags apart. The chair is designed to provide maximum back support while lounging and the triangle shape boasts the added benefit of making it easier for kids to drag their bean bag around. Best of all, the removable cotton cover is tear-resistant, has a childproof zipper and can be tossed in the wash. (In other words, this one can take a beating.) Parents should know that this bag is on the smaller side though and some reviewers say they wish it had a little more fill.

best beanbags 5

5. Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Best for Storage

  • Pros: Multifunctional, holds up to 90 plush toys, childproof zipper, machine washable, durable and comfortable
  • Cons: Cotton fabric is not stain-resistant

Although (or because) this versatile chair arrives unfilled, it scores points for functionality: Stuff it with beans of your choosing, use it to store the out-of-control stuffed animal collection that’s threatening to take over your home or, better yet, do both. Aside from storage potential, the fact that the filling is customizable also brings the added benefit of being able to adjust both the size and the fill-power according to your personal preference. (Note: The extra-large size has a 38-inch diameter when fully stuffed, making it roomy enough for a younger kid to lie down on.) Happy parents report that the zipper is kid-friendly, so stuffed animal clean-up won’t fall squarely on your shoulders (or lower back) and, when filled, the chair is every bit as comfy as any other bean bag on the market. That’s right, friends, this genius DIY bean bag chair is kind of a game-changer.

Bean bag chairs for kids and teens Germaine Modern Corduroy

6. Germaine Modern Corduroy Beanbag

Most Plush

  • Pros: Supportive foam filling, childproof zipper, machine washable, plush corduroy fabric
  • Cons: Small 3-foot diameter

A big ball of memory foam swaddled in ultra-soft corduroy—need we say more? This chair gets rave reviews for comfort and its size is generous enough to accommodate an average-sized adult (or lanky teen). Best of all, the removable cover makes it a breeze to clean up accidental spills on the slipcover, and the childproof zipper will prevent your youngest from damaging the luxurious, pillowy interior. Plus, the corduroy gives this bean bag an extra cozy look—so if you’re looking for a bean bag that is more understated and neutral, this one might be your best bet.

Bean bag chairs for kids and teens Big Joe Milano

7. Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair

Best Lightweight

  • Pros: Lightweight construction, stain-resistant fabric, comes in seven different colors, good for small spaces
  • Cons: Non-removable cover, not long-lasting

If you’re looking for a bean bag with a bit more backbone, this structured Milano chair from Big Joe will likely fit the bill. This medium-sized seat is roomy enough for teens and adults to relax in, but it’s lightweight enough for a toddler to drag it around. (There’s a handle for that, too.) The durable, stain-resistant cover features a soft, cozy feel and a faux leather look that’s decidedly more stylish than your average dorm room sack of beans. This refillable chair arrives stuffed with ‘Meggah’ beans—a polystyrene bean designed to conform to the body—and the double locking zippers ensure the filling stays put until you’re ready to replace it.

Bean bag chairs for kids and teens Urban Shop Structured Faux Fur

8. Urban Shop Structured Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair

Best Structured Chair

  • Pros: Plush, faux fur fabric, long-lasting, sturdy and comfortable, doesn’t sink over time
  • Cons: Non-removable cover, might be too firm for some

Another mid-range structured option, the Urban Shop bean bag chair is generously sized (think: a 225-pound weight capacity) but not so enormous it takes up half the room. This bean bag chair also has a cushioned seat for added comfort and the polyester exterior is undeniably welcoming. Note that the cover does not come off so it must be spot cleaned, and the chair cannot be refilled. That said, this sturdy seat is designed so as to not fall flat or sag after heavy use and the handle makes it easy to transport from room to room. (Although, you’ll probably want this one to stay put unless bright blue tie-dye fur matches your living room decor.)

best beanbags 9

9. Posh Creations Canvas Bean Bag Chair

Most Durable

  • Pros: Durable, stain-resistant fabric, lightweight, machine washable, doesn’t sink over time, comes in multiple colors and sizes
  • Cons: Might be too small for some

This bean bag chair won’t take up too much space in your home, but it is just the right size for the toddler or pre-K kid in your life. In fact, the small size of this bean bag makes it best-suited for younger kids only, but parents report that the bean bag filling is super comfy and soft (so it's ideal for little bodies to hop and flop on). Furthermore, not only is this one’s cover removable and machine washable, but its canvas fabric is stain-resistant as well. You can expect the seat to arrive slightly overstuffed. However, word on the street is that this one breaks in quite nicely and chances are your wild child will accomplish that in no time.

