First we had rosť forties, then rosť deodorant and now we find ourselves itching to buy yet another wine-of-the-summer-flavored item: rosť jelly. Now, before you go rolling your eyes and wondering if/when the rosť obsession will ever end (spoiler alert: it won’t), let’s take a moment to think about how this trendy product might actually make sense. Wine and jelly are both made from grapes, so the flavor mix isn’t as big a stretch as it feels.

At least that’s how Etsy shop Drunk Jelly sees things. In fact, they’re offering seven different wine-inspired jellies, starting at $6 per jar. You can also mix and match your own three- or four-jar sets, or go all in on a complete set for $55.

Other than elevating a PB&J sandwich to appeal to grown-up tastes, these jellies will seriously take your charcuterie game to another level. Or at the very least improve your personal snack time. Now, doesn’t goat cheese and rosť jelly on a cracker sound nice?

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