TikTok Foodies Claim They Can Make Dates Taste Like Snickers—So We Tried It for Ourselves

Whether you’ve been scrolling food videos on TikTok, Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts, you’ve likely noticed that Snickers-stuffed dates are trending. Well, they aren’t exactly Snickers-stuffed dates, but they’re dates zhuzhed up with a few common pantry ingredients in order to make them taste like a Snickers bar. (Chalk this better-for-you candy substitute up to New Year’s resolutions or whatever.) We were equal parts hopeful and skeptical that the trend would ring true, so we had to try the recipe for ourselves.

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What Are Snickers-Stuffed Dates?

Snickers-stuffed dates are dried dates that are sliced open, filled with nuts and peanut butter, coated in melted chocolate and chilled. It’s rumored that these poppable bites taste just like a Snickers once the chocolate solidifies.

Since the start of 2023, the term “date Snickers” has been skyrocketing on Pinterest, likely due to people searching for better-for-you snacks and healthy recipes to kick off the new year. Of course, these are much more nutritious than their namesake, since they contain far less added sugar and weird ingredients. Plus, both dates and peanut butter contain plant-based protein, so they might even fill you up a bit between meals.

Since it’s been a few years since you’ve gone trick-or-treating, we’ll remind you that Snickers contain nougat, peanuts, caramel and milk chocolate. Here, sweet, sticky dates take over for caramel and nougat; when chilled, their texture is even richer, mimicking the O.G. ingredients that are no longer present. Many popular renditions of date Snickers stay true to form by using chopped peanuts, but pecan halves are just as common, likely due to their date-like shape. As for the chocolate, milk, semisweet and dark are all fair game. A sprinkle of flaky salt on top is also a popular finishing touch.

How to Make Snickers-Stuffed Dates

We tried the above pecan-filled version of date Snickers to see what all the fuss was about. And honestly, we were pleasantly surprised. The cold, chewy date offers an eerily similar “pull” to caramel and nougat; its sweet, neutral flavor allows the rest of the ingredients that are in real Snickers bars to shine, so the flavor is pretty on point too.

You’ll find the recipe below but know there are no exact measurements; it’s easy enough for anyone to eyeball the ingredients as they go along. (It’s also flexible, in case you want to use a different type of nut or nut butter in the center, or experiment with different types of coatings or add-ins, like caramel sauce or white chocolate.)


  • Dried dates (Medjool are most popular)
  • Pecan halves
  • Peanut butter, chunky or creamy
  • Milk chocolate, melted
  • Flaky salt (optional)

Step 1: Slice the dates lengthwise and pull out the pits if they aren’t already pitted.

Step 2: Place a pecan half in the center of each date. Spread a bit of peanut butter on top of the pecan and close the date.

Step 3: Stick each date with a fork or toothpick. Dip it in the melted chocolate until evenly coated. Place on a baking sheet, plate or container lined with parchment paper or nonstick foil. Repeat with the rest of the dates.

Step 4: If desired, sprinkle flaky salt atop the wet chocolate. Place the dates in the fridge or freezer until the chocolate solidifies and enjoy.

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Taryn Pire is PureWow’s associate food editor. A former bartender and barista, she’s been writing about all things delicious since 2016, developing recipes, reviewing restaurants and investigating food trends at Food52, New Jersey Family Magazine and Taste Talks. When she isn’t testing TikTok’s latest viral recipe, she’s having popcorn for dinner and posting about it on Instagram @cookingwithpire.

taryn pire

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Taryn Pire is PureWow’s food editor and has been writing about all things delicious since 2016. She’s developed recipes, reviewed restaurants and investigated food trends at...