We know that immersion blenders are great for whipping up delicious soups and homemade salad dressings, but this handheld appliance can do so much more. Plus, it has the same power as most blenders, but it’s smaller and easier to store. Put your favorite tool to good use with these ten unexpected ideas.

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Pancake and Waffle Batter

We’re already looking forward to breakfast in bed.

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After-work cranberry-lime granitas? Coming right up.

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Tortilla or pita chips?

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Just about as easy as buying it at the store.

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Chimichurri Sauce

Bring on the grilled steak.

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Homemade Ketchup

Thanks, Gaby Dalkin. Now all we need are some French fries.

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Whipped Cream

Like you needed a reason to make apple pie.

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Boil pasta, mix in a few tablespoons of this deliciousness and dinner is served. (And did we mention it’s vegan?)

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Whole30-Approved Lattes

Class up your morning cup of joe.

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Store-bought sauces? Surely you jest.

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