10 Starbucks Hacks That Will Change Your Life (or at Least Your Mornings)

You love your no-foam, extra-shot, soy-milk latte, but you don’t love the dent your daily coffee habit leaves in your wallet. Nor are you a fan of walking up to your favorite Starbucks only to be greeted by a giant line. Enter these genius tips and tricks that will make your morning caffeine fix just a little bit sweeter. (Because obviously getting through the day without your cup of joe is not an option.)

What Your Starbucks Order Says About You


1. Never pay for water
No need to fork over $2 for a bottle of H2O. The ice and tap water at Starbucks are filtered (and free). Cha-ching.

2. Party like it’s your birthday
Become a Starbucks rewards member at no cost and you’ll get a free drink on your birthday (plus other perks like special offers and paying by phone).

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3. Use a reusable cup to save 10 cents per purchase
Hey, it might not sound like a lot but every penny counts. And doing your part for the environment? Priceless.

4. There are secret sizes
You won’t see it advertised, but for those mornings when you just want a mini caffeine jolt, the eight-ounce short is the perfect choice. Or if that venti isn’t big enough, try the 31-ounce trenta for cold drinks. (Also, maybe try cutting back on caffeine for a few days?)

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5. Make your own chai tea latte for almost half the price
Creamy chai lattes? Delightful. The $5 cost for a grande? Not so much. Order a chai tea instead and add your own milk and you’ll save a whopping $2 per drink. Genius.

6. Order a French press
If you’re grabbing a coffee with a friend or planning on staying put for a while, consider ordering a French press instead of multiple coffees. It’ll usually work out cheaper.


7. Get your pooch a ‘Puppuccino’
It’s a small cup of whipped cream for your dog, aka the cutest thing ever.

8. Order online to skip the line
You’re running late for work but can’t possibly get through those morning meetings without your grande capp. Except when you get to Starbs, there’s a huge line. No problem: whip out your phone, order your beverage on the app, pick it up at the counter and you’re done. Morning saved. (Psst... here’s how to stop being late all the time.)


9. Get a refill on regular coffee for 50 cents
And if you use your registered Starbucks card, it’s free. We’ll take another cuppa joe, please.

10. Get your baked goods heated
Because everything tastes better when it’s warm and toasty. Note: This doesn’t apply to treats with icing on them (nobody wants to burn their mouth on a lemon pound cake).