Is Zendaya’s Avocado Pasta Worth the Hype? We Find Out

Zendaya is an über-talented actress, singer and dancer, but it turns out that she also loves to cook.

Last year, during an interview with Vogue India, the Emmy Award-winning actress discussed a recipe for avocado pasta that she came across, and it quickly went viral. Now, in the latest episode of PureWow's Celeb Bites YouTube series, Juliette tries out the recipe for herself to see if it's really worth all the hype.

In the episode (see above), Juliette breaks down how to make the dish, which involves penne pasta, avocado sauce, lemon, basil and more. Yum!

If you've never made an avocado sauce before, Juliette notes that it smells just like pesto sauce, and as far as appearance goes, she adds that it appears more like a pasta salad. “It looks like pesto with frills,” she says.

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

However, while the pasta may not look super fancy, does it live up to the hype, taste-wise? You'll have to watch the full clip above to find out.

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