Best Bean Bag Chairs for Tweens and Teenagers:

Bean bag chairs for kids and teens Yogibo Max
Yogibo Max

10. Yogibo Max

Best Versatility

  • Pros: Its 72-x-24-inch size can accommodate multiple kids and adults, memory foam conforms to your body, covers are durable and machine washable, plush fabric, offers back support
  • Cons: Not great for small spaces

The company says that its Yogibo Max bean bag chair is “the only furniture to completely conform to your body with zero pressure points” and, after testing this one out personally, I can say it absolutely lives up to this promise. (It’s in my kids’ room, but that hasn’t stopped me from sitting on it to work.) This chair’s filling is composed of EPS beads for maximum comfort and a memory foam effect, and its exterior—a machine washable blend of cotton and spandex—is as soft as your favorite T-shirt. Kids and parents will love the generous (read: enormous) size of this chair, which is roomy enough to accommodate multiple little kids or two adults. When flat on the floor, the 6’x2’x2’ Yogibo Max is roughly the size of a twin bed (and more comfy than some mattresses). Bonus: You can also mold this guy into the shape of a chair for a seat that takes up less floor space and offers back support to boot.

best beanbags 11

11. Chill Sack Giant Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

Most Comfortable

  • Pros: Ulta-comfortable shredded memory foam filler, removable cover is machine-washable, plush, moisture-resistant fabric, doesn’t sink over time, comfortable memory foam, can fit multiple people
  • Cons: Weighs 55 pounds, so it’s heavier than most

This squishy bag of shredded memory foam has room enough for two, so you can comfortably cuddle up with your kid for movie night and story time alike. In fact, with its whopping 5-foot diameter, this guy provides enough space for two grown-ups to chill. As for the exterior, this bean bag has a durable, double-stitched cover that’s made from low-maintenance (i.e., stain-resistant and washing machine safe) microfiber. Bottom line: This option might not be the cheapest on the list, but it scores high in terms of both comfort and quality, so you’re guaranteed to get plenty of bang for your buck.

best beanbags 12
Pottery Barn Teen

12. Pottery Barn Teen Faux-fur Gray Leopard Bean Bag Chair

Most Stylish Design

  • Pros: Made from recycled materials and is free from harmful chemicals, plush cover is machine washable, chic design
  • Cons: Cover and insert sold separately

This bean bag has received the Greenguard Gold seal of approval—meaning that it’s a low-emitting product that has been rigorously tested for harmless chemicals known to affect indoor air quality—and the cushy polystyrene bead stuffing is composed of 50 percent recycled materials. The only thing more plush than the filling of this puppy is its removable faux-fur exterior, which is oh-so soft and incredibly easy to clean. (You can pop that polyester slipcover into both the washing machine and dryer.) Plus, the understated aesthetic of this bean bag makes it easy to match with any decor and an instant favorite among the sophisticated tween and teen crowd.

bean bag chairs for kids 13 sofa sack microsuede bean bag chair

13. Sofa Sack Microsuede Bean Bag Chair

Best for Small Spaces

  • Pros: Accommodates all ages, super-soft, microsuede cover, durable, doesn’t sink over time, comfortable memory foam
  • Cons: Non-removable cover

This guy gets rave reviews for its ideal size—large enough for an average adult or two little kids, but small enough to be practical for apartment dwellers—as well as its dreamy memory foam filling. Aside from being extremely soft, the durable, double-stitched microsuede exterior is water-resistant and easy to spot clean. (Sadly, it isn't removable.) Owners of this bean bag chair also report that it holds its structure well over time, but it’s worth noting that this one needs to be broken in. Due to its vacuum packaging, you’ll want to aggressively fluff this chair upon arrival, so the interior foam is broken up and the chair has a chance to properly expand. (Some say it continues to grow over the course of a full week.)

