The Top Pizza Topping Trends of 2023 (and Not Everyone Is Gonna Be Happy About This)

First, it was pineapple. And now, Slice is predicting the rise of an equally divisive pizza topping: pickles.

The digital pizza ordering platform recently released its annual “Slice of the Union” report, which highlights valuable information about consumer habits and trends, in honor of National Pizza Day on February 9. (Psst, the app is offering $5 off first-time orders of $25 or more with code ‘PIZZADAY2023’.)

The study featured several interesting facts, including which state has the most expensive pizzas (Oregon) and which state’s customers are most likely to order a side of ranch (Pennsylvania). Slice also predicted not one, but two pizza topping trends for 2023: pickle pizza and Roman-style pizza. Keep scrolling for details.

1. Pickle Pizza

Yes, you read that right. According to Slice, the fermented snack is rising in popularity. “Here’s the dill: Pickle pizza went viral in 2018 and has steadily become a bigger and bigger favorite,” the report reads. “This briney pie is most often baked with garlic sauce, topped with mozzarella, and dipped in ranch.”

2. Roman-Style Pizza

Unlike American pies, Roman-style pizza isn’t shaped like a circle—it’s rectangular. “When in Rome (or your local pizzeria), eat as the Romans do!” the report reads. “We’re seeing an uptick in Roman-style pies: sauce and toppings right up to the edges of thin crusts.”

Last year, Slice predicted that pineapple would become a popular pizza topping. Although it had its moment, the company reported a six percent decrease in pineapple pizza orders since then.

Good news for pickle fans, bad news for those who prefer Hawaiian.


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