Fancy Soda Subscription Boxes Are a Thing, and They’re the Refreshing Treat We Need (Even If You Call It ‘Pop’)

soda subscription boxes

We’ve signed up for wine, food and even treats for our furry friends, so it only makes sense to keep our fridge stocked with a refreshing fizzy drink too.

The newly launched United Sodas of America (or United Sodas for short) is not your mama’s carbonated beverage. These 30-calorie drinks are gluten-free, chemical-free and vegan thanks to an organic natural blend of plant-derived ingredients. That familiar soda pop flavor? A dash of cane sugar.

The United Sodas currently come in 12 flavors: Young Mango, Extra Peach, Toasted Coconut, Sour Blueberry, Blackberry Jam, White Grape, Lemon Verbena, Pear Elderflower, Strawberry Basil, Orange Nectarine, Gingery Ale and Cherry Pop. Can’t choose one? Buy a theme pack—there’s the Toga Party (Extra Peach, Toasted Coconut and Young Mango); the Finer Things Club (Lemon Verbena,  Strawberry Basil and Pear Elderflower ); or the New Classics (Cherry Pop, Gingery Ale and Orange Nectarine). There’s also, of course, the 12-flavor variety pack. (This one’s so popular it's not even available on a subscription-base.)

Per one PureWow editor who taste-tested the product: "I really liked all of the flavors because none of them are too syrupy or too sweet, but my fave was definitely the Strawberry Basil. The earthy basil adds a kick to the fresh strawberry flavors, making this soda feel fancy and grown up—like you’re at a garden party, even if you’re sipping this while stuck on the couch in your sweats."

Whether you want a specific flavor or a theme pack, you can sign up for a monthly subscription and save 10 percent on your order (or make a one-time purchase for $35). A refreshing treat straight to our door? Yes, please. 

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