Want to Know How Hailey Bieber’s Favorite Soda Tastes? We Ranked All 12 Flavors

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united sodas of america review list
United Sodas of America

Value: 17/20
Functionality: 20/20
Quality: 20/20
Aesthetics: 20/20
Taste: 18/20 (an average of all 12 flavors' scores)

Total: 95/100

If we’re being honest, we’d love to live like celebrities. But since a mansion in the Hollywood Hills is just a *teensy* bit outside our budget, we’re turning to the next best thing: drinking like celebrities. United Sodas of America has been at the top of our to-try list because the brand’s unique flavors are only 30 calories a can and they're sweetened with organic, plant-based ingredients.

While you don’t need to have a celebrity’s income to buy a box, the glamorous other half is certainly getting in on the fun. In fact, Hailey Bieber took to Instagram this week to tell the world how “bomb” the pear elderflower and sour blueberry flavors are. Let's see how bomb they really are, shall we?

But before we get into the rankings, it's worth noting that these naturally flavored, organically sweetened drinks are also gluten-free, chemical-free and vegan. They're made with a blend of organic erythritol (a sugar alcohol), organic stevia and a touch of cane sugar. Oh, and the sodas are allergen- and caffeine-free, so just about anyone can crack one open at any time. They’re also pasteurized so they retain their natural freshness without any additional weird ingredients. P.S., the cans are BPA free and super easy on the eyes.

The variety pack of all 12 flavors is the most popular and sells out in days every time it’s back in stock. So, it’s probably safest to add it to your cart ASAP. Like, right this second. There are also themed boxes and single-flavor boxes available online while supplies last. In the meantime, here’s what we thought of the variety box. Presenting all 12 United Sodas flavors, ranked from ‘good’ to ‘my goodness, that’s amazing.’

united sodas of america gingery ale
United Sodas of America

12. Gingery Ale

It looks and smells just like its stomach-soothing namesake. Though its aroma is fresher and juicier, it isn’t spicy like fresh ginger. Once you taste it, on the other hand, the real ginger flavor comes through—only it’s weaker than we were hoping for. Something about boutique ginger ale gets our hopes up for something sinus-clearing, like ginger beer. Don’t get us wrong though, we’d definitely make a Moscow mule with it anyway.

Taste: 16/20

united sodas of america lemon verbena
United Sodas of America

11. Lemon Verbena

This one smells like ice-cold Sprite and has a light, hazy yellow color. It’s citrusy and aromatic, and arguably the most refreshing in the bunch thanks to its clean crispness. While it’s not exactly sour, its lemon flavor is more like what you’d expect from lemonade.

Taste: 17/20

united sodas of america orange nectarine
United Sodas of America

10. Orange Nectarine

Ah, nectarines. So similar to peaches, yet so painfully underrated. We were impressed by the scent alone, which is close to that of the Extra Peach, but with a citrusy backbone and that signature nectarine je ne sais quoi. It sort of reminded us of Orange Mango Santa Fé, one of AriZona’s new sparkling waters. To taste, the orange soda flavor comes through strongly, and definitely does OG orange soda justice. But we wish there was a juicier nectarine quality to it.

Taste: 17/20

united sodas of america young mango
United Sodas of America

9. Young Mango

This sipper smells exactly like Häagen-Dazs mango sorbet and has the same color, too. There’s something unexpectedly crisp about it; we didn’t see that coming since mangos are so creamy and dense, almost “fatty” compared to other fruits. It’s definitely delicious. but left us wanting a more intense tropical flavor.

Taste: 17/20

united sodas of america pear elderflower
United Sodas of America

8. Pear Elderflower

Firstly, it smells freakin’ delicious, like pear applesauce or pear Pop-Tarts (sigh, if only those existed). In terms of appearance, think light beige sparkling cider, or even a browner rosé. It tastes ridiculously juicy and, dare we say, autumnal. It’s on the sweeter side and conjures up thoughts of gooey pie filling.

Taste: 18/20

united sodas of america extra peach
United Sodas of America

7. Extra Peach

We miss summer already, so we fell in love with its farm-fresh aroma instantly. It’s a gorgeous, deep pink-orange color. At first sip, memories of peach gummy rings and peach Dum-Dums shot through our taste buds. It’s silky and fruity like thick peach nectar and brings us back to the days where all we cared about was what candy our mom would let us take home from the store.

Taste: 18/20

united sodas of america strawberry basil
United Sodas of America

6. Strawberry Basil

If you’re here for the artisanal flavors and fancy packaging, there’s a lot to explore. If you’re here for the prettiest pink drink you’ve ever seen, look no further. We appreciate how candy-like the strawberry scent is (think pink Starbursts) rather than fruit-like; it makes us forget all about it being a better-for-you soda. The basil offers an earthy, herbaceous surprise the moment it hits your tongue and makes the soda way less sweet than your nose may lead you to believe.

Taste: 18/20

united sodas of america sour blueberry
United Sodas of America

5. Sour Blueberry

OK, full disclosure: We had seriously high hopes for this one, just from the name alone. First of all, if you’ve never had blueberry soda, you’re seriously missing out. It’s tart, sweet, syrupy and hello, it’s purple. This particular blueberry pick is actually a super light, mod shade of gray-purple, like it time traveled from the future just to flex on standard blueberry soda. We were so happy when we first took a whiff because it literally smells sour, kind of like juicier black cherry Warheads. Its flavor strikes the perfect balance between blue raspberry candy and real blueberries. Our only critique? It could definitely be sourer.

Taste: 19/20

united sodas of america blackberry jam
United Sodas of America

4. Blackberry Jam

Among other reasons, blackberries are delicious because 1) they’re bursting with juicy sweetness and 2) they’re still tart enough to make you pucker between bites. This flavor nailed it. It’s not overwhelming in either direction, but rather a perfect 50/50. It’s super fruity with rich blackberry flavor, like a compote you’d pour over pancakes.

Taste: 19/20

united sodas of america cherry pop
United Sodas of America

3. Cherry Pop

The only way this flavor could get more nostalgic is with a scoop of ice cream and a curly straw. It smells just like cherry Coke—but has the soda powerhouse beat in terms of looks. We expected it to be cola-colored, but it’s a nice bright pink instead. It tastes pretty damn similar too, though it’s definitely less bubbly. This variety really highlights how well United Sodas mimics the flavor of full-sugar soda with a fraction of the calories and junk.

Taste: 19/20

united sodas of america toasted coconut
United Sodas of America

2. Toasted Coconut

Whew—just like that, we’re on an island. It smells like snow-white coconut shavings, or TBH, probably like your favorite moisturizer. We were surprised to see that this one has essentially no color—it makes sense flavor-wise, but we were spoiled by the other 11. It’s soft and sneakily sweet like real coconut meat, but there’s something almost creamy and silky about it too. We won’t tell if you spike it with a shot of Malibu.

Taste: 19/20

united sodas of america white grape
United Sodas of America

1. White Grape

We so didn’t see this flavor coming out on top, but here we are. It smells like dark-purple concord grape juice but has the prettiest lavender-pink hue (you can thank black carrot and fruit juice for that). It tastes subtly sweet and slightly crisp, like a fruity Pinot Grigio, while also somehow tasting like a Charms grape lollipop. Think of it as a grown-up grape soda that isn’t ridiculously syrupy or sweet. Even your kids will go gaga for it.

Taste: 20/20

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