Vodka-Infused Ice Pops Are a Thing, and Here's Where to Find Them

Much like the summers of yesteryear, we still enjoy a frozen treat on a hot day. And now that we’re, erm, of a certain age, it’s preferable that said frozen treat is also alcoholic. (Hellooofrosé sorbet.)

And just like that, the universe has granted our wishes: introducing vodka-infused ice pops, found at your friendly neighborhood Costco.

Thanks to Slim Chillers, we can now imbibe and fulfill our low-brow fantasies all at once, because their “Skinny Freezers” are giving us flashbacks to the days of lemon drops and Cosmo cocktails. (Read: college.)

We’ll try anything once. Especially when it’s only 100 calories (low-risk, you know).


Senior Food Editor

Katherine Gillen is PureWow’s senior food editor. She’s a writer, recipe developer and food stylist with a degree in culinary arts and professional experience in New York City...