bean bag chairs for kids 3 lovesac gamersac

14. Lovesac CitySac

Best Splurge

  • Pros: Machine washable cover, over 200 fabrics and color options, keeps its shape over time, customizable, durable
  • Cons: Expensive

The LoveSac boasts an impressive range of products (including bean bags big enough for a whole family of four), but the CitySac is the most sensible option for a young person...and your pocketbook. Another luxe bean bag rethink, the LoveSac boasts not beads, but rather a shredded Durafoam interior—a filling that molds to your body and evenly distributes weight without losing its oomph over time. The CitySac clocks in at roughly 35 pounds and has a 3-foot diameter, making it the most compact bean bag the company has to offer. That said, it’s every bit as plump as the rest of the product line and still provides plenty of space for a single person of any age or size to kick back.

Bean bag chairs for kids and teens Big Joe Milano

15. Big Joe Imperial Lounger Beanbag Chair

Best Long-Lasting

  • Pros: Polyester fabric is stain-resistant, childproof closure, durable and long-lasting, plush foam filling
  • Cons: Non-removable cover

Big Joe is a big name in the world of bean bags and they do it all well—from classic bean-filled bags to more modern foam-filled fare. This bean bag lounger falls into the latter category, boasting an ultra-soft foam stuffing that helps the chair keep its more sophisticated shape. (Note: This type of filling won’t go completely lifeless like a traditional bean bag might, but it does benefit from a gentle fluffing from time to time.) This one also boasts a childproof closure, which is particularly important because the cover is not removable. Don’t let that scare you off, though: The soft-to-the-touch and stain-resistant polyester exterior is plenty durable and takes kindly to spot cleaning.

best beanbags 16

16. Cozy Sack 6-foot Bean Bag Chair

Best Oversized

  • Pros: Available in several colors and sizes, Certi-PUR-US foam filler that functions like memory foam, durable
  • Cons: The microsuede cover is not removable

While it may take very little convincing to get a six-year-old up and moving, most parents of teenagers would agree: pulling them out of bed is no easy feat. Never fear, because the clever engineers at Cozy Sack have come up with a comfortable solution that makes both parents’ and teens’ lives a little easier. Not only is this one uniquely designed to provide maximum comfort and durability, but its CertiPur-US foam filling prevents lumpy and uncomfortable spots that can form in other foam-filled bags. This one also comes in several sizes, with 8 feet being the largest, down to 3 feet as the smallest size. However, the 6-foot bag is the sweet spot—especially for teenagers who love to lay on their stomachs as they binge Netflix.

best beanbags 17

17. Lumaland Luxurious 4-foot Bean Bag Chair With Cover

Best for TV Watching

  • Pros: Cooling memory foam, has a removable and machine-washable microsuede cover with a zipper, available in five different sizes, durable
  • Cons: Takes up to three days to fully expand after opening

Not too big and not too small, this 4-foot bean bag is just right for teenagers who are looking to lounge after school. Its microsuede outer cover is removable and machine-washable and we love how it has a beige, polyester inner cover that allows your teen to lay comfortably while washing (because we all know how much teenagers *love* to wait). Furthermore, this one is filled with a super-soft, cooling memory foam that adapts to your body temperature and shape. The best part? It’s available in a range of styles and sizes (3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet and 7 feet) that can accommodate the whole family.

Bean bag chairs for kids and teens West Elm Kids Rory
West Elm

18. West Elm Kids Rory Bean Bag

Best for Gaming

  • Pros: Shape provides back support, compact size is easy to move and well-suited for a wider variety of spaces
  • Cons: Non-removable cover

Available in super cozy shearling or eye-pleasing cotton and jute, this sleek little number is just the right size (40 inches wide x 25 inches deep x 51 inches high) for playrooms, game rooms and bedrooms alike. Best of all, the Rory bean bag’s unique design provides back support for a superior lounging experience without all the smooshing, shifting and shaping that other bags require, making it a perfect place for tweens and teens to comfortably study, game or read. Plus, it comes in four subdued and decidedly stylish colors so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb in your living space.

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