The 11 Best 2-Slice Toasters for Waffles, Pop-Tarts and More

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When it comes to essential kitchen gadgets, there are plenty that come to mind: air fryers. Blenders. Slow cookers—the list goes on and on. But there’s one staple device that often slips under the radar—a two-slice toaster. We know what you’re thinking: Aren’t those just for bread? Not quite. The best toasters can also perfectly brown bagels, waffles, sliced croissants, and of course, Toaster Strudels (we see you, Mean Girls fans). As such, we take our toaster shopping very seriously. To make a world of a difference in your daily breakfast feast, you’ll want a machine with great browning options, decently wide slots and nice, even toasting. You also want a gadget that makes it easy to remove food, because no one wants burnt fingertips while making a crumpet before work. We’ve done our research to find the best two-slice toaster picks based on these specifications and more—and you can find them all right down below.

The Best 2-Slice Toasters at a Glance

best toaster breville die cast smart 2 slicetoaster
Williams Sonoma

1. Breville Die-Cast Smart 2-Slice Toaster

Best Overall Toaster

This option has users raving over its incredible browning abilities. It has a stainless-steel exterior that looks and feels well-made, plus a few handy upgrades that make it super user-friendly. From the extra-wide slots that can fit your favorite bagels and Texas toast with ease to the unique “lift and look” setting that lets you see exactly how golden brown your bread is getting (can you say game-changer?), it’s a cut above the rest.

best 2 slice toaster revolution cooking r180 touchscreen 2 slice toaster

2. Revolution Cooking R180 Touchscreen 2-Slice Toaster

Best Expensive Toaster

This smart toaster took over the internet when it went viral on TikTok. Its touchscreen will make you feel like you’re in a chic French bakery as it prepares your baked goods to perfection with the push of a button each morning, and it will reportedly do it 35 percent faster than other toasters, thanks to its InstaGLO technology. There are a whopping 63 settings, and there’s even a 10-second countdown, so you know when to get the butter out. The hefty price tag is an obvious drawback, but it may be worth the investment if you prefer your carbs to be perfectly crisp and warm.

besst 2 slice toaster oster 2 slice toaster1

3. Oster 2-Slice Toaster

Best Cheap Toaster

If you’re on a budget, on the other hand, you’ll want to consider this wallet-friendly find. It may not come with the same slew of whistles and bells, but its stainless-steel exterior looks far pricier than it is and its extra-wide slots will get the job done when you’re looking for a crispy slice of bread with a warm soft center. It’s also got a few impressive features for the value, such as a removable tray at the bottom for crumbs and custom settings for bagels and frozen items. All in all, it’s a dependable pick for breakfast in a hurry.

4. Müeller UltraToast Toaster

Best Long-Slot Toaster

Whether you took up making sourdough bread at home during quarantine or you often find yourself shopping for specialty breads at the bakery, it can be difficult to get long slices into a traditional toaster. That’s where this one comes in handy. Both slots are extra-long, measuring 10 inches across and 1.7 inches wide to fit jumbo bagels, artisanal breads and more. It also has six levels of darkness and three additional settings (cancel, bagel and reheat) to speak of, plus a removable crumb tray, too. Better yet, it uses a special technology that was designed to ensure your bread comes out evenly browned, every time. As an added nicety, there's an LED display.

best 2 slice toaster smeg 2 slice toaster

5. Smeg 2-Slice Toaster

Best Retro Toaster

There’s something special about this retro-looking toaster. Sure, it has all the basics most users are looking for, including six browning levels, plus reheating and defrosting settings. But the real crowd-pleasing detail is its vintage aesthetic, which will look completely gorgeous on your countertop and is sure to be a conversation starter while entertaining guests. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself toasting just about everything you can get your hands on just for fun!

best 2 slice toaster cuisinart plastic 2 slice toaster

6. Cuisinart Plastic 2-Slice Toaster

Best Compact Toaster

For a fuss-free, compact option, consider this plastic toaster. Much like the standard models you probably grew up with, it’s pretty user-friendly, boasting a seven-shade dial and just a couple of buttons for your bagels, defrosting and reheating. Thanks to its miniature size (it weighs just 2.6 pounds), it’s easy to store it away in a cupboard should you need more counter space. The plastic exterior is also a lot easier to keep clean than your run-of-the-mill stainless steel, since it won't show greasy fingerprints—a major bonus if you have little ones in your home.

best 2 slice toaster krups stainless steel 2 slice toaster
Sur la table

7. Krups Stainless-Steel 2-Slice Toaster

Best Stainless-Steel Toaster

If stainless steel is more up your alley, you’ll want this toaster on display. It’s made of brushed and chrome stainless steel with added blue LED indicators. To put it simply? It looks sleek as all get out. As for functionality, its five toasting buttons and six browning levels can crisp up anything from English muffins to thick bagels and everything in between. It even offers a high-lift lever, so you can remove smaller food items without burning your fingers. Genius!

best 2 slice toaster kitchenaid 2 slice toaster

8. KitchenAid 2-Slice Toaster

Best Toaster for Families

If you love extra-thick sourdough bread but your kids love thin white bread, this self-adjusting model is just the pick for you. The racks automatically alter the slot width for thick or thin slices, so you’ll get even toasting, every time, regardless of your preferences. At just over 11 inches long, this machine is not so big that it feels overwhelming to keep on the countertop, and it has five different shade settings for further customization. There’s also a lift lever to help pop bread out easier and a slide-out crumb tray for quick cleanup.

best toasters keenstone

9. Keenstone Retro 2-Slice Toaster

Best Easy-Clean Toaster

You know those hard-to-reach, burnt bread crumbs that tend to fall out of the bottom of your toaster and leave a huge mess (not to mention, that gross burnt smell that appears every time you toast a slice of bread)? Thankfully, this adorably vintage-looking model eliminates both with its removable, rinseable crumb tray, which keeps toast tidbits and debris at bay. Simply, pull it out and wipe it down.

best 2 slice toaster amazon basics extra wide slot 2 slice toaster

10. Amazon Basics Extra-Wide Slot 2-Slice Toaster

Best Wide-Slot Toaster

You’ll never have to struggle to fit your cinnamon raisin bagel into the toaster again thanks to this Amazon Basics design, which boasts an extra-wide 1.5-inch toasting slot. It’s still a lightweight option at just over 2 pounds and has a nice six-shade range, so you can brown your breakfast to your specifications. We also love how budget-friendly this best-selling option is.

best 2 slice toaster isiler 2 slice toaster

11. iSiler 2-Slice Toaster

Best Colorful Toaster

With a cheery yellow hue, this pick will brighten your morning while it simultaneously darkens your toast to seven different shade levels, making it as crunchy as you dare. We also love that this toaster comes with a 3.6-foot-long cord, which makes it easy to move around the kitchen if needed. And, when you’re ready to put it away, there’s built-in cord storage underneath it—talk about user-friendly!

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