The Smartest Bathroom Upgrade You Can Make Before Selling Your House

If you’ve been thinking of selling your home—or have watched more than eight minutes of House Hunters—you’ve probably noticed that a Pinterest-worthy bathroom can cause people to throw down offers, fast. It’s the room that has the most potential to boost your resale value, according to Zillow data, but before you start crunching numbers on what it’d take to retile and install a clawfoot tub, know this: Minor cosmetic changes tend to yield the biggest impact. As in, for every $1 you spend, you’ll see a $1.71 increase in home value, for doing things like painting and refinishing cabinets and swapping out bathroom hardware.

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The More Mirrors, The Merrier

With that in mind, we analyzed Houzz’s 2020 bathroom trends report (which surveyed 1,594 homeowners nationwide) to uncover what tiny tweaks are most desirable right now. Turns out that three out of every four people renovating their bathrooms change out their mirrors, which makes sense, given the survey also found that “poor lighting” was one of the biggest pet peeves people had with their bathrooms. The bigger the mirror, the more light it reflects—and the larger and more open the space seems. It’s no wonder, then, that one of the emerging trends isn’t simply swapping out your mirror for a fresher style; it’s hanging two massive mirrors. Or, if the space allows it, three. (The number of renovators adding three or more mirrors in their homes is up 43 percent year over year, Houzz found.)

With so many types of mirrors on the market, what should you choose? Unless you love the modern farmhouse look, skip it—that style proved to be least popular in the bathroom, Houzz found. Modern design tends to be the most popular right now, and when it comes to mirrors in particular, it’s worth investing in a Jetsons-caliber one: look for models that are anti-fog or have LED lights in them. (See? It all comes back to light and bright.) You really can’t go wrong with any of these picks.

1. ickes Modern & Contemporary Lighted Vanity Mirror

Available in five sizes, the rectangular shape draws your eye up, making the ceilings seem taller.

2. istripmf Back-lit, Anti-fog Mirror

Dimmable LED lights? Anti-fog features? Ultra-slim (as in, it’s 5 millimeters thick) design? The future is now.

3. tolson Rounded Pivot Mirror

If you prefer a more industrial style, this design—which comes in two sizes and four finishes—is meant for you.

4. tmgy Gold Hexagon Mirror

Round mirrors have had their moment—why not try this fun, geometric number to punch things up?

5. amelia Arched Vanity Mirror

What this arched mirror lacks in high-tech features, it makes up for with sheer personality.

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