Tia Mowry-Hardrict Shares Her Tasty Recipe for Crispy Cheesy Hash Browns on IG

It's time to ditch the sugary breakfast bars and pastries, because Tia Mowry-Hardrict is coming through with an even better option to brighten our mornings.

Allow us to introduce her crispy, cheesy hash browns—just one of the many tasty celeb recipes we've come across while scrolling through our Instagram feed (shoutout to Cameron Diaz for her awesome ramen). The Family Reunion star recently walked fans through how to make the breakfast staple and, TBH, we're already itching to prepare it for ourselves. Mowry-Hardrict captioned her post, "OMG. If you’re not having these crispy cheesy hash browns for breakfast today, you’ll want to after this! They are SO filling, good, quick (25 minutes!) and EASY to make. I mean, I made them in heels, didn’t I?! My family LOVES them, y’all have to try them!" Yep, we're sold.

In the post, the actress kicks things off by explaining why she uses a cast iron skillet—the ideal pan to help you achieve a satisfying crisp. Then, through a series of clips, she reveals the process, from frying her seasonings and shredded potatoes to baking the hash. 

In the fourth slide, as she shows a close-up of the frying potatoes, she says, "I'm gonna cook this for eight minutes, but what I'm gonna do, a minute at a time, is I'm going to flatten the hash browns and just let them cook for about a minute, eight times. Why I'm doing this is because I want my hash browns to be really nice and crispy. It will get nice and hot, browning my hash browns."

After this, the star reveals the baked hash—complete with four perfectly baked sunny-side up eggs. And to finish it off, she sprinkles the hash and eggs with cheese and parsley, creating a dish worthy of a cookbook cover. In the comments, one fan wrote, "That looks delicious!" Another sad, "This looks scrumptious, Tia! I must have this recipe." 

Fortunately for fans, the full recipe can be found in Mowry-Hardrict's cookbook, The Quick-Fix Kitchen. Excuse us while we head to the kitchen to try it out.

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