You Want to Add Safe + Fair’s Fall Drizzled Popcorn to Your Cart, Like, Yesterday

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When we first tried Safe + Fair Drizzled Popcorn, we fell for it. Hard. It’s tough to beat the sweet-and-salty splendor of crisp, airy popcorn coated in dessert-inspired drizzles (and in Birthday Cake’s case, rainbow sprinkles). The only way the brand could top itself was by launching two new flavors in honor of fall: Pumpkin Pie and Honeycrisp Apple Pie.

Like their predecessors, the kettle corns are allergen-free, non-GMO, vegan and free of preservatives. They have 140 calories and 6 grams of fat per serving, along with 12 grams of sugar. The drizzles are made with natural dyes and real cane sugar, both of which are way more appetizing than freaky sweeteners and artificial colors. But we all know the most important factor: taste. 

There’s a reason Safe + Fair immediately made the Honeycrisp Apple Pie flavor part of their permanent popcorn lineup, that reason being that it tastes damn delicious. We got to try it when it came out this fall and fell in love at first crunch. The light brown drizzle is sweet and almost juicy, reminiscent of applesauce or pie filling. But our favorite part is the dried apple bits scattered throughout the bag, which offer little hints of authentic fruit flavor and tartness between bites. 

Pumpkin Pie is the newest addition to the bunch, so we haven’t had the pleasure of devouring it just yet. But its PSL-orange drizzle and the pairing of cinnamon sticks and star anise on the bag definitely look promising to us.

Each individual bag costs $5. If you want to try a bunch of flavors, spring for the Drizzled Popcorn Bundle, which includes a bag of the Honeycrisp Apple Pie. You’ll have to add the Pumpkin Pie variety to your cart separately to get your hands on it.

Buy Pumpkin Pie ($5)

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